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On article Modern Mirrorless: Canon EOS M5 Review (1597 comments in total)

I'd stick to Canon for long whatever they left behind. It is a rough company that gives me a good sense of photography, elsewhere. Should I go for M5? Not really having 70D...

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Aroart: Wow... hate complaining but why no 4K... even Nikon put 4K in there latest supper zoom..

I agree with utphoto; 4k is not an issue.

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Lehik: Is the "xx times outside US" a new definition for zoom length?

Ha ha that might be because of different systems of measurement in USA/Europe. Just kidding😅

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the size of the sensor mattered most so far. Now, it occured it does not matter! well, the ladS selling cameras in MEDIA MARKT and FOTOJOKER say so, the guys from different magazines say so, ... so I ask-what is goin' on?Why do you prize so much the camera with such a small sensor while other compact cameras using the same or simiral are gone down?

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88SAL: Can buy it bundled with a EF adaptor?
So... A camera designed to target people who are upgrading from point and shoot (below entry DSLR level upgraders), a group of people notorious for not ever buying another lens that is not in the kit. The only saving grace appears to be a strong support for selling the kit 22 prime.... educating the masses on fixed focal length. Thats right, get up and walk to the Koala to take the photo.

What can you get for $800?
5N, EP3, Samsung NX200
What a Rip. Canon and Nikon both mirrorless flops.

If matching a cow with horseshoes makes it a horse?no. This camera is supposed to be used as stand-alone camera and that's it. It does not matter if it will be 1st,2nd 10th camera in family.It will serve well. Hope:) and peace not to miss the point of the thread.

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GeorgeD200: No pop-up flash indicates enthusiast camera. No viewfinder indicates consumer. Split personality. Both will be problems for their intended markets. Maybe somebody can rig a small hot-shoe EVF that plugs into the HDMI cable? I know it would be awkward, but I need an EVF! Otherwise, I would be excited about this camera.

all compact cameras have NO EVF and users do take [compose frame etc]great photos.Is it the thing worth splitting hairs?:)in MY opinion NOT.

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BeanyPic: I think from all the comments here that this EOS-M will be real success on the Consumer market for Canon. Great that Canon understands the market and makes high quality products for the man on the street as well as having the best Pro/ Semi Pro Kit on the market as well.
It's the way you stay number one in imaging in the world.

It is not suggested to match the market of profi. btw it has great features,depending what you expect them to be. :)

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pdelux: With Only two native lenses and compatibility via adapter only for people who own Canon SLR lenses, one can only wonder if canon is trying to offer a valid alternative mirrorless option, or just trying just to stop the haemorrhaging (temporarily) of its P&S/entry-mid level DSLR customers?

Which users of SONY/ M43 /Other mirror-less formats would go back to CANON with this effort considering OMD-EM5, NEX, Samsung, Pentax offerings are already Light years ahead. I don't think anyone who doesn't have an investment in Canon lenses would even think twice about this product.

A Band Aid solution from a company that has forgotten how to INNOVATE.

99% of buyers of this camera will never ever buy another lens to match it. Those are people this camera is aimed for.And that's cool:)

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Having read all the comments[to say MOST OF THEM:)] I want to add mine; It's ONLY the matter of price if it catches on.Now,it is too much to pay for,but if it comes down to $550 that would be acceptable.FULL STOP:)

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