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D1N0: Sigma should get some other company to buy their sensor en put it in a decent camera. Pentax maybe or Fuji (Canon is way too conservative and Nikon too, Sony make their own).

I agree, but still I'm happy with sigma. They only makes the camera I like

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I'm really happy to hear this news.
I love my DP2, but the focal length is bit narrow. DP1 has wider angle, but the lens is slow. I prefer 35mm equiv focal length, but 28 is also OK to me. Now new DP got 28mm and faster lens, furthermore, new foveon which has incredible resolution.
The only thing I'm concerning is the file size. The size of SPP file is 50M, you may need larger HDD to keep all the pictures.

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Reg Natarajan: If Sigma wants to play in the high-end P&S segment, their cameras need to not look like bland generic boxes like the one above. They clearly haven't learned from the success of Fujifilm's X10 and X100.

By choosing the minimal, simple rectangular design, sigma got advantages in weight and size. I like my DP2 than Fuji X100, simply because it is smaller, lighter and cheaper. I love sigma. They makes us happy.

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