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Richard Briscoe: ...and other models.” Any love for the C-E3?


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...and other models.” Any love for the C-E3?

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looker: "studio light"?! Let's all hope this phrase doesn't catch on. "mini flash" would be appropriate.

For what this costs you could simply buy an LCD “continuous light” for less and be better off.

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Stephen Scharf: Curious as to where you guys are buying the medium-size intuos Pro at $299.95 because virtually every retailer I've been shopping at (and I've been shopping at a lot of them as I've been seriously considering buying one of these for retouching) is listing it at $349.95.

I could not find one of these for $299 either. I was planning to buy a tablet before seeing this article and after reading some of the comments here I ordered the non-pro medium for $169.

Ordinarily articles like this refer to where something is available at the stated price or even a link to it. It appears to be a poorly researched and/or written article on at least that point which makes you wonder about the quality of the rest of the article.

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cshyde: I would like to see a feature for feature comparison between this and the D500. Seems like there isn't much for the $800.00 price difference.

Not having dual SD card slots is almost a deal breaker. main reason I bought the D7200 was the dual card slots.

chile3276 Wireless capability, especially native wireless capability instead of the add-on modules, is useful for a number of things. The obvious ones are for ease and speed of posting online including social media and network "tethered shooting. Which appropriate firmware, it also opens up interesting remote capabilities.

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DualSystemGuy: "It also does not support UHS II media, like the D500"

That is incorrect, the D500 has a UHS II slot.

A Sony guy I talked with said that the company was about to release UHS III media. Faster write times would be welcome, but how long will it be until the camera companies adopt it?

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NCB: 20Mp a move in the right direction; easily enough for DX.

Wonder if this heralds a move away from Sony sensors. Maybe a good idea for a lot of reasons.

Perhaps, just perhaps, the 20 MP sensor is an indication that Nikon are placing more emphasis on high ISO/low light performance than increasing the number of MP that don't help anyone. The high ISO performance of the D7000/D7100 is quite simply dismal when compared to a D3 or D4.

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cosinaphile: when i look at the specks for a 6500 apple workstation with 512 gb pci e and an aging processor and motherboard about 4 yrs old i profoundly wonder the mindset of the devoted apple professional

with 6500 dollars you could purchase at new egg or elsewhere not just the station
but 4 times the processing power 2 times the memory and 8 times ssd space and have money left over for a computer builder burn in and a great monitor other components like video cards motherboard would be state of the art and easily changeable at reasonable cost

isnt the os something you access in between using you programs ?

i use windows shell over windows 10 and define the computer experence i wish

apple makes fine computers but at what price ? value and computer freedom and upgradeability lies elsewhere imho

Sadly, you are correct. Apple have abandoned the "power user" who has remained with Apple because of the operating system, not the hardware. The hardware future does not include Apple. I, for one, will bevsadbto leave the operating system, but my next computer will not be a fruit one.

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Richard Schumer: <<US-based Eastman Kodak manufactures the film on the UK company's behalf and still sells cine film and filmstocks for the movie industry.>>

The article has buried the lead! It used to be companies would re-spool cine films for use on 35mm cameras. Obviously, should demand be big enough, this could be done again. Kodak cine films are very, very good -- some IIRC were as vivid as Kodachrome but could be processed in E2 chemistry like Ektachriome can.

I believe the UK licensee with respect to Kodachrome processing as I said the same when the story first broke.

I have said it before and will continue to say that it is the look of Kodachrome we loved, not its chemistry. That was only a means to an end. If they launched "Kodachrome II" with other chemistry, I can not help but believe that we would fall in love with it.

OK, we also loved the archival quality of Kodachrome too.

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Geodesiq: No integrated grip??? Not even a little bump like most of the other Pens and virtually every other camera??? How stupid. Sacrificing function for fashion.

You should remember that the designer of the original OM (film series) cameras was a Leicaphile and his influence continues to this day within the company.

Frankly, it would be very interesting if Olympus were to just go ahead and make FX rendition of a Leica. I'll just bet there would be people standing in line for them to "take my money"!

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I guess we will find out whether Nikon's long absence from this market segment has left them without a substantial market for this product and, if so, whether the D500 is competitive with other offerings. Looking at their $994 Wi-Fi adapter I have to wonder what drugs Nikon management is consuming. I know at least one big Nikon using pro motor sports photog who leased Canon kit for a major international event because his contract required that he be networked at the event for "live" international coverage in much the same way as there is a feed for NBA games by the team photos for feed into

Did I miss information about the sensor? Unless there has been major progress in low light/high ISO performance of the DX sensor, it's time may have passed. There simply is no comparison of the performance of currently available Nikon DX sensors and FX sensors.

Much of the video crowd has already gone elsewhere. I suppose we will see whether this and the D5 are enough to be competitive.

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On article Olympus OM-D E-M1 Review (2068 comments in total)

I was surprised at the higher ISO image degradation compared to the E-M5. The difference between the two is noticeable beginning at ISO 3,200 in the test images. At ISO 12,800 all of the cameras images were equally bad.

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Lightime81: Maybe the best part of this is that I got a snail-mailed letter about this from Adobe offering me a free year's credit monitoring with... wait for it... Experian! I don't know if anyone's familiar, but I read a story last week about how Experian had been fooled into selling data to a credit theft organization! I admit freely I did not completely understand the article, nor was I that sure about the source (Krebs On Security), so this article could be all wrong, or old news, but there you go.

Sweet! A year of free Experian, which no doubt when the year expires and I forget about it, will start charging me a monthly fee.

And they want your full SSAN. I wonder how secure their server may be. That is why I decided, along with my bank, to simply cancel the card and change numbers.

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On article Adobe hack affects 38 million users, not 2.9 million (154 comments in total)
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drdancm: I'm currently still on hold with Experian who is the provider for the complementary 1 yr credit monitoring. This is the fourth time I am on the phone with them and they are still unable to get me to login under my newly created account, at

I have wasted at least 4 hrs on the computer and on the phone. It has been 3 days that I have been unable to get the account working. I spoke with 3 different very nice reps who have done all they know to fix the problem but I still get the same message that my login is unsuccessful and I need to either e-mail support or call them at the provided phone number.

I spoke with my bank and we decided to cancel my card and have a new one with a different number be issued. I am still trying to see if Adobe will do something about providing an alternate means of payment that does not involve leaving a credit card number on their server. We shall see.

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Joe Ogiba: People keep talking about how small the old film SLRs were but they forget how much larger they were than todays DSLRs like the Pentax K-5 when you add the motor drive. Also with 128GB SDXC card you could shoot much more than the 750 shot bulk film back that was huge.

Photo OM-4 w/motor drive:

250 bulk film back :

750 shot bulk film back :

When the OM-1 was introduced there was substantial interest in it by the PJ community.

I carried an OM-1 with a wide angle, normal, and 75-150 zoom and it weighed less than an F2 when many others were hauling around an F2. There were worthwhile improvements through the OM-4 and then Olympus abandoned the system. In retrospect it makes the F2 seem the better choice.

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