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locke_fc: Looking pretty good on too many fronts for me to ignore it, even if I prefer the rangefinder-like position of the EVF on the left side.

But an upgrade to my good old XE-1 is now long overdue.

Same thinking, same position and same camera at the moment :)

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pixelpiper: If Dxmo mark would/could review any of Fuji's flagship cameras, after looking at dpreview comperative image pictures and my personal experience. I seriously doubt that any lens body combination of Fuji will score above 25.Their bodies might have a cool design but at the end it comes down to sensor and lens quality and sony zeiss combination or even Nikon Sigma art combination surpases by far anything Fuji has in the market.

If Dxmo could only put score on every photo in magazines, photo-books or those hanged on the walls. Than you could give true value to every photograph you see. I guess it is most important thing in photography - Dxmo score.

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LukeDuciel: Oh well, if only it is a full-framer.

I guess that if it is full frame, then it would not work with all that beautiful Fuji glass.

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