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Smallpox: So which camera allows me to zoom via the shutter rocker, except for the A5100?

And there are remote controls where you also can zoom in or out.

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Howard: Is it really true that R5 does not have built in GPS?? This has been one of the most useful features of my 5D4 for travel. I was ready to buy R5 until I read this. It is a deal-breaker for me. WHY DID YOU DO THIS CANON???

Sony does that to. The only problem is, I can only connect on camera to a phone to get the gps coordinate. If you have a second camera, you probably need a second phone.

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wasTF: So, how much better is the Nikon 35mm 1.8 Z ?

less loCA, less coma i assume!?

AFAIK dpr disable all automatic lens corrections in acr. Apparently for the S Lenses, you can't disable it. (https://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/61869525)
For Sony you can do it... so... other than sharpness it's a bit apple orange comparison.

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Jacques Cornell: I don't like the idea of a lock on the EC dial. That would slow me down. I find the EC dial on the MkIIIs sufficiently stiff that I never change the setting by accident. I also wish they'd put the front dial around the shutter button instead of below it. My pinky dangles off the bottom because the front dial makes the grip shorter. My pinky does not dangle off my GX8, which is the same size but has the dial around the shutter button.

It's a toggling lock.

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pentaust: Sony FE mounts on current A7 / A9 models weren't designed strong enough for using long lenses (even if users hold the system from holding the lens mostly). We've seen FE mounts damaged by 70-200 / 100-400 lenses. That's why Sony mention the weight of the lenses was a design concern. Until new Sony models come out with reinforced mounts on camera side, expect mount damage to happen with those two new long lenses used on current Sony camera models.

The mount has to be strong enough, to hold the camera to the lens.

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Sabud: Nice, the only problem is the lack of a suitable body for this big gun ;)

Yup, 2 X-Dreams and a pair of Simond Monoceros. And the a7iii on my hip.

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Sabud: Nice, the only problem is the lack of a suitable body for this big gun ;)

@Sabud - I'm an ice climber and I'm using the A7R2 and now the A7iii while I'm ice climbing. So far no Problems in -20°C.

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RubberDials: So many ridiculous posts in this thread claiming the article is 'misleading' or even 'false'.

Seems that some people simply cannot accept the disruptive impact of the A7III or the decline in FF sales for Canon that the R and RP have failed to arrest.

I suppose we shouldn't be surprised, arguing that the A7III isn't selling more isn't that different from arguing that it's a 'toy' or Sony 'isn't a camera manufacturer '- both positions are rooted in wish-fulfilment and fantasy.

Market share is always a snap shot.
I remember, when Sony overtook Nikon in FF. And people just said... that's only for that specific time frame. And then Sony overtook Canon in FF... And 2018 Sony sold more FF cameras than Canon or Nikon... including DSLR worldwide, and that is a fact.

Interesting would be to see, how the DSLR FF market is doing. If the gain in mirrorless FF for Canon or Nikon was from DSLR or newcomers.

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Jack Jian: Those haters commenting, get this in your head. Canon is not talking about their Camera sales profit. They are talking about all Digital Camera in general. At least they have the guts to let this out in public.

Market wise, Canon still has the largest share and the M50 is still the best seller. The only other competitor in the entry level DSLR market is Nikon with its D3xxx & D5xxx lineup, which non other brand can't even compete (because they don't have a product, obviously).

Good to see Sony cranking up the Sensor tech, which pushes Canon. But once it catches up, Canon will be back to the top again, lifted by the perfected complete "System" (lenses and accessories + seamless integration with other lineups).

Yes, seamless. Like the EOS-M and RF.

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c h u n k: The solution is SO glaringly obvious - there needs to be a system that bridges from phone to camera. If a phone could (they can) be connected to a larger sensor and interchangeable lenses while allowing the user to operate from a familiar user interface on their phone screen, then the move to a dedicated camera for faster autofocus, longer battery, more FPS, external flash etc will be more likely. Before it was moving from point and shoot to better point and shoot to SLR/DSLR because an actual camera was the only way to get photos.

Sony QX10/Qx1, DXO One...

they were very succesful.

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(unknown member): I don't know why someone would choose this over a Sony or a Nikon. I don't even know what would compel someone invested in Canon to buy this instead of the EOS R. It isn't so much what this camera offers as that the other ecosystems are more complete. There are far too many players in the FF mirrorless market now. I predict that the only people left standing will be Sony, Nikon, and possibly Canon if they eventually decide that their sensor fab facilities are fully depreciated and start to use more modern sensors. I fear that Panasonic is far too late to the party.

@Satyaa. And what are the benefit of having FF and M43?
They don't share the same mount. Maybe the flash or the Remote control... but anything else?
That's what Sony did nicely in their presentation of the 6400... 1 Mount.
For FF, APS-C and cinematic.

Link | Posted on Feb 1, 2019 at 21:30 UTC
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(unknown member): When you see this huge Panasonic body and the the relative small number of photos it can shoot on a battery, it' even more impressive what Sony has don in their latest a7III, a9, and a7RIII cameras with the battery life

And how to you take a picture then? Just point and shoot?
Cipa EFV is 360 shots
Cipa LCD is 380 shots

Point is, S1 and S1R has half the battery life of an A7iii.

And sure, in real life, you get a lot more pictures, then the 360. But so does the A7iii. And my guess about double the pictures.

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Dave Oddie: The image stabilizer monitor is not a new idea. My old Sony A100 had a similar idea in that it had a little sliding scale graph type display in the corner of the viewfinder.

The shakier you were the more steps on the scale came up. I always paid attention to it and tried to minimise it so it's nice to see a return of the concept.

Sony dropped it from later cameras which was a pity.

The A100 had only a IBIS, but there are no stabilized lenses. So there was no visiual feedback, about how good the stabilization was. With the help of the scale, you could guess, how much the camera had to counter act.
With introduction of the EVF, there was not really necessary to have that sort of feedback.
But I like, what Panasonic did. It's like the balance board of the Wii.

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panther fan: 900g is not only heavy compared to the Sony and Nikon mirrorless offerings, but that is heavier than a D750 or Canon 5D IV

4k 60 cropped! That's what Fuji can do with a smaller and lighter body.

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voronspb: This press release never mentions the battery life... :-/

Sure, you can take a lot more picture than the cipa rating of 360 shots. But that is also valid of the 760 of the A7iii. The battery of the S1 is 40% bigger, but half the battery life. Panasonic need to work on their power consumtions.

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NobodyImportant: It may cost 25% more than the Sony A7 iii, but I'm excited for the S1. For me, the larger grip, top LCD, and larger battery are great priorities for me, so it's good to see those included.

If the S1 fairs as well as the A7 iii in autofocus, I'm sold.

40% bigger battery, and half of battery life of the A7III.

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Mormegil87: How does the eye and face detection works when they are multiple subjects? Does it detect and track all the faces?

With the new AF System, you lock on the subject, you like to follow. Then the AF will find the face and eyes of that subject. And if it can't find the face or eyes, it will follow the body... And that's what the reviewers are raving about.
And as before, you can do a face registration and prioritize.
But I guess, it's not anymore necessary, since you just need to lock once on the person, and keep your shutter half pressed.

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On article Why brand market share shouldn't matter to you (534 comments in total)
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sh10453: For me, and aside from camera features and capabilities, there are two important factors that I also consider:

1) Is the manufacturer in it for the long run?
We know Samsung's story.
Sony is well known to abandon products if profitability is not to their liking. They abandoned laptops, computers, and many other lines of products in the past, and I think Sony would pull the plug on the camera business in a heartbeat if they decide that the business is not profitable enough. They'd then say that was an interesting EXPERIMENT.
For Canon and Nikon, it's a 100 years old business, and they both are for the long run, especially Canon.

2) Need.
Although most of my gear, from the pocket camera to FF, is Canon, I decided to buy a different brand mirror-less, a while back, because I wanted to use my Canon FD manual lenses (I have a fairly good collection of FD L lenses), and, as we know, we can't "properly" adapt the FD lenses to Canon EOS bodies.

So market share alone is meaningless.

How long did Sony produced MiniDisks, Betamax, MemorySticks?

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Featherchaser: People need to stop confusing mirrorless cameras with innovative cameras. Video started with a DSLR, DSLTs started from DSLRs, Live View started from DSLRs, medium format couldn't give a damn about whether you have a mirror, but yet somehow DSLR=reeeeee needs muh innovayshun and mirrorless = yay! more camcorder in my stills camera yay!

I think the compelling part of the mirrorless is, that the camera can analyse the picture, and use it to set the focus point and metering. Basicaly it does the same thing, as the smartphones are doing. As the processors are getting faster, and the AI are getting smarter, the camera just can do things, which a DSLR can't do with the dedicated separate AF modul.

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saiko: Sony has already done that to Nikon and Canon's high end market.
Nikon seems to be on its way to get mirrorless high end camera - any news about Canon?

Absolutly silent shutter.

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