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How is it possible that the output is as muddy as this? This looks horrible!

Posted on Jul 19, 2020 at 13:50 UTC as 3rd comment
On article Just posted: Nikon Coolpix A real-world samples gallery (101 comments in total)

I bought this camera three days ago, and I've used it a lot already. As a D700 user I can totally jump straight into using it, with the controls being very similar. The ergonomics and feel of this camera is close to perfect, with the smallish size adding to the total package: I've tried a lot of compacts in this range lately, but the build quality, the wide focal length and its files just does it. It costs quite a bit, but after handling it in the store, even taking some days to think about it, I just knew it! I might seen euforic about it, and it is almost that good. Gone is the feeling "Nice pic, if I only shot it with my D700 and 24 pc-e" (which was left at home, anyway). At least, go pick it up and just feel it. I personally guarrantee that you'll forget both the price and that this is actually a compact camera. And no, I'm not paid to say this, I just wanted to share my enthusiasm :)

Link | Posted on Apr 5, 2013 at 17:36 UTC as 19th comment
On article Photokina 2012: Interview - Stephan Schulz of Leica (195 comments in total)
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johnparas11zenfoliodotcom: Leica cameras are expensive, they are not any better than any other Leica look, no leica magic nothing..

they are expensive because they come in limited quantities.. simple economics, supply and demand..

Have you ever owned a Leica after the introduction of digital? Pardon me for asking, but your comment on quality control makes be believe you have not.

I think both customers and manufacturers have NIGHTMARES about having Leica kind of QC, considering their track record with the Digilux 2, M8 and the M9, the last one being almost a disaster with its intense sensor cracking problems. And to top it of, since they are so small and boutique, people have waited for months for repairs.

On a sidenote, I agree that the quality they PLAN for is very very good, excellent feel and optics, but don't drag QC into this.

Link | Posted on Sep 25, 2012 at 17:53 UTC
On article Why make a small-sensor mirrorless camera? (271 comments in total)

No matter how much I like Nikon, this is a huge #FAIL.

The whole point of skipping a true compact camera, is to achieve sharp results above ISO400 for a A3+ print.

They should have sacrificed the D3100 and D7000 sales to sell a mirrorless camera with a decent size sensor. You're competing with the Sony NEX-7, an APS-C 24mp camera, that will clean up and downscale to an extent that makes the V1 RAW's look like the sound of a screaming baby at four o clock in the morning. We have not seen the files, but we know it.

New bells and whistles? Forget it, Nikon, we're photographers. We don't want to change photography forever. You should have brought cake to the advanced and demanding amateurs, the professionals and the artists. Instead you brought dry bread and thin butter to sell by the ton.

You are late to the party, and you don't get to play your music.

Link | Posted on Sep 21, 2011 at 15:45 UTC as 78th comment
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