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My K-3 vibrated off my washing machine as I was racing to get a prime because tornado sirens and lightning were going crazy outside two days ago. The K-3 didn't even have a scratch and besides the shattered UV filter the lens has not a single mark. Pentax makes some tanks too. Thank you Ricoh!!!!!

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Mister Joseph: Just give me the most compact FF camera with the most compact 70-200 f4 combo and I'll move to that system!

It will probably be a Pentax you get. They continuously make smaller than the competition bodies. Go Pentax!

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arra: Pentax? I've thought that they are out of business right now. Is anybody still buying Pentax cameras? Nice try Pentax, hope you will find few people would buy this dead factor camera.

You sir are a tool...I mean troll...I mean BOTH.

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Well I have a K-30 and it's awesome. Now it looks like I have to pony up some $ and jump to the top tier with the K-3II or maybe even the seriously discounted K-3. I'll probably wait until the FF hits market and get the K-3II when it's price falls when they roll out the FF. I've been a Pentaxian from day one and haven't regretted it.

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Chuck_IV: People are being a bit rough on this camera, but I understand why. I think it's in the WRONG price point.

I bought the T6s(along with the 18-135 lens) and really liked it. The new sensor gave me some great pics and better movies(over my SL1). It also had some nice features.

However, after doing some thinking on how much I just spent for this and its feature set, I couldn't get past the issue that the 70D was just $100 more and offered, from what I saw as so much more. Yes, I lost 4MP and a little better size factor, but you don't need to look hard for what more you get with the 70D over the T6s. I now have a 70D and couldn't be happier.

I think Canon blew it with the price points. If Canon knew they were going to drop the 70D price point, then IMO the T6s should have started at $150-$200 LESS than it is now. This would have given it a better separation from the newly lowered pricing of the 70D.

Sceeeerw the big two. I am proudly a Pentaxian and love my gear. I am currently rocking a K30 but am beginning to look to upgrade to the K3. I am having a hard time choosing between the K3 and the K3II. I don't care for the GPS or Astrotracer, but am interested in the pixel stacking, but am mostly motivated to get the extra stop 4.5 vs 3.5 from the upgraded software. But the K3 is selling cheap with battery grips and cards included for under $900. Sorry for jumping in a non-Pentax post with Pentax thoughts...

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Haters...I never will understand Pentax haters.
Love your brand, live to take pics, and keep trolling to a minimum.
I roll with a Pentax K-30, and a Yashica Electro 35 GSN. I will eventually upgrade to a K-3II and maybe a MX-1000 or LX.

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yonsarh: EPSON RD-1 was the first retro style look camera back a decade ago. now time has come. FUJI, NIKON, OLY E-M10 will be all retro style look. I think canon, and pentax will be follow next. this will be our next camera for the next few years to come.

You don't have to pay big money to get a true 1:1 VF. My Pentax K-30 has it, the new K-50, K-500, and the new top of the line APS-c K-3 has them. Pentax=superior IQ for less $$$$$$!!!!

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chris_j_l: Aside from the fact that Loop Point is a European Destination of Excellence - an award given to areas of outstanding beauty, the author stretches the definition of back yard so thin it's meaningless. He lives in Kilrush. If Loop Point is in the back yard of Kilrush, then Glasgow is in the back yard of Edinburgh.

Aren't you being a bit dramatic? Sure it's not his "backyard", but looks like a short drive. You both are guilty of overstating. I do agree with you it's not his backyard, but it's a hell of a lot closer than your Glasgow to Edinburgh example.

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(unknown member): Now that is a cool firmware update :). Allowing contrast adjustment for both LCD displays, that's a first for a fw update if I've ever seen one.


And that's why Pentax is the schniznit....and why I own a K-30 (great camera!)

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On article Dpreview Users' Poll: Best Camera of 2012? (1503 comments in total) bang for the buck.....

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Retzius: I bet the review for this comes out before they finish the review for the Pentax K30 ;)

No need to be snarky...

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Retzius: I bet the review for this comes out before they finish the review for the Pentax K30 ;)

Mr. Butler when oh when will this mystery K-30 review be seen? I've been waiting a looooooooooong time. No disrespect. Need some Kickstarter funds to get it rolling along?

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I'll never buy one, but really what is all the "ugly" comments about? It is not ugly, just go look at the Hasselblad Nex Lunar that is UGLY....REAL UGLY. This looks ok to me.

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Do you think we could get some Kickstarter funds to dpreview to get a Pentax K-30 review? I love dpreview but that fact that is STILL no review on this camera is a joke.

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qwertyasdf: Looking at the Flickr data....where's Nikon, Sony, Pentax?!
3 Canon cameras taking top 5 positions.

I'm a Pentax user you D***BEATER. Not everybody paid at the door of the Canon/Nikon temple. I will take my better priced, better performing camera any day of the week. Thank you very little.

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And this is twice as good as a Pentax 645D? At least it costs twice as much...oh I know the red dot...

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Who'da thought they could make Pentax designs seem awesome?! (and I am a Pentax shooter)

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Good for Sony!
I've always wanted a $16,253.00 Nex9H...
just kidding...well not about the insane price to follow...

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Nerdlinger: All you haters need to zip it. Just cut and paste this link:

(thanks Heie2, I stole your thunder on the link, but it's too incredible not to share)
Try and tell me that the Q stinks...
Bravo to Pentax...that thing is incredible.
Now I just need to save up and get my K-30 to upgrade from my K-x and all is well in my world.
Haters hate...that's what they do...

$500+ camera without a lens? Did you ever happen to look at Amazon? Camera+prime= $388

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Most people on this site are hilarious...."It has the same MP rating?!?! FOR SHAME PENTAX!" and yet you'll see the same posters in other links roasting a company for having a 24MP sensor..."24 MP?!?!? They should keep the MP's to a reasonable value!"

I applaud Pentax for making upgrades and not renaming the camera like the other big companies...welcome to the DXXXXX or Rebel TXiizfdg etc....

GO Pentax!

I think that the Ricoh buyout is a GREAT thing. Can't wait to get my K-30!

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