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It would be interesting to see a comparison with Sigma's 12-24. To see how much better the Canon is and to see how much 1mm makes in field of view difference (assuming they are not cheating about the minimum focal length).

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dtssound: Medium format mirrorless please.

I'd love a digital Mamiya 6 but I am not holding my breath.

If it ever appeared, it would not be cheap.

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I find it looks a bit like a Pentax67. So maybe they meant full 6x7cm frame ? ;-)

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straylightrun: Proof that high price =/= high quality

We're more talking about realibility and no, high price has never implied high reliability, especially if you're looking a relatively niche/lower volume/exotic products.

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On article Leica M9 users report sensor corrosion issue (378 comments in total)
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Mike FL: I have great respect to Leica's optical, but the FF sensor M9 is really noisy @ISO.1600 as seen from the DP sample. Again, do not forget it is from a FF sensor camera while you check the sample:

Any thought? Disagree?

Actually, base ISO is 160 ;-)

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On article Leica M9 users report sensor corrosion issue (378 comments in total)

This is worrying - I have recently had very stubborn oïl spots on my M9 sensor and it is still not 100% clean after several wet cleaning cycles.

Last thing I'd want is corrosion now. I got a LNIB M9 at a great price two years ago (upgrading from a used M8 which was a good deal as well), but I fear I would be priced out of the Leica system if my M9 had to be replaced.

Good thing is that if I had to sell my Leica lenses, I would probably be able to buy a nice Sony A7 or Fuji X kit, but I would definitely miss the rangefinder.

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On article Leica M9 users report sensor corrosion issue (378 comments in total)
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The Squire: I thought, if there is a manufacturing defect, which this clearly is, that this is no limit on your statutory rights (in the UK) to return it for a refund or have it repaired. So I don't see how they can start charging for this after 3 years.

I am not sure corrosion could be qualified as manufacturing defect. By definition corrosion is a process, no a pre-existing defect. I think we need more information to really understand the issue. The filter in front of the M9 sensor is very thin and may be much more fragile than on other digital cameras...

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bluevellet: I've considered the Pentax 645Z. I think Pentax did a great job making the price reasonable (for medium format) and coming up with a decent amount of lenses, particularly how niche this product is,

One major hurdle is (almost) no retailer presence. Even online, it's hard to find and I have to go abroad for it. I'm not comfortable buying something this expensive without even a test drive.

I mean, just look at DPR, no link to buy it anywhere.

It is listed as available and in stock on my retailer's website (in Belgium), as are numerous lenses.

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On article Medium well done: Two takes on the Pentax 645Z (250 comments in total)
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tinternaut: But will Pentax sell enough of these to realise the economies of scale to bring the costs down? It's taken years to bring the 35mm full frame format down to a level many now consider affordable. In the UK at least, the cost of a modest Pentax 645Z system is about the same as that of a Ford Focus. There's nothing "consumer" about that.

As for the second opinion, above, I imagine if I picked up a D800, tomorrow (as a Four Thirds system owner), I'd start taking bad photos. That's just part of the process.

Given the volumes involved in MF, I doubt Pentax will ever sell enough 645Z to bring the costs down to "consumer FF" levels. But the prices are already very close to high-end 24x36 cameras. A 645Z doesn't cost much more than a D4s or Leica M, and you can get a 645D (previous generation) at much reduced prices. Trouble is, if you want high-quality latest-generation AF lenses, they will cost you a lot as well.

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Would be tempting at a regular price, but there still a few settings I'd like to select on the go, like the lens type for uncoded ones.

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b534202: Does it at least have a battery indicator?

It looks like there is in the viewfinder, activated by the repurposed movie button.

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keeponkeepingon: Lars or Chris from interrealtime:

It would be really great to know how this differs from or compares to the alternatives.

For example cortex camera has been out for some time now and gets better reviews on the app store:


Cortex Camera seems to capture 100 video frames, then align and combine them to provide higher resolution (from the FULL HD capture) and lower noise. It seems to be mostly useful for low-light, static subjects. It does well what it does but, for daylight photography, I would expect the regular app to deliver much more detailed images.
NightCap Pro seems to be much more versatile (and cheaper).

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Fascinating content, but I agree that minimum 45$ for a print or download, restricted to personal use, is a bit steep. Especially coming from a public institution....

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On article Lomography launches Russar+ for L39 and M mount cameras (120 comments in total)
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bawbaw: These will be useless on digital RF with the deep rear element design, even the modern voigt wideangles are really bad on the M9/240. I was pretty sad when I saw the voigt 21mm on my M9, that having been my goto lens on film.

For about the same price there is better and more sensible L39/M mount wides ,used zeiss zm 21mm for one.

Like the Petzval before. It's cheaper to buy an original used and leave the disappointments to the cool kids that have made the lomography guys snake oil well grow deeper and deeper. Keeping in mind pre lomography these were about £30 on ebay if that.

The Voigt 21mm Skopar is actually quite good on the M9 (corners not as sharp as on M8 but still lightyears ahead of a non-ASPH Elmarit, not to mention Super-Angulons and the likes).

But I agree a used ZM 21 2.8 is probably the best "budget" option on a digital M.

For those looking for a classical look, I'd rather buy a cheap classical Russar than this copy.

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Joerg V: 98% Otus @ 25% price? Shut up and take my money!

Sigma should really be thankful to Zeiss: a couple of years ago, who would have qualified a Sigma 50 1.4 @ 1000$ a sensational deal? ;-)

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JapanCanon: This costs JPY127,000 in Japan, or about 1,250 USD, excluding tax (now 8%). So street price of about USD$1350 in its home market, when theres no shipping and import duties, insurance, currency issues etc. How annoying pricing!

Hasn't this type of price dumping been always the norm in photo industry?

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A local shop sells the DP Merrill for 399€ (each, not the three of them) Maybe I should get one before the last "true Foveon" cameras are gone?

Had an original DP1 and loved its IQ (in good light).

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RichRMA: It's an interesting project, an accomplishment if built, but you can buy old cameras for song today. I've seen working TLRs like the Yashica's going for $25 each so if you goal is photography with film, you can get there faster. What would be interesting would be a high resolution DIY real monochrome camera that doesn't cost $10000 like Leica's M. The first digital camera I owned was a low-rez CCD astrocamera I built with boards and plans designed by the former editor of "Astronomy" magazine.

I must admit having researched the possibility of a DIY monochrome digital camera.

There are plenty of monochrome industrial vision cameras/modules that would be a good starting point, but if you want anything better than a basic webcam resolution, you end up with something costing more than 1000€. And an industrial camera based on Leica 's MM Kodak KAI16000 CCD costs over 10,000$!

I keep looking though ;-)

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thx1138: Shouldn't that be minimum shutter speed 1/16000, not maximum shutter speed which is 60s. Actually you have them interchanged in the specs.

Strictly speaking,
1/16000 should be minimum exposure time, and 60s maximum exposure time.
A speed is normally measured in m/s or km/h (and resolution in dpi), but we all understood what was meant ;-)

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