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  • @ The Davinator - Perhaps so, just as you are doing the same. The difference is that my feedback is measured and accurate in both cases. Yours is the typical 'small sensor.... whaaat?!' and 'DSLR...

  • Ah yes, well you have completely gone over my head, what with your "doi doi, parfocal is... the internet told me a doi doi" ramblings.

    The funniest part is how wound up you get over Leica, it's...

  • Just love watching fantrolls gush their pants over an entry level DSLR. It's quite entoxicating.

  • Obviously you couldn't figure out my sarcasm directed towards you, because you aren't blessed with an over abundance of intelligence.

    Do to be clear, my post was particularly making a jab at your...

  • @ MyReality - Such a fanboy thing to say. Do you really think anyone will be using a 200D with those lenses?

    The OP makes the assumption that 'anyone' would only want to use Canon lenses. Well I...

  • "Summary: You don't like it because it is Canon."

    Erm, no. But it might appear that way to simple folk.

  • Yes. Though it makes it quite cumbersome. Also while the view is large so too are lines between pixels. I'm yet to use this in particular but the blackout during exposure is often pretty horrendous...

  • @ Zdman - Subjective? Some, yes. Viewfinder being small and dark is not. Nor is the battery life rating for live view.

    Agreed, doesn't 'have' to be best in class, but other reviews pick at things...

  • @ Ernest - Yes you can use full frame lenses on it, but most people (including DPR) will point out that this isn't ideal. They will work of course, but compared to the competition with their ranges...

  • @ Ebrahim -

    "Really? those 24mp images are muddy on your monitor?!"


    "Again really? It's the best battery life among peers. 1000+ shots easily. You know, a DSLR."

    Erm no, it is rated at...

  • @ The Davinator - Stalk much?

  • @ Ernest - "- Lacks a range of dedicated lenses?
    So the EF-S and EF lineup are not enough lenses?

    But hey it's YOUR cons list"

    Yes, compared to the competition it lacks dedicated lenses. There...

  • I know exactly what you mean. Personally though my Fuji and Leica both fall into the same category of travel / fun camera. work horses are other things. As they overlap I find myself vastly ...
  • Oh look it's the Davinator, now two of my favourite morons in one thread.

    Do you have anything to contribute? No I didn't think so, out of your depth. Just came to do some stalking, because this...

  • I found your video:

  • "FACT: you can't back up your moronic claims."

    FACT: YOU can't back up your moronic claims.

    You started it, I questioned it, now you back it up. Amateur hour is over Dan.

  • "you can't back that stupidity up, at all.

    your ignorance about video is exceeded only by your confusion about your leica camera, lol."

    Wow you really are threatened by my camera. Now I'm...

  • """I did"... no, you didn't, and now your overblown ego won't let you admit your mistake""

    What mistake? That you claim I didn't read the article? This is the quality of 'discussion' with sir...

  • "wrong, your exact words were "or not parfocal at all" in your first post to this thread."

    And I stand by it. They are not parfocal lenses. Period.

    What I am referring to is your d!psh!t claims...

  • "I think I will pass on hiring you."

    You couldn't afford me and I wasn't offering.

    "You obviously need all of these things to take good pictures."

    Nope, but all of these cameras are capable of...

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