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MattBrisVegas: One more reason to think of switching to a m4/3 system EXCEPT why are m4/3 lenses so expensive? I can't help but compare this 75mm f/1.8 for $900 to the Nikon 85mm f/1.8 for $430 (both today's prices at B&H). The m4/3 lens is built to cover a smaller image circle, so it uses much less optical glass. So why is it about twice the price?

One large reason for Olympus' high lens costs is that Olympus lenses, unlike those of other brands are telecentric. (No, a telecentric lens is not the same as a telephoto lens. Check it out on Wikipedia.) This is in accordance with 4/3 philosophy which minimizes light fall-off in the corners and gives a correct size ratio for objects in the image regardless of distance from the camera. This was part of the reason for creating the 4/3 system in the beginning.

It costs a LOT more to make a telecentric lens than it does to make a normal digital camera lens. I do not own a 4/3 camera but I came very close to buying one when I entered the semi-pro camera circle. The telecentric lens concept almost had me convinced. I finally went to Nikon because I decided that sensor size trumps telecentric. That's an individual decision but if you are using or planning to get a 4/3 camera you are going to have to live with the expensive lenses.

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Richard Butler: I've corrected the mistake on the Eastern timezone.

If you're in the US, it's available from the afternoon/evening of Saturday, through to the same time on Sunday.

If you're in Europe, it's essentially available all day Sunday.

If you're in Australia, it'll be available from around lunchtime on Sunday (depending on where you are in the country)

I downloaded my copy (Windows 7, Firefox browser) at 1730 Central Standard Time US. No problems. The book is beautiful. I have already become engrossed in the dynamic range discussion.

Thank You, Uwe

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