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for a laugh you should research disc world by terry pratchet and the device used by two flower. we all know cameras are magic

brings new/old meaning to the icon/ikon

Brian D

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IR Converted Camera at 665 wave length.

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ProDude: I'm confused. I thought Olympus announced it was getting OUT of the camera business. What's this all about?

recouping r and d and tooling already set up. Getting some cash back.

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At this point it’s not worth saying what we would like to see. We actually have to wait to see what they have done.

Personally, it would have to be very compellling for me to switch back to Nikon since I now havie an extensive Sony and Olympus line up of kit. I will need to see a commitment and extensive line up of lenses to even contemplate a move. This is not likely to happen for a few years.

I do wish Nikon success though. Nostalgia is strong for the brand and good competition is great for the market.

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It will be interesting to see if the new mirrorless will have a more compatible sensor/cover for range finder m mount lenses.

Whatever, I may return to Nikon.

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Chase is very talented and I respect his work. Just remember though


I'm not saying he would compromise his integrity but just in case you wonder how he got an X early !

I'll wait for some other reviews but if its as good as he says, my iPhone 7 + may get traded in.

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I have a speced out Dell XPS 15 with max ram ssd yada yada.

The blue screen of death saying widows did not load properly still appears and high level support at Dell still cannot fix it.

They are so far suggesting it's a wake up problem from sleeping.

They are also suggesting a wipe and reload of windows. If they cannot find another solution, I will abandon Dell forever and go Mac as I'll have to start again loading all my apps anyway. Right now I'm on a tour or New England and will return home after Labor Day so will touch base again with Dell when I return.

Semi rant over. FYI to all, been a Dell customer both in business and home use for well over 30 years so this is not my first rodeo.

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DoubleDash: It makes me sad that 7 people gave this 3 stars...

Or wait, I meant they are sad


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On photo Mist & Me in the Smoke on the Water.... challenge (22 comments in total)

This is a top shot and it proves the voting system is broken. 7 people gave it 3.5. Shame on them. (and I looked at the other submissions).

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This is also bad news for people who like NIK. It is very probable that there will now be zero development of the software and it will wither on the vine of advancing os's.

Google purchased this company and I'm sure the sellers were happy at the time. Now, it devolves and the user base is left to dry out in the wind.

I'm all for capitalism but sometimes monolithic companies like Google, and now Walmart who are deserting many small towns, having put out of business some mom and pop stores, are not serving us best.

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All non 'really democratic countries' try to suppress freedom of information by any means they think will work for them.

They are on a loosing battle and in the end will be proved stupid and arrogant.

Cell phones, cloud storage, wifi, saterlite and other technologies plus brave individuals will prevail and expose just how pathetic these 'rulers' really are.

They will get the footnote of history they deserve.

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Would have voted for the D800e as it is still the best as of December 2013.

Voted for the D7100 as a proxy.

Nikon and Canon still provide a full system support which the other makers lack.

If I were not invested in Nikon, the 5D III would have got my vote.


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Amadou Diallo: Hi everyone,
I'll be speaking with an Adobe rep in a few moments about this move. If you have any specific questions you'd like answered please reply to this post.

What about DNG and support for new cameras?

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On article Hands-on with the AF-S Nikkor 70-200mm f/4G ED VR (259 comments in total)

For my use it seems great.

I will consider trading in my VRII f2.8 depending how it tests on IQ mounted on the D800e compared to the 2.8. I am also interested to see how it takes TC's.

I will not be an early adopter

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