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On article DPReview TV: Sony RX10 IV Review (278 comments in total)

A Canadian duo (I forget who) reviewed the RX10iv in a YT video published on August 2, 2015. They expressed many of the same reservations as in this May, 2018 remake--at a Sony-sponsored event, no less. If there were going to be an rx10v, with the plead-for improvements, this would have been the occasion to unveil it. Better OIS (5-axis, even in 4k), built-in NDF, a fully-articulated touch screen, and a (restored) time-lapse function would not be difficult. Constant aperture, on the other hand, would probably demand less zoom range or a very big lens.

Sony has had plenty of time to ponder what an RX10v might offer. However, unless Panasonic releases an update to the FZ2500, Sony might not see any reason to rush. Meanwhile, and ironically, Sony keeps updating its alpha FF mirrorless cameras, despite scarcity of competition.

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A nice lens! Could I defend buying one? The Mrs would clobber me with it to a pulp. Or I would drop it or see it make a tripod tip over and crash. More practically speaking, however, it is difficult to obtain good long shots of creatures, except in barren places with very clear air. Elsewhere, trees, haze, ozone, and the creatures' propensity to hide impede visibility. Hence, lots of zoo or birdfeeder shots of all the usual furry and feathered suspects. Or else I walk up close to the white bear and ... fall through the thin ice before I get a good (if fatal) shot.

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Tough stuff.

Wildlife is very difficult to capture. Use of stuffed photographers, might frighten the creatures less.

Prior to photography, taxidermy was one of the few ways the public could see unusual beasts up close. Perhaps it was more humane than putting them in cages.

Are photos of live animals better? Telephoto shots are often bad: back-lit, flat, noisy, or (in the case of video) shaky. Close-ups require stealth (deception's sibling) and / or huge amounts of patience and luck. Are photos shot at game farms or zoos "authentic"? Or what of the pictures that show giant moons over evening landscapes, which would require unreal amounts of HDR?

Isn't all photography "fake"? It imitates what is real. It is also subjective, according to how a subject is selected, composed, and then distributed (or not). Even a security camera is limited, or biased, based on where it is placed and what it captures and (just as important) what it does not capture, not to mention crummy IQ.

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All shots taken with a 42.5mm lens mounted on a GH5? The rabbits appear to be so close. And one lying on its side, as if daring any hawk that happens to be about. Were they rather tame? One would think that, for fear of predators, they would avoid open spaces and be difficult to approach. Also, being camouflaged, they might see before they are seen. Their big ears might also pick up the voice of the vlogger. Or are they too hare-brained?

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Where is the pointy peak that appears at 1:12? Does it have a name? Pardon my ignorance, O Canada.

My complaint (most DPR remarks are complaints, EH?) is that Florian Nick used his slider and 4-axis gadget so well that there is no point in buying one! No one will attain his success.

Time lapse in remote wilderness is a very serious challenge. Not only does one need to worry about bears. The risk is that the spouse will think you are (like S. Carolina's governor, now congressman) up to something else!

Truth be told, time lapse involves heaps of trial and error. Laypersons cannot imagine. They'll think is all bogus or easy CGI. But, no, it's lots of work.

When passing six weeks in the woods, imagine the hygiene challenge. Hopefully, the waters were warm enough to enable Nick to wash and return home smelling better than a bear.

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Everyone wants a "money shot," which means, as Capa instructed, getting as close as possible. And I think he was referring to battle zones.

Imagine the ire if the deceased guide had kept his herd remote from the lava his guests paid to shoot up close, just like in the prize pictures. Would they have agreed to lug around, or wear, masks? Imagine the scoffing or ridicule. "I can't see through my viewfinder!" Photography enthusiasts are not exactly easy to keep in line. To coach youth sports isn't easy, either, but at least there are game rules.

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Focus Shift Shooting: I was just considering a trip to see the lava flows and I thought about the obvious dangers such as walking over a tube on thin rock without knowing it, or accidentally getting to close and your foot goes through, or even the fumes. However, I never considered that rain would exacerbate the problem. I've seen boats near the island edge where lava is flowing right into the ocean. Smoke is rising from the waters all over the place. Is that not dangerous too? I really don't know.

Maybe the guide was a hero. He noticed that it was hard to breathe, but people were enjoying themselves as the rain caused smoke to rise up in weird waves. Maybe his group wanted to stay on, but he made them leave. But then got too light-headed and couldn't continue. The point is that WE DO NOT KNOW WHAT HAPPENED!

It's like a movie when someone does something imperfect, and the lazy guy on his couch watching the movie says, I would have done such and such. You were not there and don't know how you would react!

Spouse to lazy guy on his couch: "You ought to do such and such!"

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€76,608.37 is the price for body only? Why not simply €80,000? In that budget league, do people ponder small change? Some of the lenses presumably cost over €10,000 apiece. Realistically, the problem is more likely to be what security deposit, insurance, or rental rates a lessor will have to apply to recoup the costs before the gear breaks, becomes obsolete, or gets entangled in projects that become insolvent or default.

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Autriche78: I genuinely fail to understand what this is for. Looking around me, it seems most content nowadays is streamed and viewed, for the most part, on smaller mobile, tablet or laptop screens, or on TV monitors that still predominantly display HD resolution. Yes, 4K has been around for awhile, but in my circle of friends and acquaintances, not one person has a 4K TV and there doesn't seem to be a ton of content.

I'm not at all against technological advances and I understand next to nothing about professional video production, but does anyone really NEED gear that is this expensive, considering how the output will likely be viewed by the majority of people? I'm guessing this isn't used for home video production....

Virtually any circle of friends and acquaintances will have people with phones or cameras that shoot still photos of 8MP or larger, even though their viewing displays have much less resolution. It can be as desirable to crop video as well as stills. Some people also continue to attend large screen theaters--particularly if they want to see 70mm or IMAX type productions, which involve resolution above 4k. Many also observe that HD video based on downsampled 4k looks better than HD obtained by conventional "HD" devices, whose resolution is cramped by compression or low bitrates.

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On article Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5S Review (589 comments in total)

Might the "intended users" of the GH5s include people who currently use the (5-axis IBIS equipped) a7sii? Let them be the ones to do the tests, comparisons, and assessments.

As for anyone else, who would ever give up IBIS, only for the sake of higher usable ISO, and for $500 more, yet still have the same lame AF? Better to keep the IBIS and get a faster lens to aid low light results. A mere $500 will buy a 4k LX100 with an f/1.7 24mm equivalent lens.

Alas, it seems there will be no (dust sealed, BSI sensor, 5-axis IBIS) LX200.

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On article Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5S Review (589 comments in total)
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Irakly Shanidze: I wonder why they keep making it in a form factor that is not at all convenient for video. Being a direct competitor to BlackMagic Production 4K camera one would expect more video specific design.

If cameras lack IBIS, and are intended to be used on a tripod or in a "cage," why does the "form factor" matter?

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On article How to photograph the northern lights (80 comments in total)

The camera gear and settings are feasible. To attain the necessary latitude settings, however, can be expensive and chilly. The nights may be long, but cloudy. The short days in between shots must be very dim and bleak. Unless you live near the poles, air fare to Iceland may make it the most affordable option. Odd that no UK/Scot locations are listed.

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On article Shooting with the Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III in Moab (124 comments in total)

Why not use a Moab visit to promote Olympus' Tough and action cameras? An OM-D is not easy to use while biking or rock-climbing.

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Poor bear! Barely any sympathizers. But what to expect from DPR gear heads? Most are ursine bruins. All growl, no glimmer. All claws, no cuddle.

Had the subject been "Starving Photographer," the responses would have drawn similar jabs and denial: the "cooling market" is a hoax, the loser had no talent, he was only a "soccer mom," he failed to upgrade his gear, he had some (perhaps mirrorless camera) disease, or (like any martyr) he is better off dead. The proceeds from his gear? Bare bones!

Link | Posted on Dec 12, 2017 at 01:13 UTC as 64th comment

Even with political will, no quick reduction of CO2 levels, or restoration of "normal" polar temperatures and ice would be feasible. The polar bears' plight is fragile anyway, since they must forage extensively, compete violently, and their habitat is dark and forbidding for months on end. The best hope for survival might be a conservancy that fences 250 bears into "pastures" with ponds stocked with fish they could catch and eat. The annual cost would be less, and the impact more tangible, than quixotic lobbying to alter world ocean temperatures..

Link | Posted on Dec 11, 2017 at 17:53 UTC as 99th comment | 3 replies

What images of "critical US assets" would DJI be obtaining that are not already available, in superior form, from public satellite maps or "street view"? By treaty, RU flew reconnaissance plane over Trump's NJ club, and the US has reciprocal rights over RU territory. DJI's "no-fly zone" mapping may be more comprehensive or user-friendly than the FAA's or other pay-to-see services. But designation of defense-sensitive zones would be a clue to which places to watch via satellite. Aircraft carrier flotillas are not hard to detect from space. The PRC's military UAV program may indeed surpass any rivals'. Might it be strong enough to enforce a no-fly zone over a defense treaty partner on a critical nearby peninsula? Besides, all the major potential adversaries have SBBMs, so no side would really "win." Extreme caution advised. But any threat from consumer drones is a distraction.

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tinternaut: In a nation where some some fifty two percent of citizens have been diagnosed with Dunning-Kruger, I think a little regulation of drone usage is a good idea. Drones are often a public nuisance and more than just a danger to aircraft.

Dunning-Kruger is very evident at levels of command far more lethal than hobbyist drones. Claims of being "I am really, really smart," or "I know more than generals" are suggestive. But formal diagnoses, even if they existed, might be dismissed as "fake" or penalization of competitive self-esteem. The meek are to "inherit the earth," but not the one we know.

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Suave: Ten years from now drones will be allowed to taze police officers illegally interfering with their operation.

Not quite. More likely: police drones will bark "You're under arrest!" at anyone "suspicious." Any who flee, resist, or who appear "darkly threatening," will be tazed, maced, or shot. Relatives of the well-to-do will be dismissed with apologies. The "other people" will pay fines, serve sentences, and be registered on a permanent database. Hardly any different, though, from the present. And so many perceive any camera, even at legal distances, as "interference with law enforcement."

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Magnificent that Mr Falangas gave clients a "rainy day" provision, going all the way to Norway, at no extra charge. Or was there a charge? Ahem... There might be two terms: 1) on site, with 4,000 miles travel, plus whatnot, good heavens; or 2) a PS job with stock shots, still priced well. Mr Falangas' shots or video of the 14-hour hike might be exemplary. Dare he share? Marriage often resembles a very trying hike: 10% inspiration, 90% perspiration.

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On article 2017 Holiday Gift Guide: Over $200 (10 comments in total)
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Dean Holland: Be honest - who’s here for themselves, not for presents? I’m guilty.

It is difficult, even ill-advised, to buy camera gear for other people any more. People in general are happy with their phones, or want a new one, and it addresses all their photography or video needs. The enthusiast, meanwhile, is difficult to please. Even if Santa gets the wish list, the replies may be: too expensive, not the right version in stock, or "The Mrs. decided new socks make more sense."

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