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A little known fact: The Canon AE-1 was in fact the product of Texas Instruments - It designed and built the pioneering ribbon-cable circuitry to which the ICs were bonded. Canon dropped that into its body and designed all the camera interface. Not sure about the AE-1P - I was no longer associated with TI then.

Another little-know fact: TI attempted to build a kind of Apple Watch in the early 1980s, to monitor pulse rate. It got to prototype but failed because it could not distinguish the electrical pulses from the heart from the electrical "noise" of a runner's leg muscles. Other than tell time and monitor heartbeat, it had no other function, as I recall.

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rsjoberg: I had a first model Canon F-1 and added the A-1 to it when that came out. When the T90 came out I saw the future and used that throughout the years of autofucusing film cameras. I first went autofocus and digital with a Pentax *ist D, which was a pretty neat camera. At the time I had started shooting with a Pentax 645. I dumped everything and bought a Nikon D200 when it first came out. Out of all of them that Canon T90 was my favorite and most used.

I have all of them - the F1, AE1, AE1 Program and the T90. As a purely mechanical camera, the F1was the Leica SLR that Leicas should have built. I shot it alongside my Leica M4P.

HOWEVER...the T90 was and remains the penultimate non-AF film SLR. On a trip to Paris in the 1990s, I acquired the Data Memory Back never sold in the USA because it was designed to dump data into some computer not sold here.

Note: You must routinely shoot your T90 - even if just dry shooting - to avoid the magnetic sticking of the shutter, which results in the dreaded "EEE" in the top LCD and total shutter lockup. It costs more than $100 to get that fixed and the camera operating again.

The Nikon F3 High Eyepoint was the Nikon non-AF penultimate, in my opinion - but the motor drive size and weight made it a distance second to the T90.

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Richmondthefish: A7iii in 2018 at $2000 was an incredible camera and still is as evidence by the fact that it's priced has held up and even on the used market it's not discounted that much. I dunno....seems difficult to want and get any of these cameras now in 2020. I feel like the Sony system has the better long term play. If Sony comes out with an update that does the 3 following things they aren't going to be able to keep these cameras in stock they will be so in demand;

1.) Update the video codec to 10 bit. If they can get the video codec similar to the Panasonic S1 then this thing is going to be a hit.
2.) Self articulating screen.
3.) Update EVF and LCD.

Sure there are other things they can improve on like ergonomics but if they can hit on these three things without charging $4000 like Canon will be doing for the R5 then forget about it.

I have been shooting the A7III for almost 2 years, and the Tamron 28-75 RXD since a bit after it came out. With a 15mm Voigtlander on a TechArt Pro AF adapter, I’ve shot all kinds of travel locations in Europe and the U.S. In addition tp those 2 lenses, I carried a Canon FD 200mm f4 as a bridge to the Tamron 70-180/2.8, but used it so rarely that I decided not to buy the 70-180.

Tens of thousands of images later, I find that the more I’ve shot the A7III, the less I’ve visited DPReview forums, and the less interested I am in new gear reviews.

At B&H, I’ve handled the new Sony, Nikon and Canon gear. It’s all very nice.

But the older I get, the more rewarding and stimulating I find new locations and subjects vs new gear. I’m sure any Nikon, Canon or Panasonic shooter could get to the same spot without buying anything new.

The pandemic will force me to limiting where I travel in 2020-2021. But I’ll be spending my money on getting there, not new gear to carry.

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GlobalGuyUSA: Now if Apple would just make 1TB the STANDARD size for iPad memory..........

64GB is quaint (insulting).

Actually, now that iPadOS and LR Mobile work so well with external storage, and with the myriad of cloud options (with iPhone hotspot), 1TB of onboard storage would be quaint.

I upgraded from a 128GB IPP to a 256 12.9 as soon as iPadOS was announced. Been traveling with an iPad for mobile processing since 2010, and it just gets better and better!

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On a photo in the Sony 35mm F2.8 ZA Carl Zeiss Sonnar T* (DPReview TV) sample gallery (3 comments in total)
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fotokram: Could you please make a video about how much more mirrorless cameras are affected by dust on the sensor compared to dslr's? ;-)

Actually, if you’re pretty meticulous about changing lenses in dirty environments, they are about the same. There are more places for dust to hide in a DSLR, but if you lift the mirror, open the shutter and use a syringe blower, a DSLR sensor can be kept as clean as a the easily cleaned mirrorless sensor. The great advantage of the mirrorless is that you can easily see any sensor dirt while you are shooting, whereas with a DSLR, you may see it only in post-production.

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Mister Anders0n: And this is why I won't leave my DSLR. It has amazing autofocus AND amazing ergonomics. All these companies keep pumping out MILCs like they were going out of style, and they still haven't figured out how to make the ergos better. Sorry, camera makers, but I will not reward your stupidity.

Sony has mirrorless cameras both in the rangefinder emulation and the DSLR emulation. I own an A7III, an A7II, and an A6000. I travel with the A7III and A6000 at the ready, and my A7II in my rollaboard as a backup.

What is appealing to me about the A6600 is that it uses the same battery as my A7III. What is not appealing is price. At ISO 100 and a 12mm f2 Rokinon on the A6000, and a 15mm Voigtlander on the A7III, I have to look at the EXIF to tell which camera shot a wide angle shot.

I just won’t pay $1300 to replace my APS-C camera. I’ve had a great 55-210 and good 16-50 PZ, and a fabulous 8mm Rokinon since my NEX-6 days. I see no benefit to replacing my A6000 until it dies.

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I've been using my iPhone 11 Pro Max for about 2 weeks, a replacement for my iPhone X.

For the first time since the iPhone 4, I feel I must take my iPhone seriously. I'm not about to give up my Sony A7III/Tamron 28-75/Voigtlander 15mm Series III kit. But darned if my new iPhone doesn't represent a serious camera - surely as serious as an MFT. I've inspected my images on my 27" iMac screen, and some are truly breathtaking - for what they are.

I really don't care whether it's the best ever phone camera - I'm basically an all-Apple shop (well, I do have a Lenovo i7 laptop, but rarely use it). But it's a serious camera that's always with me.

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PaulSnowcat: Iphone fans need new mantras to be sure they've spent tons of money for at least something new? Keep saying "more than just Apple catching up to Android" and you will feel better and better! In no time (a week of practice or so) you will be SURE that phone 11 is a really innovative product! ;)

Why do Android fans feel compelled to jump on every new iPhone announcement to pan them when the reverse inst truce?

The % of those who move from Apple two Android is tiny. So is corporate use of Android (poor security a big reason).

Why do they care so much what other people use?

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What mounts will the new lenses be offered in?

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adegroot: Wonder who sells The focusing mounts for such old lenses. This is great fun!

You make your own using helical mounts and extension tubes, to match the lens-to-film-plane distance of the original. Sony full-frame A7 series are perfect.

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On article Sony a6400 review (1229 comments in total)

Can someone tell me if the A6400 has phase detection AF, which would enable its use with the TechArt Pro autofocus adapter?

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On article Canon EOS RP review (1689 comments in total)

I think Sony users are being unreasonable tough on the RP. I handled one at a recent NPPA workshop and found it a most pleasant cancer to use. I saw no raw or video, but was impressed at the balance

I’ve been a Sony mirrorless user since the NEX-6. I viewed that as a nice toy to which I could adapt my Leica M mounts - I still shot Nikon for business. Since then, I moved to the A7, A7II and A7III. The RP is not in the same league as the A7III but for those who have a lot of Canon lenses and don’t need the A7III features it’s a very credible camera.

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On article Olympus OM-D E-M1X review (2395 comments in total)
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Imager of: I’m not a big fan of that “fro knows photo” guy. He did a brief review and nailed it. A “pro” is not going to spend 3000 on a micro 4/3 camera when there are so many other better options.

"...the max aperture of available full frame lenses goes no smaller than around f6.3..."

Really? Does that mean my Tamron RXD is mislabeled at f2.8, and my 35mm f1.4 Summilux is really f6.3? Strange, that's not what my images and experience say.

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On article Olympus OM-D E-M1X review (2395 comments in total)
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Miron09: Admire Olympus for their work, Still, I´ll only buy such a camera only once it has been shrunk half size, which I reckon will happen soon. It is clear that one day the MFT sensor will provide the same resolution as today´s FF.

Resolution isn't a controlling feature - size of pixels is.

There's no problem getting 40-50mp onto an MFT sensor if you're willing to accept a lot of nasty noise.

I doubt Olympus will be around long enough to make a half-size MFT capable of matching a current FF. There's a lot higher likelihood that we will see a full frame Sony the size of an A6000 long before an MFT sensor with FF capability.

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swiftshooter: I also have it and it is really awesome. Use it on a7ii. It's great for landscape, portraits, walk-around. Plenty sharp, lightweight. This is the definition of money well spent.

mrpuggy keeps hammering his ugly-bokeh mantra. He's the kind of guy that buys a banana and eats the peel.

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ShootFilmNotMegaPixels: Tamron 28-75mm F2.8 + Sony A7III/A7RII vs Nikon D750/D850 + 24-120 f/4

Which one wins?

I also own an 2-ring Nikon 80-200mm f2.8 AFD-ED, and shoot it AF on my A7III with a TechArt Pro adapter.

You are talking about a heavy, pro-grade lens even the GM lenses don't exceed in image quality. I've owned mine since 2004, and you are right, it's better than 95% of modern pro zooms. At $1200, it's one of the great lens bargains.

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kristof93: Can't wait for more lenses from them, the 28-75 is stunning. Maybe wish it was a ~26-70 though, as a compromise. Would love a small, uwa prime, like a 15 2.4 and a budget super-telephoto zoom.

You don't need an f2.4 15mm - at least I don't. 15mm is rarely used for action shots - and with IBIS and virtually noise-free sensors up to ISO6400, I easily hand-hold my 15mm f4.5 Voigtlander Series III at 1/6th second in the darkest cathedrals. I'd much rather have a pocketable 15mm than a monster like the Samyang 14mm f2.8

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Manzur Fahim: Never had a problem with Tamron lenses. Specially this 28-75mm is a gem for Sony systems. Now people can enter Sony ecosystem and have a decent affordable lens.

Apple has 800 engineers working solely on iPhone camera software. That's probably more than Canon, Nikon and Sony combined. Look where iPhone cameras are today vs. 5 years ago and imagine where they might be 5 years from now.

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Benpisati: It's a fantastic optics, it has two problems, the zoom ring too far forward, and then, more importantly, the AF is slow, you notice it especially when it loses AF and has to start again. The sony GM are very fast. But at this price everything goes into the background,for professional use it could become a problem.

I rented an A7RIII as a backup camera on a recent shoot. It's not as slow as the A7RIII, but not in the same focus-speed class as my A7III. So I am to surprised the Tamron wallows on the RIII. The Tamron is so sharp, and the A7III sensor so good, that I can make 1000 x 800 pixel crops with that lens on my A7III and the results are terrific.

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Dave Oddie: Well if you are after a Sony A7III on a budget (which is a bit of an oxymoron anyway) then if you buy it with the kit lens (28-70 F3.5-F5.6) that is going for £1900 in the UK whereas the A7III with the Tamron will set you back about £2479.

OK, it's slower but an extra £579 for F2.8 and 5mm at the long end seems a bit steep if you are on a "budget" and it is even lighter than the Tamron at 295g.

Never understood the obsession with 24/28-70/75 F2.8 zooms anyway. Not much of a zoom range, F2.8 isn't that fast and they all tend to be large and heavy. If large and heavy is going to be OK I'd rather have a 24-105 F4. At 663g it's heavier than the Tamron but not 24-70 F2.8 heavy and only one stop lost for a much more useful zoom range. Granted we are not talking budget anymore at around £1100 but then I don't think the Tamron is budget either retailing at £749. Budget is the kit lens.

With an A7III, the high ISO and great DR means that f2.8 is like f2 or faster just 5 years ago.

My 28-75mm f2.8 Tamron XR Di served me great on my APS-C Nikons for 7 years of hard personal stills and 4 years of business video use. And it wasn't built as well as my new RXD for my A7III.

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