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rhlpetrus: Why no cityscape with D810? It is much better than the Canon on the portrait, in all aspects, should do well on the other image as well, despite its lower pixel count. Awesome performance by the dslr.

On the portrait, one issue with the Nikon x Fuji comparison is the DoF, which is much shallower on the Fuji, just check the area around the tie knot, the Fuji is oof there, while the Nikon is still holding it pretty well. I assume both were focused on the left eye, was that so?

Tamron SP 90 macro or Canon ts-e 90mm.

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Bobthearch: "comes with 2x optical zoom" No it doesn't. It has two cameras, each with a fixed focal length.

"Dual focal lenght" would be a better term.

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Mike Sandman: Nice review - thank you. I have an NEX-6 and am thinking about switching. After this review, still thinking... One thing the review may have covered but which I missed -- how do you change the shooting mode (Aperture preferred, speed preferred, etc).? There doesn't seem to be a dial for this.

For P, dial both aperture and shutter to "A"
For Av, leave shutter on "A", and choose aperture.
And so forth.

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Jogger: Lens seems to exhibit a lot of barrel distortion, even though most of it is automagically corrected in software. Not super impressive.

Barrel? Witch photo do you refer to?
I Completely disagree. This looks like a very well corrected lens.

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YetiYeti: Which weapon systems will it be able to pack?

The camera is it's weapon!!

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There is more to lens than sharpness, allot more.

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Biowizard: Thinking about "Full Frame" (linked to the outmoded concept of 35mm film), here's my take ...

The sensor I'd like to see in a "Pro" DSLR body is 43mm CIRCULAR one. This would capture the ENTIRE image circle of a standard full-frame 35mm lens, with the following benefits:

1) Capture 36x24mm landscape AND 24mmx36mm portrait images SIMULTANEOUSLY on a single file

2) Eliminate the need for a second grip, shutter release, etc., because the camera would NEVER need to be tilted sideways

3) Eliminate, once and for all, sloping horizons: because a FULL 36*24 or 24*36 "level" image could be obtained without cropping

4) Provide 30mm SQUARE format, or 34.5x26 / 26x34.5 4:3/3:4 aspect ratio images, using MORE pixels than the standard 35mm "full" frame

After all: when we use binoculars or a telescope, we are perfectly happy with a circular field of view, and never experience "sloping horizons", so why not for cameras too?

You heard it here first ...


[Ed. got two dimensions wrong!]

That camera would need a completely new mirrorbox with taller shutter and taller/longer mirror that would probably make trouble with flange back distance. And of course a new bigger pentaprism etc.

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