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Le Kilt: What, no wifi or GPS ???

More seriously, fabulous camera, lots of thought and work went into making that, lots of attention te detail and different options. I would love to put one of the films through it and see what results you get.
I did that with a 1936 Super Ikonta, and got good results, here it will depend on how well the film has survived :-)

At least the selfie stick is included!

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upgrader: Got both, the A7RII and the 7+ but shooting with the iPhone in such locations would be a waste of time IMHO... The A7RII is too good to be left @home.

I found that always smiling but kindly declining most offers for help was the best way no to give away small change all the time. My rangefinder with a small prime did not attract to much attention either, but it is virtually impossible to pass for a local. Still, a fascinating country with an extremely developed sense of hospitality I'd love to go to more often.

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On article DPReview Asks: What was your first camera? (766 comments in total)

A GAF Memo 35 ET (look at my avatar), a simple 35mm rangefinder from the early 70's (I was 7 when I received it). I quickly got attracted by my father's more serious Nikon SLRs (Nikkormat then F301) which I kept borrowing until I bought my own Nikon F601. First DSLR was the Nikon D70.

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photog4u: Kodak should have purchased Samsung's ILC camera division and ran with it.

The Kodak company left the consumer photo market 4 1/2 years ago, long before Samsung.

They later licenced the "Kodak" brand to JK Imaging which focuses on entry-level products (including a cheap micro 4/3 camera). I doubt the yound and small JK Imaging would have had the cash to purchase Samsung's ILC division.

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On article Throwback Thursday: Photokina's greatest hits (46 comments in total)

Having visited Photokina somewhat regularly since 1996 (gosh, 20y ago already!!!), this article brought some nice souvenirs back.

My first visit to the Kina was as a "press correspondant" for an obscure HK-based photo magazine, after having only exchanged a few mails with their redactor on a mailing list. At the time, the complete Koelnmesse was used by the show, and entire halls were dedicated to large format photography, photo printing and finishing , film or studio equipment. It was virtually impossible to browse through the complete exhibition in one day. This was the year Leica introduced the R8, and you could borrow one with the lens of your choice for 1h and were given a film for free!!! I wish they were still doing it (not with the R8 of course ;-)

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Georgi K: One interesting detail is the very short flange distance. Would that open the doors to adapters for other MF lenses, Sony FE-mount style?

I immediatly thought about mounting my Mamiya 6 lenses on this beast, but one has to realise that this digital "medium format" 50 MP sensor remains a lot smaller than the 6x6 MF film the Mamiya 6 lenses were designed for.

Still, it would be interesting to see an adapter that allowed the use of the Mamiya 6 lens shutters, for a near silent operation.

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JoeWall: What can you do with the GPS module? Other action cameras (Garmin mostly, also TomTom, Sony) can overlay a map, speed, elevation, jumps on their videos. The information makes videos more interesting, especially in sports and extreme sports. Would be interested in having gopro do that as well !

You can do that in post-processing.

I combined a GoPro (orginal HD!) footage and a Garmin sports watch GPS log in GARMIN's VIRB Edit software, and I could add all sorts of overlays.

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Les Z: Yep, I believe SJCam should be here too.

The new site is ( was apparently run by the formerly exclusive distributor).

Their 4K cameras only have interpolated 4K, though.

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raztec: I'm surprised more manufacturers aren't doing these action cams and doing it right. A simple screen, stabilization, super slow mo, water/shock proof etc. They could replace all point and shoots for traveling except when shooting macro.

Garmin's new camera with the ability to overlay speed and altitude is on the right path. Just have to wait and see how the image quality is.

If you have a sport watch and any action camera, you can use the VIRB Edit software to overlay speed, altitude and more on video. It works with my original HD Hero footages and Forerunner recordings. You don't necessarily need the Garmin VIRB action cams with built-in sensors.

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Denis of Whidbey Island: Maybe I'm missing something, but it seems that a system using an A7RII could be cobbled together for about half the price and you'd be able to change lenses.

Hardly surprising that a solution built around an industrial-grade digital medium format camera costs more than one built around a prosumer camera, isn't it?

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Denis of Whidbey Island: Tried this solution but gave up when it never worked on several Nikons. Choked on the price of the Camranger but it worked and facilitated my work.
Now I shoot Sony and the wifi is inbuilt, though the app is weak. Is there a good 3rd party app for Sony?

I also had problems getting this to work when I tried a couple of years ago, but I had never found clear step by step instructions like linked above. I since sold the router and got wifi-enabled cameras.

Note that if you find Sony's app too limited, it might be possible to hook the above router to get more features.

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On article Samsung offers NX1 and NX500 firmware updates (150 comments in total)
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PKDanny: Not out of business?

Yet, they're still registered as a significant exhibitor for the coming photokina.

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Too bad they don't all share the same battery type. I love the fact that my good old V1 shares batteries with my Nikon DSLR, but I guess that's too much to ask in a truly compact camera.

Faster zooms (and an updated V camera with latest sensor tech) is what's missing in the Nikon 1 system, but I guess this announcement does not go into the direction of expanding the Nikon 1 system.

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Sadly, but perhaps not unexpectedly, iOS 9.2 does not make the old 30 pin SD card reader work on an iPhone 4s.

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Similar experience to yours: I had a D300, then a D700 and just got a D750.

When I handled the D750 at Photokina last year, I was initially a bit disappointed by the slightly less substantial body compared to the D700, the different mode dial on the top left, and the loss of 8fps.

But in the end the results are stunning, incl. in video, and the WiFi can be useful and funny to use at times. It may not be the absolute best camera out there, and may not be as much a status symbol as the D700, but a darn good camera it is.

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CameraLabTester: Nature and sports photographers can look through the viewfinder of a DSLR for many many hours and consume very little battery life.

If you use your chandelier to warm up the soup for dinner, you will have an astronomical electricity BILL.


Batteries the same size as DSLRs' won't give the same battery life. With their always on live view, mirrorless cameras simply consume more power. My Nikon V1 shares its battery model with recent Nikon DSLRs but does not equal their battery life.

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On article BOOMR camera strap features unique bungee design (53 comments in total)

I had a neoprene strap that was naturally bouncy and I hated it. Start running for whatever reason a see your camera bouncing all around and the strap quickly sliding off your shoulder. Less an issue with a sling design, but still...

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Zoomer52: No mention is made on their site about how to adjust for the nodal point when you change lenses (or zoom to a different focal length). This is very important when trying to create seamless panos. And there should be precise etched markings (at least) to allow you to record the position for a particular focal length and return to it quickly and accurately. No mention is made of this at all, nor do any of the photos show etched markings.

This is just a motorized rotator with remote control. You will have to provide your own pano head.

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On article Sony rides wave of US Mirrorless sales surge (727 comments in total)
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AshMills: Come on Canikon, the time is NOW.

(Speaking as someone who uses FF Nikon professionally daily, and has just started collecting m43 cameras and lenses.)

Time is NOW? No more now that yesterday or tomorrow IMO.

There is a place for mirrorless and DSLRs. DSLRs sales may be declining, but mirrorless sales are not excactly booming either. Last I checked, they were in fact also declining, not just as much as DSLRs. Crises have happened in the past and will happen in the future. SLRs, bridges, compact cameras have seen ups and downs, but I don't see SLRs disappearing anytime soon.

Mirrorless do offer a sensible alternative to bulkier cameras when weight and size are a priority, and offer some distinct advantages, but I have yet to use an EVF that is as pleasant as an OVF, or a mirrorless with an AF as good as that from a DLSR (tracking included).

And when you see the cost and size of good Sony FE mount lenses, you sometimes wonder what you gain from leaving DSLRs. Why would everybody need to leave DLSRs just for the sake of going mirrorless?

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