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Apologies if this was asked before but could you detail camera equipment you used?

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Will await review of the AF system and video specs.
Nowadays, Pic quality and high iso capabilities are almost granted in every brand.... AF and video abilities ( 4K, AF during viodeo,e etc.. ) do actually make a difference between the innovators and the others...

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INteresting to see 2 Pentax 645Z ( medium format..)

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nitroman: Almost as bad as London lol

London is great for photogrpahy.

I was there last month and you can shoot all you want, including with tripods at night..

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MrBrightSide: In the photo of the bearded dude standing on the balcony....The front of his hair seems to have some iridescence—is that a new Seattle hair thing or a sensor issue?

Thanks for the laugh!

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Pentax DSLRs have been offering DNG format (in camera) for a decade....

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ozturert: Each year they create a new category just to be able to give an award to all brands.

Pentax got an EISA award for the Pentax K1 in 2016 and its first with the K10 back in the days.
Just saying...

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Probably 4 exposure sof the same bird rather than 4 birds..

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The real issue with Pixel shift is that it is useful on static objects only and you'd better shoot with a tripod

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I guess twhoever gets the job will have a primary focus as to how uploaded pictures are shown in DP. Everyone knows that the files get compressed and 'modified' in many different ways so much as they do not look as good as they shoulud.

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Anyone compared D5500 vs D7200 ? I see color retention on a D5500 while the D7200 shidts to Brown... not the same sensor obviously. I think the D5500 has an edge..

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I think many poster here ignore the sad news in France.
A young photo journalist at Libération was shot in their entrance hall by a gunman. I believe the young man is seriously wounded. This is probably the real trigger for the newspaper to issue this paper with no photos in order to honour him and show respect for photogs work.

If you follow the news, you will also learn that the lone shooter was arrested and his DNA testing found positive.

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I wander what thought process lead to review this bag rather than the numerous other similar bags on the market?

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