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On article Fujifilm X-T20 Review (385 comments in total)

This guys You tube video's are very informative and help to get up and running without looking through the tiny handbook https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9SLIWujXwA

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On article Fujifilm X-T20 Review (385 comments in total)

Just bought one after two years with the XT1 which was always a little disappointing with moving objects, tested both on a tripod with traffic coming towards me at 70 mph nice cloudless day XT1 average 83 out of 100 pin sharp XT20 average 98 out of 100 pin sharp. Anyone want to buy an XT1 body?

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Let's face it guys who cares. I thought for what I used the camera for it was pretty spectacular. And this update makes it even better. The perfect camera has not been made and probably never will be. Can all of you just sit back and remember what it was like to shoot with film. Trying to shoot in dark places nearly impossible without flash, being stuck with only 36 shots or cramming extra film into those little cassettes if you wanted more, endless hour's in the darkroom and still not getting what you want. My point is good god aren't we splitting hairs here. My local camera club was full of guy's thinking the better equipment they had the better photographer they would be but in competition's the same guy would nearly always win, he had a rubbish camera but a brilliant eye.

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Mr Pineapples obviously out of date. Modern Jags don't leak!

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On article Just Posted: Nokia 808 PureView Review (208 comments in total)

Has everyone in the world got a kick Nokia schedule. This is a PHONE yes a PHONE and for the average guy in the street something he can use for his snapshots its not an SLR its not a high end point and shoot. The Symbian system is perfectly adequate it has loads of useful grown up apps unless of course you want to play "shoot the zombie rebel kill everything that moves"
Why don't the major phone networks offer it it seems that everyone wants to knock Nokia. By the way I have a Samsung smartphone which has a poor camera so I miss some great shots that pop up out of the blue, I would change my contract for this Nokia if it was offered. So come on lets get real its a PHONE with a very good camera!!

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