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  • One year later the Nikon D850 is still on back order.  If Nikon's management were more competent and produced enough cameras to keep up with demand I doubt that would be the case.
  • Fuji has a stated time limit of 10-15 minutes when recording 4k, before they overheat.  All, and I mean all, of Sony cameras overheat at about 20 minutes when shooting in hot weather.  The rest of ...
  • That depends how you take your photos.  Canon in  live view mode also shows how the photo will turn out.  It will also  show  you the exposure setting when using flash photography.
  • On the FZ-1000 has only  four stars reviews. Germans do not write reviews to justify their purchases.   The Canon 200d has much better picture quality and has a friendly menu system that ...
  • The sarcastic remarks are a way of saying, not much.
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    That depends on your disposable income.  It is not just the camera, it is also the lenses you will have to buy as well.
  • Sorry I spoiled your disillusionment that your Sony has flaws.  Your Sony will never be a professional camera.  While it may have the capabilities to take good photos and videos, it is unreliable.
  • It seems to me, that the only people who are upset are the Sony fanboys for spoiling the disillusionment that the Sony Cameras are not a good as they thought they were. When you overheat ...
  • Fuji cameras also overheat in 4K, but they state a short recording limit on their spec sheet. That is ethical. What Sony does is unethical. If i want to shoot long videos in 4K and I live in a hot ...
  • I made the comment that the Sony A73 overheats in hot weather.  The OP then defending Sony like a fanboy.  He wrote the "nobody" shots more than 25 minutes anyway.    This leaves me to believe ...
  • Nobody?  How about a wedding photographer who want to shoot an outdoor ceremony in the hot mid day sun during the summer?  If your style of video recording is to shoot short clips then it is not ...
  • The problem with Sonys is that they are not dependable. They have great specs because they pack a lot of features into the camera's CPU. The result is that they suffer from overheating. The A7iii ...
  • As an owner of the 10-18, I am happy with it. Here are some example of photos others have taken with the lens.
  • It also costs 2700 dollars.
  • Lens adapters do not work that well as native lenses.  Having said that the MJPEG codac on the Canon means huge file sizes.  I would go with the Sony.
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    The main advantage with lightroom is that you are working with a raw file from start to finish. Every time you export a photo from lightroom to an other HDR program, it is creating an HDR image ...
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    Canon vs Fuji is equal to ease of use vs performance.  If you want a camera that is easy to use and has great ergonomics pick Canon.  For a slightly better performance buy a Fuji.
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    I shot this at 135mm at f4.  At f2.8 the bokeh is even better.
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    The only thing that I can recommend is to buy these lenses from a reputable dealer that has a good exchange/ refund policy.  I have the Tamron 70-200 (not the G2) that I use on my Canon crop ...
  • For people who like natural HDR photos, lightroom is the best.  When you photomerge the photos, it gives you a raw like file with all of the information in highlights and shadows there.  You can ...
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