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Nishi Drew: Wonderful, these days super slow-mo is about still angles of bicycles in mid air or random things blowing up, and all very uncreative and boring (and yet half the world sits through them like that's all there is). Here we go, real glorious use of high speed capture creating marvelous imagery, feels unreal and makes me want to go all out slow-mo too

Having access to a rare situation and having a vast production team =/= being creative

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Roberto Mettifogo: very good for movie making, solid, precise focusing and follow focus ready, precise markings on the barrel, don't complain about price guys, this is not for the sunday photographers... it is a high end lens for digital cinematography, and most of the user will rent them, the price is good.

What other ways - phase detection and in lens autofocus? Genuine question - I am curious.

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Ben O Connor: Rangefinder?

Well, world´s top brand of *RangeFinder cameras are evn getting partnership with World´s most Famous Micro4/3 producers, To attach their 1,4M. dot EVF on their new product line. Why still obbsessed on the old technology?

Simplicity is the key together with Connectivity in near future´s world. They shuold also consider that, many smartphone users all around the world, want to control their cam via their camera. They wish to see camera´s back screen image on the phone´s screen and even to operate from there.

Rangefinder cameras seem to fit a different niche than cameras aimed at people who want remote controls.

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W5JCK: I'm not sure why folks are discussing this as if it is a camera + phone. There is NO phone radio, only WiFi. And WiFi outside of your home will be almost impossible to use unless you find a hotspot. And using Android 2.3 was stupid. Android is a POS limited OS that is a PITA to use. Every Android device I've ever used suffered from severe battery drain due to the OS. If you think your current camera's menu system sucks, wait until you have to navigate the totally non-intuitive menus of Android! This camera will be such a disappointment that I predict it will be replaced faster than the average cellular phone. I hope Nikon and the stores that sell it have a generous return policy!

If you want to be able to send crappy pictures of your dog licking himself to your friends on Facebook, just use your cellular phone camera. Pictures destined for Facebook are in no need of a decent camera to create, and certainly not a 16MP camera.

> Android is a POS limited OS that is a PITA to use.

Android is easy to use. You obviously have some kind of disability.

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Jorge Ledesma: If they would only add the Bleach Bypass effect to the GRD3 all would be well but this will do for now.

Can't effects like that just be easily added on a computer later? I was wondering if there is a specific advantage to having filters like this built in to the camera (apart from it being slightly more convenient if you especially want that filter).

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bigdaddave: What a pointless product

What are you hoping to achieve by commenting here?

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in2sky: I don't understand the 599$ price tag while it's ¥79,800 at Yodobashi camera in Japan

People in Japan are willing to pay more.

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