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grasscatcher: For those of you wanting a larger sensor, you'll have to go to DJI's other models (e.g., Inspire) for m43 mount.

I imagine they have to stick with the little sensor on the Phantom because more processing power is going to the obstacle avoidance. I think I read somewhere that they were developing the obstacle avoidance in conjunction with DARPA. Sounds like the U.S. military does not want to be dependent on GPS (for good reason).

Got nothing to do with processing power, the Inspire and Phantom produce files of about the same size. The big difference is the weight. Takes a lot more juice to lift the m4/3 camera.

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dash2k8: Obstacle avoidance is the one thing that will separate the P4 from the rest of the market. For those flying in tight quarters, this is excellent news. Obvious we'll have to see it in the real-world, but if it works as advertised, it's a game-changer.

The big limitation is that it only has these obstacle avoidance sensors on the front. The front is where the camera faces, which is obviously easy to see when you're about to hit something. Most videographers including myself are primarily concerned about flying sideways. This is a common way to film, to pan left or right in flight. But doing this means you cant see where you're going. The obstacle avoidance sensors needed to be on the sides, not the front.

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Jose Rocha: So, where's the 70-200mm f/4 VR II?

I didnt know there was a version 1 of this lens.

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