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On article Olympus working on 8K video for Micro Four Thirds (218 comments in total)

You cannot take 8K video on a MFT sensor with just 33 MP. MFT has a 4:3 aspect ratio. So given a 1920 width, the height would need to be 1440.

8K needs some 32 MP in its own aspect ratio. This would equate to about 43 MP if expanded vertically to fill the 4:3 ratio.

Am I missing something here?

Link | Posted on Mar 11, 2017 at 23:32 UTC as 15th comment

I am more disappointed with the price than with the image quality. With my ageing shaky hands I am sure I will take better pictures on this than on a D500.

But like most people I still want it all. Maybe I will have to wait for the GH6 with Panasonic's new sensor technology.

Link | Posted on Nov 17, 2016 at 20:17 UTC as 63rd comment

This is nonsense. Faster processing is just a natural progression. They should not cost any more. The body is very similar and the cost of production between old and new will be zero.

The only reason they can charge this amount is because other manufactuers are charging more now.

The D500 is available in Australia for questionable online suppliers for $AUS2000 at the moment. The only reason i haven't bought it already is its lack of stabilization.

I could pick up an a6000 with a lens for AUS$800 on special. That is about $600 US. How much is the a6500?

Link | Posted on Nov 2, 2016 at 05:59 UTC as 187th comment | 1 reply

It is amazing that a firmware update can magically make more focus points appear. Surely these must have already been hard wired into the sensor.

Why would these not have been activated from the start?

Link | Posted on Oct 10, 2016 at 03:01 UTC as 4th comment | 1 reply
On article Back to the action: Nikon D500 Review (1122 comments in total)

Why is this camera better than the NX1?

I would be curious how they compare in focus speed.

Apart from battery life and lens availability, the NX1 does everything this does.

That rated 87% before a significant software update.

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On article Newly enthused: hands on with the Canon EOS 80D (680 comments in total)

Lack of digic 7 is marketing rubbish. It is available, just as cheap to produce and already being used on a cheaper model. But it allows them a quick upgrade in the future without effort.

Focusing with tracking I imagine will be good however I expect poor dynamic range unless they have made huge strides there. But since canon seem intent on holding back technology I somehow doubt it.

Link | Posted on Feb 18, 2016 at 19:40 UTC as 74th comment | 1 reply

I don't understand why they need to think about the applications. I didn't hear one negative mentioned.

Some of the comments have mentioned how great it will be for full frame. I am thinking how great it will be for 4/3. It's specs should outperform the current crop of FF sensors including the latest Sony sensors.

I am sure it won't make it for the GH5 but hopefully the GH6 will feature this technology. I think with the 3 pro lumix zooms this should keep me in photographic equipment for the rest of my life.

Link | Posted on Feb 5, 2016 at 00:18 UTC as 45th comment | 3 replies

It has a lot going for it. Finally a digital Leica with up to date specifications.

But they have sacrificed practicality to maintain the iconic Leica shape. I would have preferred a proper grip with a larger battery enclosed.

Everything else I like. Although the D750 appears to have better images on the comparison charts at higher ISP.

Link | Posted on Jun 11, 2015 at 21:22 UTC as 76th comment | 3 replies
On article Photokina 2014: Hands-on with Leica X and X-E (133 comments in total)

No viewfinder and a pop up flash ( a fixed flash must surely have better reliability). I think I will take the X100T

Link | Posted on Sep 18, 2014 at 05:39 UTC as 22nd comment

Can someone explain how you can do HDR in a single shot? And if you can, why would you use any other mode? Are there disadvantages to using this mode?

Link | Posted on Sep 10, 2014 at 22:26 UTC as 16th comment | 5 replies
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falconeyes: Does the DPR article contain an error?

All iPhone 5-s and 6-s have 1.5 um pixels, 8 million of them. Their sensor sizes should be identical. BTW, this explains why the camera module has the exact same depth for all models and why it protudes with the thinner 6 models ...

>> I cannot imagine how things could be significantly improved without making the camera module bigger.

There was an announcement recently that Sony has a new sensor with 10 times the light sensitivity. This would made a 2/3 sensor as good as a APSC sensor in terms of catching light.

Link | Posted on Sep 10, 2014 at 22:20 UTC

The camera module is not the same because it has a new sensor. You can argue that the depth of the module must be the same because all other factors are the same, but they aren't.

I don't know if this is the case with the iPhone 6 but new sensors tend to be able to take light in from wider angles (the isocell is an example of this) and therefore the lens depth can be less.

Having said that, I hate the protruding lens. The could have made the camera the same depth as before with a flush lens and a much bigger battery.

I think I will just wait for sony z3x (if it isn't just someone's fantasy creation). I am not sure how you can fit a 2/3" sensor with an f1.2 lens in such a thin phone without any protrusion.

Link | Posted on Sep 10, 2014 at 22:08 UTC as 17th comment | 3 replies

Why USB2? I assume it doesn't have a touch screen either. Why do manufacturers insist on leaving out features that are commonplace these days. At least it has WiFi.

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On article Samsung Galaxy S5 features 16MP camera with 4K video (93 comments in total)

I cannot find any mention of sensor size. Does anyone know what it is. The lens sticks out a bit so I am guessing it may be 1/2.3 inches like the Xperia Z2.

I don't really care about the looks as anything I buy will be put in a cover. The replaceable battery is a big plus for me.

I have a nexus 4 at the moment and it downloads youtube extremely slowly. Much more slowly than my old iPhone 4. Is there a reason a google product can not download another google product? I am concerned about buying another Android product.

Link | Posted on Feb 25, 2014 at 11:14 UTC as 16th comment | 2 replies
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alexpaynter: I hear many "serious" photographers who say they just want a camera with full control and no fancy features like wifi or 3G etc. They claim to be about the photography but often they are caught up in the style of a camera.

I like control over a camera but it can be done just as easily or more so through a touch screen. We
Just have to find a logical way to do this. It has been done on phones somewhat successfully. There is no reason why it can't be done here also.

Don't get me wrong. I love the Fuji X100S and I might even buy one. But what it it had a touch screen on the whole back. When you look through the viewfinder the top right could be for exposure compensation an the left for aperture. Some software could drive the touch control even if you can't see the slider or feel it. You will see te result in the viewfinder.

Put a Tegra 4 chip with wifi, GPS, 4G and a full HD IGZO screen and you are set. It might not have the beautiful form of an X100 but it would be more functional.

Also some other ideas might be touch to focus and slide to shoot. This would get rid of the shake when shooting.

Once you look aware from the viewfinder you would have the basi menu on the screen to make further adjustments.

There are so many ways to improve function and reliability (touch screens do not wear like buttons) and many of these do not require retro looks. That is Homer Simpson mentality.

Well you could set it up so that when your eye is in the viewfinder the touch screen acts like a touch pad. You dont need to see anything. Top right for Exposure compensation. Top left for aperture. Slide up to increase and down to decease.

Link | Posted on Feb 2, 2013 at 15:32 UTC
On article CP+ 2013: Interview with Olympus' Toshi Terada (242 comments in total)

I have made mention of this in other threads but i will bring it up again. I used to have a Canon MC camera. It was 35 mm f2.8 film but very compact.

Of course it is nice to have a zoom but many enthusiasts are now opting for fixed lenses like Fuji X100s. I know some of those photographers want a contol ring on the lens but with auto focus getting better with every generation how often will we use manual focus. And with a couple of easily accessible control dials at the finger tips the lens dial wont be missed.

Was there something intrinsically different about the Canon MC which allowed its lens to be so compact? I would really love a full size sensor without the projecting lens. Especially with a Fuji style sensor. Even though it would be a compact it doess not mean the should skimp on the lens quality.

A camera like this would be my ideal. Basically it would be a full frame X100s but more compact.

My only other gripe is that compact cameras do not have stronger built in flashes. The X100s has a guide number of 9. The canon 60d has 12. They could at least match this. I believe that with modern technology a guide number of more than 15 should be possible with a lens angle equivalent of 35 mm on a full frame.

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