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  • Automation assembly lines don't appear on their own. They involve massive R&D and expenses.
    They want to gain time to cope with demand, not necessarily cut cost that could lower sale price.

  • Methanol is toxic if you drink it (adulterated alcohol) or are exposed to dense vapors for long periods. Not if you breath a tiny fraction of what you would use to clean your lens. And your ...
  • When you wipe, it looks like you aren't really removing all the stuff, whatever it is: (this is one of your pic zoomed in) Soap is not the best because it's very hard to rinse away and it leaves a ...
  • As Ron asked, what do you use to wipe the front element? Just the cloth, or the cloth + any sort of solvent/liquid ?
  • Replied in PC Puzzle???
    The screen capture you embedded is lacking resolution and almost impossible to read (for me). The parameters listed are: Creation date&time  |  Nature (dir. or file)  |  Size   |  Short name   |  ...
  • Replied in PC Puzzle???
    At this stage, you can try probing the disk with DOS, who knows.... Make sure you ext. drive is well plugged in and alive. Launch a command line window (you need to be signed in with administrator ...
  • Replied in PC Puzzle???
    Make sure your J drive doesn't have a hidden partition (with no letter attached to it for instance, hence not showing under Windows explorer). Also make sure you have the option "Show system ...
  • Commented on article Fujifilm X100F Review

    Ok, thanks kreislauf.
    DPR should correct this erroneous entry in the specs then. It still shows 4 sec (just checked).

  • Commented on a photo in the Fujifilm X100F Samples Gallery sample gallery

    Taken one handed while riding your bike?

  • Commented on article Fujifilm X100F Review

    I am curious: Minimum shutter speed: 4 sec
    Any reason? Design, sensor, noise, ...?

  • You could simply image your data and system drives periodically (and automatically) on separate internal drives. That's the way I have been rolling for the last 9 years and it has saved my butt ...
  • Dixit Wikipedia: Understanding the subtlety of [sarcasm] requires second-order interpretation of the speaker's or writer's intentions; different parts of the brain must work together to understand ...
  • Do you seriously believe that Pentax customer service would respond to such a request saying something like "Well, no,  actually the K70 will not perform as we state it should. We say 100K clicks ...
  • HDR spooky? Better not be, it's all around us. Creepy thing.
  • Decades ago, my Olympus OM4 / Tamron 28-135mm took a nice circular dive to the ground while attached to my tripod. The connecting plate was badly bent and the camera was embarrassingly looking ...
  • Googling Google Cam focal length gives this (15 x 5Mp cams with a 5.1mm lens fixed at an f/2 aperture for a total capture of roughly 65 megapixels), although the author doesn't say where he got ...
  • Samuel C:
    "Anyone who passes a safety boundary and falls in the ocean with me around will watch me laugh as they drown"

    The fact is that those "Safety boundaries" are set up by park officials who...

  • Interesting. I can't help but think of the way Stanley Kubrick did it with analog gear in his Barry Lyndon film (1975), using a Carl Zeiss 50 mm f/0.7 lens, shooting "scenes lit with actual candles ...
  • No, they don't in my book. A pinhole is just an aperture (>f/64). So pinhole cameras have no lens and only a very small aperture that allow for the formation of an image in a way that has nothing ...
  • Replied in No hatred!!
    Multi-functional devices are so much fun. It's a wonder why a mini printer with a vocal assistant is not integrated into each camera by now. After all, printing can be seen as important for some ...
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