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On photo Psuedohydnum gelatinosum in the Creative lighting on a single object challenge (1 comment in total)

Lovely! I will have to try the headlamp - it's always on me.

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On article CP+ 2016: Hands-on with new Sigma SD cameras and lenses (313 comments in total)
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eliehbk: Anyone has any clue to the pricing?

I think that Sigma has learned its lesson. And, it has likely recovered at least some costs of development in that they use these sensors in their lens testing module - perhaps a big part of their vastly improved and now pretty much close to top (small) of the industry variance, at least in Roger Cicala's testing.

Link | Posted on Feb 25, 2016 at 20:40 UTC
On article CP+ 2016: Hands-on with new Sigma SD cameras and lenses (313 comments in total)
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lem12: Interested to see how real life images would look from these new cameras. Especially landscape or colorful nature scenes at base ISO's. Just have a feeling that the smaller sensor one will start at over 2000K or somewhere very close.

I am thinking that the images of the APS-C will be similar to those of the fixed-lens Quattros, which are similar enough to the Merrills.

Link | Posted on Feb 25, 2016 at 20:37 UTC
On article CP+ 2016: Hands-on with new Sigma SD cameras and lenses (313 comments in total)
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Martin Ocando: Why they simply created an adapter for APS-C lenses? Like Olympus did with the 4/3s lenses? What a way of restricting your lens options.

I have to say, I would have loved it if they had some way to use Canon mount on Quattro, because I have excellent Sigma lenses for Canon that I wouldn't want to give up (ie, I'd love that 35Art on both the APS-H Quattro and the Canon 6D, without having to get two).

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On article CP+ 2016: Hands-on with new Sigma SD cameras and lenses (313 comments in total)

I hope that Sigma remembered to put in a socket for remote wired / wireless triggering. These are low ISO cameras, great landscape cameras, born to be used on a tripod. My Merrills are tripod cameras much of the time.

PLEASE, SIGMA...........
BETTER AND MORE STABLE SOFTWARE (SPP upgrade). Maybe SPP runs stably on other operating systems, but on Mac 10.6.8 Snow Leopard, it (last Merrill version of software 5.5) is a disaster.

Link | Posted on Feb 25, 2016 at 20:29 UTC as 43rd comment | 3 replies

Grip and control ergonomics and the viewfinder/LCD/electronic viewfinder quality and operation are key to the user experience. If a camera is too small to grip, too big to grip (or too heavy or poorly balanced), controls don't fall easily to hand, or the viewfinder isn't bright enough (big enough, for EVF acceptable lag), the user won't take it out as often. I am a big fan of buying in a brick and mortar store where one can handle the camera.

Link | Posted on Jan 22, 2016 at 16:28 UTC as 159th comment

Buy a Sigma Merrill for $500.00 new if you want a non-interpolated-pixel camera for B and W.

Link | Posted on Jan 12, 2016 at 00:32 UTC as 46th comment | 8 replies
On article Have your say: Best High-end Compact of 2015 (13 comments in total)

maybe it is 2014

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On photo Slimemould pow-wow in the Nature's Macro Marvels challenge (1 comment in total)

Nice photo of an unusual subject.

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On article Canon 35mm F1.4L II: a photojournalist's perspective (87 comments in total)
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moimoi: Thanks for this article again. It always nice to hear feedback from other 35mm fanboys (I am one of them).

This new 35mm f/1.4 II is on my wishlist.

PS: The photo with the cowboys/hats is fantastic. It has a Magnum feel!

I do like this FL, and have the Sigma Art 35.

Link | Posted on Dec 7, 2015 at 17:38 UTC
On article Canon 35mm F1.4L II: a photojournalist's perspective (87 comments in total)
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D200_4me: I like a fixed focal length lens now and then, but if it comes down to a situation I can't control and I want to get the shot, a zoom is the best tool for the job. Can someone make great images with only a 35mm lens? Sure...obviously. But that person will obviously be limited to what he/she can come away with. It all depends on what you're willing to accept. If you're subject is 100 feet away and it's not possible to get physically closer, a 35mm is not the right option. I guess that's already common knowledge though, so don't say "tell me something I don't know". :-) For the new(er) shooters though, just be careful not to mistakenly believe a 35 or a 50 or 85 is ALL you need because someone posts great photos from a prime lens. Use the right tool for the task at hand.

On the other hand, one may be looking harder for shots that work well with the prime, rather than just take the obvious shot with the zoom.

Link | Posted on Dec 7, 2015 at 17:36 UTC

The latest hunter's gadget is the hand muff on a belt. Put a chemical hand warmer or a zippo in the center zip open pouch, and keep hands (and maybe a long wired remote or a radio remote) in the muff. Interesting idea for those times when one is shooting a stationary target (nest) or an occasional event from a tripod.

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On photo Big White in the Toys for big boys II challenge (1 comment in total)

I'd like the set-up too, but I must say that a nice crop like the 60D and EF 400f/5.6L is actually fun to hand-hold and shoot birds in flight.

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On photo F L A T B O W in the Toys for big boys II challenge (2 comments in total)

An old-fashioned recurved wooden bow! I hardly see these anymore - deer bow hunters are using cross-bows mostly.

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On photo Doctors Old N New in the Its Occupational-Doctors and Nurses challenge (1 comment in total)

Oh yes, the Learn-to-do-a-pelvic-exam dummies.

Link | Posted on Nov 13, 2015 at 01:56 UTC as 1st comment

Some of the Voigtlander lenses are terrific, some are merely good. Some of the Zeiss non-Otus lenses are terrific, some are merely good.

Link | Posted on Jul 31, 2015 at 00:19 UTC as 36th comment

This shouldn't be a big surprise. The Japanese make a substantial fraction of the world's medical optical imaging instruments as well.

Link | Posted on Jul 30, 2015 at 18:58 UTC as 42nd comment
On challenge Gay love II (5 comments in total)

also, because some straight folks get their knickers in a twist if they see same-gender couples in public displays of affection - holding hands or arms around waists, kissing, the uncontroversial stuff straight people do in public. The easily offended can just skip the photos of gay PDAs.

The #1 photo is reminiscent of one from Russia (with 2 men) that won a world press association award.

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On photo Wood winter home for birds in the Man-Made Bird Homes challenge (7 comments in total)

Eurasian Tree Sparrows, I see. Convivial creatures, they are. I am rather fond of them, they are my town's (St. Louis, MO, USA) #1 birding attraction, having been imported from Germany in the late 1800s and having settled only within 50 to 70 miles radius from St. Louis.

Link | Posted on Jun 5, 2015 at 20:59 UTC as 4th comment | 1 reply

There's something to be said for buying a $499.00 Sigma Merrill Foveon sensor camera with fixed prime lens (color sensor, but all color info at same photosite, unlike the Bayer array) and doing B&W conversion. Sure, it's a Foveon sensor, so you can't run it at ISO6400, but at the old ASA/ISO 100-1600 range that was the B&W film standard, it works well - and the lenses are excellent too.

Link | Posted on Jun 2, 2015 at 20:11 UTC as 146th comment | 1 reply
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