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On article Why are modern 50mm lenses so damned complicated? (912 comments in total)

On the other hand, sometimes it is fun to use one of those ancient double Gauss lenses wide open specifically for a unique look due to the aberrations. My Nikon AIS 50 mm f/1.2, a respectable little lens stopped down, has a definite look of its own at f/1.2. It's a b**** to focus at f/1.2 on a dSLR, though. Focus peaking on a mirrorless camera would fix that problem, but I am not in G.A.S. mode now.

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On photo Looking for the light in the Equestrian challenge (1 comment in total)

This actually tells a story well. The mirror in the indoor ring emphasizes the training going on. The light is excellent.

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Thank you for bringing this photographer to our attention.

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JakeB: The correct way to pronounce 'Leica' is 'Den Tist Toy.''

You win one DP internet.

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Theo Ghefner: Get ready people to jump on my case.
Finally, somebody did have the guts to call 'the child', by it's name.
The reason for the above is as follows: being born in Romania, when the Communists were officially alive and kicking, the surprisingly good idea of each foreign name to be read with the original pronunciation was compulsory for all the Radio and later TV announcers, was the rule.
To my disappointment, the whole North American population is utterly ignorant, and extremely reluctant to listen, and learn/apply anything on the subject, and that is valid for all foreign names or words.

We are ignorant because we have no models. Up to now, I have never heard anyone, German native speaker or other, pronounce "Voigtländer". I have a foggy idea of German pronunciation because I listen to opera and read along in the libretto side by side German and English. That's more ear time with the German language than most American native English speakers get, but I am still going to mispronounce unfamiliar German names and words .

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Constantin V: > I agree with them, manipulated images are not photography.

I somehow doubt that people who liked that on dpreview are never liked news about new photoshop plugin or new low ISO achievements (which are basically new computation algorithms powered by new CPU) or leica cutting their jobs in favor of image manipulation team... Generally speaking I doubt these digital camera users are totally consistent in their opinion. Digital is all about easiness of manipulation even if it's a latent manipulation you don't see. Considering photography is a hunt in some sense, I would call autofocus an auto rifle aiming and image manipulation is like making a haircut to lion you've just killed.

Ok, a small manipulation counts for cleaning him for bragging.

Nothing against the guy in the topic or what he is drawing. Collage is as old as the world.

Jerry Uelsmann
Very famous photographer, doing darkroom manipulations. You can't get more "photographic" than that, even though these are "fine arts" and not "documentation of reality"
Go forth and view - interesting stuff

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On article Widen your window: a message to landscape photographers (240 comments in total)

Blue hour (pre-dawn or pre-dusk), dramatic clouds or rain, overcast day in the woods, high noon in the city...

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On article Best waterproof cameras of 2021 (226 comments in total)
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kpaddler: Bought tg4 because of raw support, never been so disappointed in any camera I ever owned. It has a SHITTY_() design of "action" camera for interface, every control and setting of it can change randomly at any (^*^*^%** time. I looked at tg5 as a possible upgrade but it is the exact )(*^)^(((*& design. Why bother. I have to get my hand on Sealife and give it a try. Don't waist your money on oly.....

I have also noticed a tendency of the TG4 to randomly settle on a shooting mode on start-up and on wake-up, requiring constant vigilance about checking settings. This is likely a firmware issue. It might be worthwhile to check Olympus for any firmware upgrades. I don't like the style of controls, which wouldn't be so annoying if one didn't have to go in the menu all the time to change controls back to your desired setting after the camera has randomly decided on something else. All said, though, the camera does offer RAW files and doesn't take an eternity to write those RAW files. For snapshots, it is adequate. Attach the filter holder and use a screw-in lens hood if you want to avoid the truly awful flare.

I have little experience with compact non-DSLR cameras, other than the Sigma Merrills, which have easy control of exposure parameters. I am accustomed to dSLRs with manual exposure capacity and direct one-function-one-wheel assignment of shutter and aperture controls.

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On article Lensrentals tears down the Canon 400mm F2.8L IS III (98 comments in total)
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Necip: I love this lens shame they don't have a Canon body I would like to put it on so I will have to wait till I can afford the Sony version. Meanwhile still enjoying my 300mm on a crop 7dmk2 want to update soon maybe the Sony A9.

7D2 is a great action camera for birders who shoot freehand. If you work mostly from a blind, a 1D series camera is nicer.

Ah well, I am not likely to be buying a 600mm f/4 L IS III any time soon.

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He and others like him are heroes for uncovering the gulag and genocide in Xinjiang.

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GabrielZ: I wish Canon cameras were as nice as their class leading lenses.

Canon dSLR ergonomics and user experience are good - live view implementation has been good for a long time, Nikon followed several years later with a user-friendly live view. Yes, I would like Canon to bring out a sensor with the characteristics of the D850 sensor. But Canon does the job for 99%+ of conditions. A pleasing-to-use camera that the photographer knows backward and forward allows the photographer to concentrate on the scene and not the camera.

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On article 2018 Holiday Gift Guide: $50-250 (14 comments in total)

There are plenty of stocking stuffers out there, not all of which need to be bought in a camera store or are expensive.
Eg. gift card redeemable at an app store: for general photo calculations (PhotoPill, or other), for sun, moon, and star positions (Sky Safari, or other), map programs with sun and moon angles (The Photographer's Ephemeris, or other), simple photo app with a compass+inclinometer+GPS imprinted over the photo (Theodolite, for recording exact location and bearing for planning future landscape photo at the site).
For night/astro photographers, an astronomer's red flashlight (powered by 9 V battery, variable intensity ranges from medium to very dim) to preserve night vision.
For people out in the blue hour, headlamp.
For flash-using photographers, hardware - clamps, adapters
For someone who uses sports mini-camera (GoPro and others), a cheap boom pole consisting of a twenty dollar adapter than can be attached to a hardware store painter's pole.
Get creative!

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On photo The Battle for Wood Enzymes in the fungi challenge (2 comments in total)

The yellow growths could be slime molds. Interesting group.

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Good grief! A decent utility shell with multiple big pockets, worn over an insulated vest or sweater, worn over a base layer shirt, will keep you plenty warm. Stash your batteries in the shirt pocket.

The need for extra heat is for heated over-gloves or over-mitts to cover thin liner gloves, so that when you have need of dexterity, the hand in liner gloves starts out being warm. Everyone has their own preferences. I throw a disposable chemical hand warmer into the over-mitt (some over-mitts / over-gloves have pockets to accommodate standard-sized hand warmer). I like to have the hand warmer loose in the mitt so that I can stick it at the fingertips and still use hiking poles.

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On article Shooting with Nikon's new 500mm F5.6E PF in Kamchatka (270 comments in total)
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an_also: I love my canon 5D4 + 100-400 ii combo, but this lens has definitely made me ponder thoughts of switching. I'll wait and see how the lens is reviewed by more wildlife photographers to see what I want to do.

The only one hangup with this lens is the minimum focus distance compared to the 100-400ii.

I bought into Canon for two unusual lenses: the 400mm f/5.6L no-stabilization (affordable lens for birding beginner, still terrific for hand-held birds-in-flight) and the MP-E 65mm f/2.8 1X to 5X macro, for in-field high macro (you really don't want to fool with bellows in the field).

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On article Video: 5 DIY photography storage 'hacks' (128 comments in total)

Stackable clear plastic boxes from the Container Store (or your local equivalent) - good for lightweight things - small ones for Lee filter system gear and filters; for step-down rings, extra lens caps/ body caps, M42 to EF and Nikon F to EF adapters; for screw-in filters; medium size (shoe) boxes for flashes, mods, grip gear, cords;

Tackle box that came with a fishing waist pack, for cards, camera batteries, misc small parts, flock of hex wrenches.

Flat pack assembly-required shelving.

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On article Video: 5 DIY photography storage 'hacks' (128 comments in total)

Cabela's small nylon padded fishing reel case with removable dividers. Holds smaller lenses, not great for large telephoto lenses. Keeps dust off, has zipper opening. This doesn't fix humidity issues, so, less helpful for some climates.

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semorg: it might be functional, but it looks a bit ridiculous.


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I love the Cotton Carrier vest, use it hiking and packing (vest fits under backpack well and allows use of hiking poles), but the large chest plate does get hot in the summer. I carry a shower cap and large plastic bag for covering the camera during light rain. The "Skout" design would not work under a backpack harness, but it would be nice for light (non supertelephoto) lenses and consumer DSLR for one-lens walkabout photography.

And yes, the original vest chest plate is Kevlar...

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If this is anything like my old MF 125 mm f/2.5 Apo-Lanthar 1:1 macro - my favorite lens - I would highly recommend it. I would hope that they have a long focus throw, like the old lens, which has a focus throw of about 600 degrees. I daresay that the 5-axis IS may be useful for 1:4, but doubt it would be that useful for 1:1.

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