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On article iPhone 5 vs. iPhone 4S: Image comparison (94 comments in total)

Beautiful shots, though about 50 yards apart in position. while not much, that is probably too much to actually compare the lenses FOV.

Place is julia pfeiffer burns state park. Absolutely spectacular at sunset.

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John HH: This is the technology I have been waiting for.

I am a clinically blind photographer with only a 3 degrees field of vision - like looking at life through a very long lens.

Having lost all my peripheral vision through stroke induced optic nerve damage I would like to think this technology might give me back a normal wide angle FOV.

Currently I use my camera's wide angle lens to to shoot groups of people in a room that I otherwise cannot see with my eyes.

How do I contact this clever man?


John, its called the "Wrap™ 920AR" featuring two cameras on front of the glasses, you can easily attach one of the magnet-ring iphone fisheye lenses to the front of camera on the shades... done. - most users complain that tunnel-vision is the problem with video goggles, however that would put the full amount of image in your field of vision.
* these are actually meant to mix in with a motion graphics app.. but Im sure you can play just the cam on the goggles if so inclined. :-) same resolution goggles without camera goes for much less and a hobby FPV cam would easily install for $50 and get you the same experience. ;-)


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EduardoJB: I find very annoying that one can't focus (in AF mode) objects closer than (according to the manual) 28" unless Macro mode is not activated. Even though the manual says that it is possible but it would take more time, in my experience it just doesn't work well. I've tried it and maybe two out of twenty times the green rectangle lights up, but even then the photo is not focused (and I'm using f/5.6). Macro mode is essential for it to focus right. Can this be fixed with a firmware update or is it mechanically (or electronically) impossible? Is this a design compromise?

Pretty sure my M9 focuses something like 75cm out. its a rangefinder thing. (for better or for worse)

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On photo Heaven Dance in the Scenes from a marriage challenge (3 comments in total)

Good concept, though the toes on the bride and groom really need more photoshop work. ;-)

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