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On article Hands-on with the Nikon D3300 and 35mm F1.8G lens (141 comments in total)
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Scottelly: $650. That's $150 less than the D5300, and the D3300 comes with a lens. Nice work Nikon. Still . . . I wish you could make a camera that can compete on price against the Sony A65! The A65 is only $500 without a lens, and only $600 with a lens (cheaper than this slow camera). And the Sony A65 has built-in GPS and a fold-out screen, like the Nikon D5300. One more very important feature most of the Sony cameras have is built-in image stabilization (in the camera body), something that should be a serious consideration for people trying to choose what entry-level camera to buy. Frankly I'd say Sony wins for the entry level photographer who doesn't expect to spend a lot of money on lenses in the future. Sony offers a few good upgrade options too.

But if you want a Nikon, this is a really good starter camera that can be used to capture very sharp, high quality photos, I'm sure.

A65 was launched at US$900 body only. You really expect a new 2014 model to compete on price with a heavily discounted 2011 model?

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From the judge's ruling: "[Mr. Fielder's] had the idea of making the red bus stand against a black and white background from the film Schindler's List".

So, he will be hearing from Mr. Spielberg's lawyers soon... Scary!

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Mssimo: Can someone explain Stills (Focal plane shutter): 1/4000 - 180 sec VS
• Stills (Electronic shutter): 1/9000 - 1 sec

There must be a downside to Electronic shutter, otherwise, they would not have the physical one.

It's true an hybrid electronic/focal plane shutter (like this and D70's) suffers blooming, but it would be much worse if it was a purely electronic shutter.

BTW, focal plane shutters also suffer from rolling shutter artifacts (Just look at famous Lartigue's photo: "Car Trip, Papa at 80 kilometers an hour"), so no advantage there.

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(unknown member): I would appreciate something more akin to a Leica M9 with AF please.

When I am travelling I hate lugging a bag full of D3s kit - it weighs a tonne, is conspicuous and generally a PITA.

Yet I am not prepared to do without high IQ and AF performance, both things that are missing from the vast majority of alternative small form options.

But... a Leica M9 with AF is like a Porsche with a chauffeur :)

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