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  • Yeah, because they're such well regarded lenses and an assortment of them too!
  • APS-C? I thought it was Smartphones? Oh wait, some days its Smartphones, THEN its FF cameras and once in a blue moon, it's APS-C. Wait, I forget, Sometimes its even Olympus vs Panasonic, even ...
  • @ekaton, you forgot "in my opinion". Every system has their advantages/disadvantages, but to say its better, is simply not true. Olympus has "Pro" lenses, that in my opinion isn't worth the price....

  • I have  both the X-H1 and the Z6. The Z6 was on the verge of getting sold, but the X-H1 is getting sold instead. As much as I like the X-H1, the Z6 was just that much better. The similar features ...
  • Again, I shot a blue sky in daylight, outside and still have very visible noise.
  • @RB, noted. But it's still there though, as if it's a go-to for giving it a con. -Nevertheless,
    Knowing that it doesn't add/take away from the score is good to hear though.

  • Have you ever heard the term, "eating ones food"?
    Yeah, that's what the X-T4 did. Olympus faithful was scared of this day coming and now its here... A X-T3 with IBIS -AND a fully articulating...

  • Uh, the OMD isn't competition, especially that you can still use the X-T4 after 6pm.

  • DPR is Notorious for roasting a camera for not having a Fully Articulating Screen, But can't WAIT to list a FAS as a con.

    You can't win. Add both and it's too clunky, CON.

  • What is that an excuse for a 43 sensor? I shot in broad daylight and still get noise. There's no excuse.
  • That's why I see Panasonic outlasting Olympus in M43. Their video capabilities are just that good and have solidified themselves as a major player in video. Olympus only has ibis and everyone is ...
  • I very much respect your opinion in your last paragraph, but respect the first line in that more. This isn't good news, but it's not stopping you from enjoying what you have, where some here are ...
  • I've owned Olympus cameras and lenses, which the 45mm f/1.8 being my last purchase from them. I also still have a Oly film point and shoot somewhere. And anyone could look at Olympus's financials ...
  • What does my feelings for a company good or bad has anything to do with my comment? Sure, Koreans probably use Olympus medical equipment, however we all know the camera division isn't doing well, ...
  • So tell me why Canon, Nikon, Sony, etc.. Hasn't done the same? It's not like the Koreans are all using Samsung cameras. Face it, Olympus is one of the camera companies that are not doing too good ...
  • So if you're interested in the Lumix, why even mention the Sony comparison?
  • Maybe this should be in the Sony forum. If you like the Sony skintones (first I ever heard somone liking them, Ever), then why not just stick with the Sony? This reeks of flamebait...
  • My 1st M43 lens and when its all said and done, the only M43 lens I would never part with. I gave my daughter the G6 with the 25mm f/1.4, which I will replace with the weather sealed version one ...
  • I see noise, but that's typical of a 4/3 sensor. Either you work around it, or get a camera with a larger sensor, like I did. I got tired of shooting from say, a worms-eye view, then reviewing on ...
  • He's a fan of the format. You won't see him review a X-T4, because he would have to buy it. He won't trash a product, but at the same time, he won't love it either. He "Is" the M43 reviewer.
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