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On article Nikon's official D850 lens recommendation list (310 comments in total)
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pshummer: It goes to show that you have to be a member of Gold Ring Club before you think about getting the D850. That's a prerequisites for owning this new cam. Whether you get an expensive camera or car or a high-maintenance woman, the real costs would begin after the purchase. I wish could say to my D850( if I got it),"..anything you need,anything!" LOL!!

I don't want to sound rude, but equating women to a car or an expensive camera is a little bit degrading, don't you think ??.

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Interesting. I thought the article would be about the A9

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On article Alpha-better: Sony a9 versus a7R II (506 comments in total)

I am a Sony fan, and I owned 4 previous mirrorless Sony's and I will get the A9 but please stop this media hype. A9 may have super AF, etc.... but the form factor is incompatible with using it as a sports camera in the field. A sports camera needs Sports lenses and these lenses are Huge , I have totally abandoned using my Sony 80-400 with the A7rII not because of AF issues but because it feels very awkward and imbalanced in my hand. if Sony is that clever they should design a small superfast sports lenses to match. otherwise, the A9 is not a sports camera

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Triplet Perar: Uh, too many distortions. And that is the problem with 3rd party lenses; nothing inside camera will react to the lens, and try to fix something that should have been sorted out in lens design.

too many distortions simply because its a 14 mm lens, the images are perfect IF you like this focal length. I cant stop to imagine the wonderful opportunities I wont miss with a 1.8 lens at this focal length

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On article The 15 Minute Makeover: Photoshop Beauty Retouching (168 comments in total)
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gj jones: i like both images...lots of the photogs here are very critical...or just passionate about photography and that i understand totally..... but i think this is a "how t to .lesson and not about her needing to be retouched....and i might add that an " artistic interpretation".....is never wrong because its in the mind of the artist and what he sees

Akhenaten would have been ashamed if he had heard of photoshop retouching. what is the idea of photography if you guys want to touch up the truth ?? Why dont you guys go back to sketching and drawing ??

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