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Greg Henry: Well, I think here in the U.S. people are now spoiled on Android, Apple, and maybe Windows Phone OS if it catches on - they've never been introduced to the Symbian OS so it never took off here like it has in several other countries, where it remains strong.

Nokia has all but admitted they're going to go head-on into Windows Phone OS for the states, though. So my guess would be a future version of this phone/camera combo with WinOS will wind up in at least one of the major carriers here within 2 years or less.

Funny thing is, though: There is a measurable number of people here who still reallly aren't all that hyped up about the whole "smart phone" stuff. They really don't want an Android or iPhone, but, the standard feature "dumb" phones are a bit too basic, too. I think there actually is a class of buyer here who would embrace a Nokia Symbian phone like this very well, IF and I do mean IF Nokia were extremely good at marketing it in the right way and places. I'd try it.

Hah, Nokia Belle "dumb"? Try it, sir. There's a reason they even pulled the "Symbian" name. You might be very surprised at how it stacks against iOS and 'Droid (both of which I have). Not to mention battery life and working with as few restrictions as possible.

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CameraLabTester: With the amount of swiss knife capabilities lumped on a cell phone these days...

It is no longer a cell phone, as it was known before...

It is a different gadget altogether.

It has turned into this bat belt whip out full featured pocket device that keeps on evolving into a yet more complex electronic product.


Or in Germany, where it's still called a "handy", which is an abbreviation for "handjob", but they insist english speakers say it.

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VadymA: Hope iPhone5 will have similar sensor ;)

The iPhone might use this tech when they figure out how to make an app for it that makes the lens look like it has cataracts.

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snake_b: Max Metz appears to be trolling any and all references to the orb threads by posting that same line, even when it's not applicable.

Certainly, but there seems to be an atmosphere on this forum that it's for the manufacturers and not for the consumers. Thus you have people coming in and defending the manufacturer's turf, perhaps hoping they'll get a nice reward.

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Looks like the X10 will also get killed by the upcoming nokia 808. How's 41MP downscaled to 5mp? Unlike Fuji's 6MP upscaled to 12?

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Max Metz appears to be trolling any and all references to the orb threads by posting that same line, even when it's not applicable.

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On article Ricoh GR Digital IV Preview (139 comments in total)

Sept 2011? Preview? Where's the review?

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If I used this camera, pretty much all of my shots would have them, such as reflections off cars in daylight, as people have repeatedly posted, or concerts under backlighting on stage.

It seems silly to crank up the ISO in broad daylight, which I'm seeing people doing and recommending- note how many shots people are taking at ISO400 when one should be using the lowest level possible during bright sunlight.

It is interesting to see how the market fell out. Ebay has liquidations from private sellers, as well as dealers selling used and new ones. So there's certainly an issue.

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Samsung needs to learn from this. Every time they release firmware, especially for the EX1, there are pages of questions. This time, they released an incomplete update and at least one cam has been reported as bricked and they still haven't removed the download from their sites:

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On article Hands-on with the Olympus OM-D E-M5 (207 comments in total)

I'm still fascinated with the slow zooms on these mirrorless cams and how people are frothing over them. This 12-50 is supposed to be the replacement for the 4/3 12-60? Really?

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On article Flickr poised for much-needed interface improvements (81 comments in total)

Flickr's interface is garbage, including linking numbers of pictures being a joke.

I'd love to see an improvement, which might even make me finally buy a membership.

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Hah, try to bring this up to @fujiguys and hashtag #fujifilm and #orbs and they will completely ignore it on twitter.

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professor4321: Just googled 'Canon 5D Mark II problems' and 'Leica M9 problems'.

How long did they take to resolve the problems? Did they?

Some people on some sites went on a witchhunt and some defended the product exactly as now with the X10. I believe these companies didn't close down or go bankrupt.

Yet I believe people kept buying the cameras and they cost a lot more than the X10.

I guess if it doesn't hindersome people's enjoyment of the camera they'll keep on buying and using the X10.

Does this excuse shoddy workmanship? Of course not.

The problem exists. The firmware update released is meant to,
"Blooming (White disk) phenomena, which can be observed in EXR AUTO mode, is reduced."
Reduce is not to eliminate.

It's not even reduced, by DPR's accounts, nor by user accounts on the forum.

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On article Samsung US announces rugged and waterproof SD cards (49 comments in total)

I got one of the normal range 32gb MicroSD cards a while ago, only because it's significantly cheaper in my market than others. I figured it would be slower than the Sandisk equivalents and was right. Class 10 isn't always class 10. However, it works well in my phone, but I would not use it in a camera. I guess if you know you won't be getting Sandisk speeds, then you're ok, so long as you don't get ripped off.

Here is my benchtest:

Samsung's cards are bargain cards with "adequate" speeds, but not class-leading. Once again, they strive for mediocrity. However, judging from the 50MB file sizes of their NX200's SRW files, a large, budget card would work nicely, though the hardware will never match these speeds.

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newe: How does something like this happen? I mean really, how does such quality leave the door? I guess they were in a huge rush for some reason. Pity really.

Just look at the forum and the defense of the WDS. People even rationalize why they are a good thing. So fuji has no motivation to do better and here we are.

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TA2000: I have admit that I went out with the sole purpose to produce an image that demonstrated the white orbs in daylight. These are highlights of sunshine reflected from the grille.

Those are horrendous. So I can't take pics when reflected light could be expected, along with not being able to take pics at concerts. Wonderful.

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Let's see how Fuji works:
-they ignore questions about dealers that have demo copies of the x-series
-dealers appear instructed to not allow demos
-Fuji Germany arrogantly sent me a youtube x10 video that we've all seen and said "here is the demo"
-X100: wealth of problems, from the firmware to the mechanical problems with the apertures failing
-X10 orbs and dust in the lenses, along with firmware issues AGAIN
-X-S1: ORBS, despite knowing the sensor in the X10 was creating trouble, they decided to use it anyhow in a second camera.
-Who knows what we're going to see with the x-pro-1

-Years of decentered lens F-series cams.

Seems more like a shady company than an ethical one. And I'm sure they don't care to prove me, nor anyone else wrong.

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On article Canon EOS-1D X overview (376 comments in total)

Where;s the review?

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On article Fujifilm firmware attempts to fix X10 white discs (264 comments in total)

Idiots. If Fuji has acknowledged them, the fanboys can't claim the problem doesn't exist anymore.

Then there's the type II fanboy/employee that acknowledges them, gives a minimal count of them them compared to ok pics in their type of shooting, then says the orbs don't exist, despite saying they did.

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This roadmap only makes me see Pentax as the obvious choice. THose lenses are available NOW, along with relatively fast, fixed f2.8 zooms. Why do the zooms on mirrorless have to be so slow? Now Olympus and Panasonic have somehow made people drool over slow zoons.

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