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Various film bodies beginning in the 60's, including medium format, later a Minolta SRT 201; some misc. digital P&S cameras and eventually moved to Canon 10D; now shoot with a 30D & 1DMkIII, I replaced a S45 with a S100 for travel & casual shooting.

I use an iPhone 5s for more casual stuff lately, I'll probably add a mirrorless body to replace the 30D for shots beyond what the iPhone & S100 can do. Although I really like a "fit in the pocket" camera like the S100.

Lenses are a key part of photography gear, what I currently shoot with:

EF 20mm f/2.8
EF 24mm f/1.4L
EF 17-40mm f/4.0L
EF 50mm f/1.4
EF 24-70mm f/2.8L
EF 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS
EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS
EF 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 DO IS
EF 300mm f/4.0L IS
EF 300mm f/2.8L IS
EF 800mm f/5.6L IS

Tripods, monopods, heads, a 4th Dimension Mongoose M3.6 gimbal, flashes, flash extender, plus the routine assortment of parts & pieces. I'm still looking for skill....

In spite of my limitations, many of my photos have been published. Even a blind squirrel gets lucky sometimes and finds a nut...

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  • Replied in < 60%
    The airflow is probably not a concern as long as the humidity is low enough. I recently moved from hot & humid Singapore & use dry cabinets that do not have airflow. You might consider putting a ...
  • Tupperware + silica gel should work out well. Here's some information from Zeiss: Where does fungus come from? Fungus spores are everywhere and germinate under suitable environmental conditions: (1) Gr ...
  • Not a physical store, you can try the local online photography community, check the Marketplace forum. Cheers, Doug
  • Check the date, Jan 2008. Cheers, Doug
  • I'm glad it worked for you. The GUI is a bit kludgy, but with some hunt & pecking with the mouse it gets there for the basics ;-) Cheers, Doug
  • Replied in +1
    I did this with my last 2 PCs and it worked out well. Cheers, Doug
  • ExposurePlot is a Windows program that will do this on multiple photos (batch) stored on your PC. Cheers, Doug
  • It's unlikely you found this as it's a crowd funded project that just started. Looks like USD 36 has been raised so far. It may be useful for some photogs, but not for me. Zooming Partner on Indiegogo
  • It was a site bug, now corrected. I wouldn't hold it against either Olympus or DPR. Cheers, Doug
  • You can check the prices items have actually sold for by using the advanced search, "sold listings". Cheers, Doug
  • Good catch. Cheers, Doug
  • You might try a site search for "precision colour". "precision colour" There have been some posts in the Printer Forum, as you'll see from the search. You can also ask the question in that forum to ...
  • Replied in 2011 thread
    Did you check the date of this thread? Cheers, Doug
  • Replied in High risk
    New seller, brand new in unopened boxes at 50% off? High risk of a scam, I wouldn't do it. Amazon won't know anything about this seller until customers provide reviews & feedback, by then it might ...
  • DPR said it has been fixed Cheers, Doug Bird galleries on PBase General photography galleries on PBase
  • Replied in Dry cabinets
    I live in a high humidity environment. Cheers, Doug
  • I'm in warm, humid Singapore and change lenses without hesitation. Cheers, Doug
  • Meaningless comment, we need to speak in terms of exposure times. Optical is not physical movement of the sensor, again you need to learn the different techniques, their pros and cons, before ...
  • I commented that there is no such thing as optical IBIS, do you disagree? It shows the OP lacks knowledge related to image stabilization techniques. Which spelling mistake? I do make typos. I would ...
  • Go back and read the posts. I haven't claimed or suggested anything. I asked your references and experiences to support your claims. We'll see when the camera is reviewed, as I've continuously stated.
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