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Bobthearch: "comes with 2x optical zoom" No it doesn't. It has two cameras, each with a fixed focal length.

"Dual focal lenght" would be a better term.

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Mike Sandman: Nice review - thank you. I have an NEX-6 and am thinking about switching. After this review, still thinking... One thing the review may have covered but which I missed -- how do you change the shooting mode (Aperture preferred, speed preferred, etc).? There doesn't seem to be a dial for this.

For P, dial both aperture and shutter to "A"
For Av, leave shutter on "A", and choose aperture.
And so forth.

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Jogger: Lens seems to exhibit a lot of barrel distortion, even though most of it is automagically corrected in software. Not super impressive.

Barrel? Witch photo do you refer to?
I Completely disagree. This looks like a very well corrected lens.

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YetiYeti: Which weapon systems will it be able to pack?

The camera is it's weapon!!

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There is more to lens than sharpness, allot more.

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Biowizard: Thinking about "Full Frame" (linked to the outmoded concept of 35mm film), here's my take ...

The sensor I'd like to see in a "Pro" DSLR body is 43mm CIRCULAR one. This would capture the ENTIRE image circle of a standard full-frame 35mm lens, with the following benefits:

1) Capture 36x24mm landscape AND 24mmx36mm portrait images SIMULTANEOUSLY on a single file

2) Eliminate the need for a second grip, shutter release, etc., because the camera would NEVER need to be tilted sideways

3) Eliminate, once and for all, sloping horizons: because a FULL 36*24 or 24*36 "level" image could be obtained without cropping

4) Provide 30mm SQUARE format, or 34.5x26 / 26x34.5 4:3/3:4 aspect ratio images, using MORE pixels than the standard 35mm "full" frame

After all: when we use binoculars or a telescope, we are perfectly happy with a circular field of view, and never experience "sloping horizons", so why not for cameras too?

You heard it here first ...


[Ed. got two dimensions wrong!]

That camera would need a completely new mirrorbox with taller shutter and taller/longer mirror that would probably make trouble with flange back distance. And of course a new bigger pentaprism etc.

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