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  • I shot this yesterday right above me flying at about 35.000feet,   it was taken in AF-C mode again with VR turned off. Its a crop from 6000 to about 2000pixals.
  • I normaly never use AF-A  i tried it today only as an experiment,  I always shoot in man mode as I can adjust the ap  and ss  as and when needed - like with the heli,  I was trying to get a bit of ...
  • I experimented today by turning VR off  in the camera menu, and also trying out AF-A,  here are two different shots taken in this mode, what do people think?
  • This one - Doesn't work  it was the link I assume was the one mentioned  relating to VR issues when using AF-C.
  • That link is showing a 404 no longer available.
  • I am hoping that a few more owners of this lens will join in with their observations of how to get the best tracking sucsess with distant moving objects  bifs planes etc.
  • I tried today  turning the VR off  in the camera menu,  and upping the ss  to  1/1250  - 1/1600sec  to see if that helps, as I used to shoot my much heavier  300mm prime withou vr  and just kept ...
  • I have owned  quite a few different lenses on Nikon bodies,  but I was spoilt by the IF ED 300 f4 (none vr) prime,  the only negatives with that lens  - being a fixed length and its weigh as I ...
  • Created discussion thread AF-P DX 70-300 Zoom
    Folks I have had this lens and used on my D5500  for a few months now, to be honest I am not all that impressed with it. I will be fair and say - its not bad its light and focuses fast. I guess I ...
  • Good result today - E-infinity have given me a £25  good will gesture and also told  me the Full refund would still stand if I wanted it incluing them paying the postage. Excellent service I think.
  • I have spoke to them about the back element smudge/dust mark  and they can not explain how a Brand New lens would not have had this picked up at Nikon quality control, they have said for me to ...
  • So because of the cost saving (Frankly I could not afford more) I saw some adds on flee bay for the Nikon AF-P DX 70-300 f5.6-6.3 ED VR selling Brand New for £144 so after doing some reading up ...
  • Im currently communicating with seller  (kind of)  they are half way across the globe in Hong Kong, trying to press my needs for urgency  rather than being left (again in a several weeks with no ...
  • I tell you what my lens does have aswel as the PF   - a smudge either inside the rear element or on the outside of it(not easy to get to it by the look of it) Its not on the sensor as it wasnt on ...
  • My first concern was just incase it back focused like my tammy was, but no problem there its a keeper,  and frankly for the £144 I paid for it New  with a years warranty, its a steal.
  • I am hoping to hear from owners of this lens the best way to deal with this prior to pp, I cant imagine it being a bad copy as everything else is spot on including my old friend - back focusing, I ...
  • Yes mate  VR on and hand held   I was just messing  about testing the lens with anything I saw from my back yard,  the stacks where about 100 feet away, it was at the widest aperture at 300mm  ...
  • I imagine better exposure setting will help like using spot metering for shots like this instead of matrix and possibly dialing in some possitive EC.
  • Straight out the camera only conversion  - RAW to Jpeg  No C/A  adjustment. Just for the record  I purchased it from E infinity. You can see the purple fringing down the birds back and under the beak.
  • Yep Im having to do that in Capture NX-D  using the full 100% Axial slider before I save the file as a Tiff and into Lightroom 5 (as thats the version of LR I own)
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