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On article Why you should own a 135mm F2 lens (383 comments in total)

"If you are a Nikon user, of course have a look at the Nikon AF Nikkor 135mm f/2D DC and compare it to the other lenses mentioned in this article.

Whatever lens you pick in the end, you will make a great purchase. All of them are extremely sharp and produce mouth-watering bokeh, and all of them are reasonably priced for what you get."

I would be careful with the Nikon 135 f/2 DC (I have one). It is NOT extremely sharp wide open, it often requires massive AF adjustment on DLSRs (sometimes beyond what the body allows as micro-adjustment) and AF is not reliable enough to consistently ensure sharp focus at full aperture.

Still - a great portrait lens when used at f/2.8 or f/4, with a creamy bokeh indeed.

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On article Have Your Say: Best Gear of 2017 (201 comments in total)
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Hemanth Annavarapu: I think you put the same point twice: best high-end ILC joint winner: Nikon D850. One of them should be the A7R III, right ?

Yes, and the picture for the X-E3 shows the X100F

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On article A fully loaded iMac Pro will cost you $13,200 (572 comments in total)
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Schellenursli: I'd rather buy that monster:
Even more expensive, but the price/performance ratio will most likely be better.

The price/peformance ratio of the iMac Pro is actually in line with other pro workstations... and you get a "free" 27" 5k screen in the package! You can get (much) cheaper PCs of course, but a Dell Precision 5820 configured like the base iMac Pro (8-core Xeon-W, 1TB PCIe SSD, 32 GB ECC RAM...) will cost about the same, with a slower graphic card and no screen.

The problem with the iMac Pro is more related to maintainability/upgradability than price.

... and service. Because the above Dell workstation comes with a 3y next-day on-site "ProSupport" service. Not sure AppleCare matches that...

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On article Gear of the Year 2017 - Richard's choice: Sony NP-FZ100 (246 comments in total)
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skanter: What a non-issue. The only concern for battery life is long-form video, in which an AC adaptor should be used. For stills, start the day with a new battery and take some spares. Despite the great modern gear, there always seems to be something to whine about. Try 36 exposures and breathing in toxic chemicals as we did for decades if you want to complain.

It is not so much about carrying spares than having to stick to a daily routine of battery charging.

I once travelled with two cameras that each burnt through 2-3 batteries each day. Finding time (and plugs) to recharge (and swap) them each night was not fun.

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On article Buying Guide: Best cameras for people and events (72 comments in total)
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Nicolas Alexander Otto: I would assume that getting a camera with internal image stabilization is a key factor for low light hand held shooting. ;)

Been there, done that, and have learned my lesson: with people, don't go below 1/125s if at all possible (unless you're after a creative blur or shoot in a controlled, studio-like environment).

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On article Buying Guide: Best cameras for people and events (72 comments in total)
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Dante Birchen: Nikon D750 and Pentax K-1. Both Full frame. Cheaper than the other full frame options and will do nicely. They are also more compact than the other full frame options except of course mirrorless.

Yes, quite a strange line-up. I too would have chosen the D750 over the D850 and certainly D500 for people and events.

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The integration with Apple's photo library is appealing. Too bad it not only requires iOS 11, but also a fairly recent device (my iPad Air is not supported).

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On article Fujifilm X-E3 Review (752 comments in total)
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galone: what does it mean "pending f/w" on the chart above ?

Firmware (update)

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chaos215bar2: "It seems filmmakers will have the option to 'license' different builds for specific production requirements like 4K anamorphic and Full Frame."

It would be great to have some clarification here. "License" isn't usually a word used to describe a process by which one obtains actual working equipment, only permission to use some form of proprietary IP. Either this should read "rent", or it sounds like Sony is planning to charge some kind of fee simply to use the equipment rather than selling it outright.

I understand some firmware options or upgrades will need a fee to be paid to be unlocked. A bit like the various codec activation keys already offered for some cameras and recorders.

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Barlowephoto: This is a fine example of Nikon thinking outside the box. If this system converts color negs into well balanced positives, it could be a game changer for many! But what would really thrill me, would be a film holder for medium format ( 120 film ) negs and chromes. I'd be in "photographer's heaven" with that. For the many decades I shot film, it was a mix of 35mm and medium format. I hope someone could come up with a low cost solution!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Totally agree! I stopped shooting 35mm film a long time ago but still occasionally shoot MF.

Note also that the ES-2 is nothing really new. It is virtually identical to the discontinued ES-1. I guess they may just have bumped the thread size from 52 to 62mm.

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On article DJI launches Phantom 3 SE entry-level camera drone (81 comments in total)
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RGiskard: So how does that differ from the P3A? Sounds pretty similar. Quite the deal for a solid drone.

I think the P3A features a Lightbridge connection which has slightly better range but much lower latency than WiFi.

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On article Throwback Thursday: the iPhone 4S (93 comments in total)
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Brando10: Still using my 4S!

4S' lens is more like 28mm.

I used mine until a couple of months ago when I went for a 7. A bit bigger indeed but so much more usable when browsing the Internet... Now shooting DNGs with Lr Mobile and quality is even more impressive!

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Vanitas Photo: It is a shame, the good thing:backers got the product, he sold the company (instead of bankrupting it or worse) but this a productalso for a niche market, the demand would have wither once the hype passed away.

Greg, crowdfunding platforms are not webshops. People investing in startups through Indiegogo and Kickstarters have to realise that getting the claimed product (and service) is the best possible outcome.
Panono should really be praised for attempting to deliver most if not all the ordered products before gracefully shutting down or handing over the business. Other companies have burnt all the money without delivering anything. And, when a company is bankrupt, end customers are usually at the very end of the list of investors/suppliers to receive compensation.

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On article Ask the staff: wedding season weirdness (277 comments in total)

I only ever accepted to take pictures at friends' weddings if I was not the main photographer. This way I could focus on the unusual and escape the mandatory posed photo sessions (which I'm not good at anyway).

Most of them happened before digital (at 46, I have fewer friends getting married ;-) ), and I would typically only shoot b&w with a single cam and lens, and offer the negatives, scans and a few home-made baryte prints as part of my presents.

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Vanitas Photo: It is a shame, the good thing:backers got the product, he sold the company (instead of bankrupting it or worse) but this a productalso for a niche market, the demand would have wither once the hype passed away.

Not necessarily. Looking at the Indiegogo page, there seemed to be only 498 units claimed (no idea how they reach 2608 backers, perhaps sharing on a social network is enough to be considered as a backer?).

What I understand is that, at some point, Panono prioritised new clients ordering units at full price over backers. Probably makes sens from a cash flow point of view but hopefully all backers got their Panono before they filed for insolvency protection.

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On article Video: Removing a stuck lens filter... with a band saw (139 comments in total)
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dgumshu: I was waiting for him to destroy that lens barrel and lens itself in the process of applying all that the torque. Luckily, I've never had that problem, but accidents do happen.

Also, I don't tighten my filters. I stop turning as soon as it stops.

I had lenses eventually getting loose from the torque applied when mounting and unmounting the bayonet hood. Applying this much torque on a lens can't be good.

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I wouldn't rule out on-sensor PDAF to be good enough for many legacy lenses.

As a matter of fact it is already more or less the case with some SLR lenses on some Sony mirrorlens cameras (or some Nikon F lenses on some Nikon 1 cameras).

Given that Canon and Nikon's SLR mounts are now fully electronic (incl. aperture control with Nikon E lenses), I think the best approach would be to develop a "short" version of the existing mounts (as the MFT was to the FT mount), and have a fairly simple adapter for SLR lenses.

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I'd think many photographers considering the X100 would do it for the hybrid viewfinder, in which case there is very little competition out there.

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On article 2017 Roundup: Fixed Prime Lens Cameras (472 comments in total)
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ybizzle: I gave up on these fixed lens cameras a long time ago. Sold off my X100S and Coolpix A and bought a Leica M. Way more flexible with endless lens choices. Go M or go home.

Not exactly the same budget or purpose.

I travel with my M set when I can, but keep my Coolpix A for those short business trips or improvised walks where bringing a Leica M would be too risky or impractical.

The Coolpix A has essentially the same IQ as the GR and is an equally good choice IMHO (it is more a matter of taste between the two, in particular concerning ergonomics and menu layout). It is no longer regularly available new but occasional deals pop up (less than 300€ on the Nikon refurb store)

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barrym1966: I can answer this having just switched from Nikon to Sony

the cost was all the nikon gear + about £8000 - £10,000

but well worth the change

Would be interested to know what you considered was worth the expense.
I have a closet full of Nikon gear, and could easily afford a switch by rationalising a bit but am perfectly happy with the Nikon so why changing for the sake of changing?

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