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DPR's affiliate / parent site lists the EHang Ghostdrone 2 with a 1-year "you break it, we fix it" offer. That is rather intrepid, given that many novice buyers might neglect to follow the instructions or launch the drone in a safe place.

Meteor Sky event: Rather miraculous to launch and choreograph so many drones at once, without at least a few hitches, crashes or mishaps. The drones would have needed special firmware and control signals to move in coordinated formations, plus extended batteries. If done in the US, would each drone need an FAA certificate and clearance to fly over lots of people? Easier and safer to achieve, perhaps, by digital animation than actual drones.

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alandalsong: yeah, agreed with many comments. They should have done a time lapse at 4k which actually shows readable contents if you went frame by frame ..... oh well

It would probably require more than 4k resolution to read anything more than the headlines or larger titles. Some people feel edified by seeing the blurry little rectangles whir by. To read all 1,150 front pages from 1852 to early 2017 would take at least 50 days, leave many chores undone, and O.D. most people's capacity for daily or micro events. Curious whether, or how often, breakthroughs in photography ever made front page news, other than through the advent of front page pictures themselves, which the tabloids introduced earlier and more vigorously than the broadsheets.

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Did DPR itself use a YI 4k+ to obtain all shots used in the sample video? Does it include some of the sponsor's own content?

Did the tracking / walking shot use the gimbal or not? Absent the gimbal, how effective is the internal stabilization or not?

Can the tiny lens and sensor really resolve to 4k? Frames grabbed from a sequence where camera and subject both move would be the test. Perhaps one is no worse off, and have smaller and easier-to-edit files, shooting at 60fps with 1080p or 720p resolution only.

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Achiron: BTW, the stabilized video is crazy good. Almost unbelievable.

"Unbelievable"? Ahem...

Kevin Muldoon, in a TY video, found signs that a Zhiyun Rider-M gimbal enhanced the stability of some snowboarding shots.

Internal or electronic stabilization of a tiny POV camera, apt to be shaken or panned about, is inherently limited or results in banding.

Best to judge based on independent reviews.

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Perhaps a WIP. The supplied link enables one to see a few dozen HQ images, not 375,000.

Former NYC Mayor Bloomberg (born to modest means, self-made, cordial, generous) donated funds for this philanthropic venture. Might he have made a great president?

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Surely the ill-fated Russian ambassador would agree that the Zika victims present the greatest tragedy. The epidemic prompted even the Pontiff to allow for cases where contraception is forgiven.

Perhaps pictures of tragedy, hardship, squalor, or violence inspire viewers to do something noble. If not, then at least they might click a link at an adjoining ad and buy something protective before venturing into a Zika-prone area.

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On article Fancy is a pocketable smartphone gimbal (18 comments in total)

2-axis? 3-axis? Does it emit a noise that will mar the audio capture of the phone's mic? Could be adapted to an action cam? Also available, like the doomed Lily, through pre-order?

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On article Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5 sample footage (80 comments in total)

DPR: please expand your notes or explanations. Whoever took the shots obviously knew the camera far better than any green box-opener. Was a Panasonic crew responsible? Were all shots hand-held? Which lens? Dual IBIS-OIS? How was the (perfect!) audio recorded? A separate recorder altogether? Was an external shotgun mic suspended over the speaker? Or was there an mini mic hidden under his cap? Ambient light only? Grading in post? What LUT?

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On article Sony SLT a99 II Review (1518 comments in total)

Lots of interesting basketball shots to assess the AF and burst performance. Too bad no companion video shots of the same action. The sole video sample involves face recognition of a stationary subject.

DPR gives the a99ii a respectable score of 85, despite repeated, blurry misgivings about the AF. Is the score good because of other strengths? Or is the AF really on par for its class after all? Exactly how does the a99ii AF rank relative to the a7rii, 5Div, D810, or perhaps the a6500 or OM-D EM1ii?

A FF camera that shoots its best video in APS-c mode is a nagging paradox.

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On article The people and the sights of WPPI 2017 (16 comments in total)

Why hasn't DPR reviewed the "coffee face" gizmo used in photo #10? Think of the market there might be for similar "face" products for cake frosting, pizza topping, body paint, nail polish, bubble bath, sky writing, or auto windows.

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Doug Pardee: A related study found that the majority of DPReview members like posting their opinions about DPR news articles, but very few of them like reading other people's opinions.

Aren't opinions mere selfies in text?

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OlyPent: Going places is now considered by teens and millenials as providing more "bragging rights" than owning things, hence selfies all the time, to prove they were there.
So, while at age 30 they may live in rat-hole apartments (whereas their parents owned houses by then) at least they can say, "I was in Bora-Bora!!"

Unfair. The "I was there" element has always been the soul of at least 50% of all consumer photography. It is the main reason George Eastman's Kodak sold. The other half of popular photography has been "this is me, here are our kids, or this is when we wed" stuff.

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On article Study: people don't actually like looking at selfies (200 comments in total)

To tell the truth, people tire of other people's photos in general. If, on rare occasion, they see something they claim to like, it is because they are in the picture too (and look great), because they think it might have been taken with a "really great camera," because they don't want to hurt your feelings, or use the occasion to segue to a sales pitch. Honestly, most photos mean nothing, even to the people to shoot them! Of course, this does not daunt gear hounds. To wit: sports car fans are not bothered if they drive their toys in circles; sports fans win few world cups of their own; few who pray obtain anything but private grace.

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On article This camera is made of 32,000 drinking straws (178 comments in total)

Every straw man should get one. Could start a straw-wars race.

Not clear, though, whether the artists ever meant the camera to be useful, or pulled off the strange feat as a subject for their "making of" book. Next maybe they could devise some analog photographic technique that uses neither ditigal sensors nor film, but maybe some sort of plant dyes that fade, darken, or change color when exposed to light.

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Lan: Is anyone else getting bored of this "oh look how great our product is, it's selling out" malarkey? As with any other manufacturer they control the amount of inventory available at launch, so it's really easy to engineer these "shortages".

I do wish companies would learn from the positive things that Apple brought to the marketplace, not the annoyances like the fake "shortages".

What would be the efficiency of maximizing production facilities to meet the "blip" of pre-order demand, if subsequent orders or demand fall by 50% to a "normal" level? Something like the GH5 will not have the mass demand of an iPhone.

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On article Comedy Pet Photography Awards open for entries (46 comments in total)

Do animals laugh? Not really. Donkeys bray if they are hungry, lonely, or jealous. Some apes hoot in derision or to belittle a threat. But they have no habit of what we call laughter. It takes a creature with the power of reason and evil to be obsessed with laughter. Some humans can laugh at themselves, but most chortle only at events that reflect the failure, incompetence, or pain that sets back rivals. Laughter and pain are often intertwined. Clowns and comedians have a difficult, at times sad, calling.

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On article Hopes of Kodachrome relaunch put on ice (171 comments in total)

How long will unused film last before it becomes unusable? I purchased some 35mm Kodachrome rolls in 2004 and they remain in a box in a cupboard, next to a dormant Canon T-50.

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Action and drone cameras must survive falls, bumps, and shakes.

Can any motorized gimbal survive a 6' / 2 meter drop? How about repeated shaking action? No matter how sturdy or spongy the enclosure, the collision force or shaking will stress the gimbal. The bike or board mounting will be at risk too.

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zerored: Best political bumper sticker I ever read stated "Nobody cares about your political opinion!"

... or your pictures, or your camera, or ...

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John Koch: Cat lovers note: the FZ1000 and FZ2500 both have a little kitty that "purrs" when shooting video in quiet settings. It is the sound of the image stabilizer or something. If you don't like the pussy's snoring, you must doggedly turn down the audio gain or mount a dead cat (with mic) atop the shoe.

I saw two YT videos that purported to compare the FZ1000 and FZ2500 audio capture, but both were riddled by ambient distortions anyway.

The audio of wildlife video is hardly ever what was captured on-camera, but it would be nice not to rely entirely on stock audio clips or one's own animal imitations: ow-ow-aaaaauuuuuwww, tweet-tweet, grrrrrooooowwwwl.

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