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I have PS CS6 and LR5 so all I would get for my $10/month are the new features in PS CC. And I have to commit to a year.Adobe should at least have some concession for people who already have most of it!

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Why is it that companies like this only seem to produce NDs to a 3-stop strength? I need a 10-stop ND at least for most long exposures. 3 stops is OK for a waterfall, that sort of thing, but not cloud movement. I want to be able to get 2 to 4 minutes at minimum.
And yes, an OPTICAL gel filter in a rear filter holder is a much more practical and elegant solution. I use a Wratten filter in the rear holders on my Canon 16-35mm I (II doesn't have it) and Canon 8-15mm fisheye. Of course this Samyang 14mm doesn't have it. Is there a way to retroactively fix a rear gel holder on to a lens?? Maybe a kickstarter project for universal rear filter holders??

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The Sony R1 was certainly a game changer. As are the more recent RX100 and RX1. Sony seems to label its special cameras like this similarly. I still have the R1, I just wish that fantastic lens could be detached!

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The thing I am struggling with is how to keep track and back up images that I have changed in Photoshop. I do cntrl/cmd E to send the image to PS, and when I have finished, provided I save it in PS the changed image is shown in LR. BUT, and this is a big BUT, all that LR has in its list of instructions database is the fact that it went to PS for changes; the changes themselves are not recorded.Thus I need to keep track of these images so I can back up the actual images, because the LR catalog alone, plus the original image, would not be able to recreate the PS changed image. Anyone know how to deal with this issue? Or put me tight if I have something wrong? Other than this I love LR!

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Is someone removing posts? This showed up when I posted but has now disappeared.

I posted a note that the Sony RX100, because of its higher resolution than the others, allows quite a lot of cropping before you get to the 10-12mp level. Hence the EFFECTIVE zoom at the telephoto end is much higher than at the 20mp level, and it is this that should be used for comparisons. otherwise you are not comparing apples to apples.

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On the Sony RX100 I should have added.

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In terms of telephoto zoom capacity, the review overlooks the fact that because of the considerably larger sensor and more megapixels, you can crop to get the same coverage as a 200mm and still be ahead of all the others.

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Well that makes a change. Usually I can't see BBC stuff here in Canada even though its available in the UK....

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When is Windows going to support DNG files? In Explorer in Windows 7 all my DNGs show up as icons only, no thumbnails. Or have I missed an update somewhere? Thx.

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