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  • Been really busy with work lately, so somewhat out of touch. The reason I got a DP1M in Sep 2012 was precisely for the sake of live subpixels and seeing the pictures 1:1;  I was aware of Foveon for ...
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    X1D ISO200 (detail from 1st image in DPR samples) Talking about the X1D, can anyone explain the solarization on the model's right forearm ? Chris
  • Also you might save space, where SPP might yield an average 88MB 16bit TIFF from a 52MB *.x3f Also if SPP, Iridient, Kalpanika or any other Merrill developer is ever improved, you stand a chance. Chris
  • DP1M evening light test DP1M evening light test
  • As always hoping to see pictures 1:1 (100%), there has been now that advertising space to the right taking a significant portion of the screen. Furthermore I used to be able to upload 16-bit png ...
  • Hello, Ted - The question I have is the usefulness of SPP overexposure indication (right side below) vs the one you and I see in Rawdigger, for instance : Granted that the sun incurred many RGB ...
  • Thanks for the tip, Roland. I'll do some testing with this X3F DP1M0784 to see how many different shades I can see in the sun after exporting with SPP to 16bpc *.tif with various settings (e.g. ...
  • I checked overexposure in SPP, comparing to Rawdigger and it was always occurring when spectral components assigned to R, G or B exceeded 256. How useful is this when using a 10bpc monitor ? Chris
  • Actually this was SPP weakest point for me, as you could not see the results of adjustments in real-time as histograms or warning masks are 8bpc. Hence one had to export to 16-bit TIFF to see the ...
  • As magnetic drives have a tendency to go bad after so many years, not to mention issues like incompatibilities such as NTFS with LFS 1.0 (e.g. Windows 7 or 8.x) with NTFS with LFS 2.0 (Windows ...
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