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On article Preview: Canon PowerShot G1 X large sensor zoom compact (767 comments in total)

What a bunch of whiners ! This is truly great camera.If you buy DSLR you buy mostly with kit which is 3.5-5.6 this G1X lens has longer range (kits usually upto 88-90mm this camera is 112 and only a bit darker on long end 5.6 vs 5.8) now find me kit that starts with 2.8 huh ?
Canon basically killed m/4 market and I suppose Panasonic/Olympus with release compact with m/4 sensor.Believe or not 28-112mm is more than enough for most people who would run with shorter kits anyway.I hate to carry lens as most people.
Basically you can same as entry level DSLR quality or marginally lower with much smaller and pockatable camera with a bit better and longer zoom than kit DSLR - that's the point of this camera.Win !

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On article Just posted: Our Sony NEX-7 in-depth review (338 comments in total)

The fact the didnt test it with kit lens is disappointing, prime is for sure way sharper so results are bit skewed.

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On article DxO Labs announces Optics Pro 7 with faster performance (166 comments in total)

When discount will be avaliable for 6.0 users ? I see no discount or trial or anything.

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On article Adobe faces criticism for change of upgrade policy (375 comments in total)
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Danny: A very well-made comment by 'Marian' on the Adobe forum;

"The problem with Adobe is that they have created applications that are already top notch and cannot be improved much. In the absence of providing actual value-added products that drive consumers to purchase, Adobe is pushing the subscription and limited upgrade eligibility."

And this says it it all.

It could be improved a lot

- PS ancient filters sucks, they have vintage,small and uncomfortable editing windows
- customization is very limited in Photoshop yet they add more and more tools cluttering UI
- even such silly thing like brush resize is vintage in Photoshop you need to right click and use some ancient slider

etc etc Photoshop is fill of legacy stuff they could improve a lot instead every 'upgrade' gives very little or nothing

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On article Adobe faces criticism for change of upgrade policy (375 comments in total)

Adobe has practically monopoly on Windows platform for graphics editing and this is what you get for supporting monopoly - kick in the butt.

Expect it to get worse and more restricting in the future they will milk the cow dry.Though it may backfire for Adobe and less people may be willing to upgrade.

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This camera is a joke.Not even close to LX5 quality/sharpness but price is about same.It doesnt matter you can fit it in the pocket if sharpness is so lousy I would better use my phone camera then and not bother to carry S100.

Sharpness is much worse than S95 BTW, looks like lens is broken which is not good sign for quality of S100 batches or maybe its supposed to be so blurry ? Then its a failure.

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The fact they used synthetic blur means most probably this feature is nowhere as good they promise but they scored some marketing points.Who cares about truth, truth is what they say it is.

I remeber they guy in the demo told they 'found' this 'blurry' photo of their friend.This is simplyl a lie, the photo was never blurred it was made to be blurred thats huge difference.The cheated and lied to deliver good marketing effect, because there is no way they couldnt not take a real blur photo.But real photo would most probably not impress audience so here you are.

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On article Olympus shares suffer as former CEO goes on the attack (188 comments in total)

This old scam, if you want to legally steal from your company ,you buy some expensive services then they share with you 50% or so of the profits.All theoreticallyl legal and has been done since ages.
Consulting and other law crap is perfect it doesnt require anything real to be delivered and you can price it as much as you want.

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On article Nikon V1 comparison shots added to dpreview database (220 comments in total)

Nikon, you screw it up.It would be great camera if

-LX5/X10 body size
- in body lens 24-120mm 2.0-3.5 razor sharp

It would kill then LX/XZ/X10/S100 in one shot.Whats the point using such small sensor if body is big and heavy ? lens big and heavy ? This is not pocketable camera if I want something that big I would go m/3 if I want to shoot high ISO I would go Sony APS.Its expensive and with poor ergonomics - no grip! , dumbed down controls ! Nikon should fire people responsible for this dud.

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On article Nikon V1 comparison shots added to dpreview database (220 comments in total)

This is camera for set-to-AUTO-and-shoot P&S folks

1) Poor quality lens not only slow but also not sharp - compare it to LX5/XZ-1 to see difference, corners with Nikon are blurry and is not that sharp overall
2) Dumbed down controls
3) Poor ergonomics, even small grip on LX5 is useful Nikon looks like soapbox

Anyone who has any idea how to shoot photos will pick up LX/XZ or m4/3 not only they offer better quality/sharpness/ergonomics but also allow to -easy- set your settings with hardware buttons.

Nikon could make great camera but they dumbed it down and bundled with poor quality lens to protect their highend market.Not for me Nikon.

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This camera looks great on paper but sharpness of photos even in low ISO/ f 4-5.6 is disappointing.I expected razor sharpness with these lens, its 2.0-2.8 .Battery is very weak only 270 shots vs 400 shots from LX.

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On article Reviewed: Sony NEX-5N 16MP mirrorless camera (195 comments in total)

I would buy NEX system but 18-200 is way to big,too long,too heavy and too slow.18-150/120 fast lens would be perfect.

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On article Article: How to shoot creative canine photographs (36 comments in total)
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Top Dog Imaging: As a professional dog photographer, I find this article and most of the photographs in it superficial/amateurish. I wish that I had known about the editor's decision to publish a series on dog photography. I would have been thrilled to share my experience and knowledge. For the real deal check out my blog and website at www.topdogimaging.net.

Your photos are boring and sterile, maybe there are interesting for dog owners who wants some fancy snaps of their dogs and have no idea about art.Your photos are stock photos, souless but technically fine.I see no craft in your photography, any guy with proper camera/lamps good make such snaps, the fact you make money off photography doesnt make you great photographer.

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On article Create your own articles - public beta launched today (145 comments in total)

They are some of the richest company in the world.They could hire talented people to deliver top quality content instead they try to tap into free intellectual property market to get most probably more search engine traffic (more keywords)
People comment some already published articles as 'worthless' - well you get what you paid for.

I have seen now they look for forum moderators of course its UNPAID JOB and this comes from a company which has net income US$ 1.152 billion (2010)

Disappointing.Google is more fair, you can have some ads in your blog and you will get revenue from ads it motivates people to deliver quality content not just any content.

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On article ACD Systems launches ACDSee Pro 5 and ACDSee v14 (38 comments in total)

I bought in June and received a coupon for upgrade for 30$ I consider it very good deal. Thank you ACDSee :)

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On article Create your own articles - public beta launched today (145 comments in total)

Corporations are killing the market with their crowdsourcing, I feel sorry about guys trying to make money off their photoblogs/websites now they will need to compete with 1000000...... people who work for free - and you can't compete with that.

Why hire somebody when there is enough >fools< feeling to work for free ? Posting is different, you post to people and its pretty unlikely someone may directly profit from it, publishing article will just enrich content of powerful corporation will help get more Google traffic and bring more customers to their services.Maybe some spammers will love it to try sell you some 'stuff-you-need-so-much'.

It means only one thing - more money for dpreview corporation, less money for the people who could profit from their articles, less money for people who publish arrticles for free ( they could use it this time to make some real cash), maybe some money for spammers trying to sell you some stuff.

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On article ACD Systems launches ACDSee Pro 5 and ACDSee v14 (38 comments in total)

Disappointing, I bought brand-and-new ACDSee 4.0 just few months ago ! , this features could be added in 4.x because I dont find them that amazing to call it ACDSee 5.0

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