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On article Report: Instagram to allow posting of hour-long videos (34 comments in total)

R.I.P. monthly data cap

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Is Casio being #3 in the "digital camera with integrated lens" category a typo? I don't think they've released anything out of the ordinary in the past few years besides their selfie cameras, but those were mostly hits in China, if I'm not mistaken...

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On article Ricoh launches Pentax Q-mount ultra-wide-angle zoom (57 comments in total)

"... designed for use with PENTAX K-mount lens-interchangeable digital cameras..."

I'm guessing "K-mount" is supposed to be "Q-mount?"

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On article Sample gallery: Nokia Lumia 1020 (58 comments in total)

I'm not seeing the gallery, either. I'm using Chrome on a Mac.

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On article Samsung Galaxy S4 Active set to make a splash (2 comments in total)

TFT LCD... I hope that means it'll be visible in direct sunlight!

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I think that this camera (with interchangeable lenses, of course) is what the Pentax Q should have been.

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Does the original photo's metadata get saved after editing in this app? One thing I cannot stand about most photo apps on Android is how they wipe the EXIF data from a photo once it's edited. The only exception so far I can think of is Magic Hour (which I would be fine with using if it didn't resize photos).

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thx1138: The P&S camera market is under siege from the phone cameras and yet although this offers a novel feature it's still a tiny sensor offering not much improvement over the 1/4" sensors. Time to move this class of camera up to the 1/1.8"-1/1.5" sensors while the advanced P&S move to 2/3" or larger. No use complaining that it'll make it bigger, as people aren't buying this class of camera anyway. The likes of the LX-5, XZ-1 etc aren't that much larger at all anyway.

P&S camera companies seem to think that the average consumer wants a huge zoom (which apparently is pretty difficult for a 1/1.#" sensor in a compact body). I'll happily take minimal zoom for a giant aperture and relatively larger sensor...

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cernic: the flash is in awkward position, below the shutter button?

Pentax seems to have an annoying habit of doing that... I always accidentally block the flash with my knuckle whenever I shoot with my H90.

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What would really blow my mind is if Pentax would start selling $250 Optios with Q mount compatibility.

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