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  • Look at the size of an M6 mark II + 18-55 compared to R6 and 24-105.
    The difference is so huge.
    For body you can compact as much as you can like Sony A7c but this is at the expense of no IBIS...

  • I can see the difference, especially good 4k downsampled to 1440 or 1080 is soooo beautifull.

  • Panasonic cameras are so good for video as long as you don't need autofocus.

  • 800$ for one focal range and only FullHD... Yes this is possible and very good but not very versatile. G5 X II has 24-120 lens, the perfect "all arounder" range. Personnaly i don't have more than...

  • Really ? is it an advertisement ? Anyway i really dislike the colors.

  • I was really disappointed the way this problem is managed. When you buy a car and the manufacturer discovers then a problem they organize a return for repair. Even my Bosch washing machine had a...

  • For some yes, not for me. It is a tool. If you don't want it no problem. I like and use it. In Olympus and Panasonic micro43 it shines in video.

  • Yes probably, but DPR say they perdiodically readjust final value from time to time. I am not sure at all... It should NOT stay gold with such mechanical problem.

  • It seems to be the major reason for Z6 "II" and Z7 "II" : to remove banding for Nikon. Don't know if they did it...

  • You are right, but the big difference is i rarely need a tripod now with IBIS because a lot of pictures can be done around 1/8' handheld. I find very handy not to take a tripod. I am always happy...

  • Why not if you find a good lens that fits the way you want to use it.
    32mm F1.4 seems good.
    For me no way : no good small zooms. 15-45 and 18-150 are bad.

  • Maybe not. Canon could make good things with this mount.
    The question is : will they enhance the EF-M line or make an APS-C RF line ? Because M6 II sensor is good.
    But the zooms in the kits are as...

  • No worries guys. Photography is a pleasure :-)

  • No lens for DX... Wanting a good 16-80 zoom even if the price is high this is not a problem if quality is there... Only very big Z lenses. Complete error. Adios Nikon, i loved my FM2. I would have...

  • Z-mount is clearly too big for APS-C cameras.
    This is where Canon and Nikon manufacturers will fail.
    They think people want big FF but in fact they want APS-C sizes with FF quality.
    Only Sony is...

  • Yes but now X-T4 has IBIS, X-S10 (new camera) has IBIS...
    Nikon ... no for a new camera.
    With small lenses you have "slow" apertures only, and there IBIS makes a huge difference if you can reduce...

  • manos234 : why not bying a G5 X II compact instead ? Far better image quality than those 15-45 or 18-150 zoom lenses.

  • I understand, but i want a small good zoom 24/80 FF + wide angle prime, nothing else. Canon is selling average products at low price in kits... Not for me anymore a smartphone is enough.
    They COULD...

  • You are only limited to 22mm ... LOL.

  • 15-45 ad 18-150 are bad zooms. All plastic too. Look here in the galleries.
    32mm f1.4 is good but pricey too. Sigma fixed focals are good too.
    No good small zoom like with Fuji X line (18-55 or...

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