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On article Elevating X-Trans? Fujifilm X-T2 First Impressions Review (1230 comments in total)
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Light Pilgrim: I was waiting for 2 years for this camera, but for some reason I am not over the moon. It is nice, for sure. I need to see the quality of RAW files and will decide based on IQ. Why folks are so excited about the joystick? I have in Canon for many years

The RAWs will be the same as the XPro2 surely?

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On article Pentax K-1 real-world sample gallery (143 comments in total)
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marc petzold: The sad thing is, in 5 to 6 years ppl came out, claiming that the K-1 is vintage and ancient tech, and one can't make decent images with it...

I hope the best for Pentax, that their K-1 would outsell the D8x0, and they'd develop an semipro level FF (24 MP) with the same features, to compete with the D750 & 5D Mk. III(IV then later)

Pentax truly deserved it, their K-1 gets the most out of this 36 MP Sony FF Sensor tech from 2012. Togehter with their unique features, and much cheaper price compared to the D810, the K-1 should being accepted onto the market very well - if one isn't already onto the Nikon train.

Roland - I've been curtly informed by someone here on the Fuji forum that the original X100 wasn't up to the job of imagemaking anymore and more recent iterations had what it takes to make a good picture... You and I know thats not true, but for some, cameras stop working once a newer model has been released!! :)

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On article Medium-format mirrorless: Hasselblad unveils X1D (1190 comments in total)


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Love love love the work of Tom Heatley & Feiyi Wen.

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All worthy winners but some of Camille Michel's work is sheer perfection. I suspect some of the detractors would prefer images from Sonys World Photography Awards... or maybe a Peter Lik ;)

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As a dyed-in-the-wool digital shooter who has recently started shooting film, I totally get this camera. I love the anticipation of getting the negs back and forgetting about some of the images taken. Having said that, why not just get a film Leica for a ¼ of the price?

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On article Readers' Showcase: Giulio Magnifico (78 comments in total)

These are better than the usual bland landscapes we see in the readers showcase...

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On article Retro through-and-through: Fujifilm X-Pro2 Review (2481 comments in total)
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Elinas: Ouch... Fujifilm didn't put a lock on the exposure compensation dial... a real necessity to prevent this dial from turning by itself when you cary the camera... it happens all the time with my X-Pro1... too bad really!

Funny thing is, in Df land people often complain because there is a lock on the EC dial! You can't please all of the people all of the time...

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When I grow up I want to be the photographer that can easily justify this purchase.

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Clyde Thomas: Seems more Wabi-sabi than zen.

Nice work.

Thanks for introducing the concept of Wabi-sabi to me... It fits the ethos of my photography well.

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On article Readers' Showcase: Tom Goodman (91 comments in total)

Fantastic set, love all of them! Well done Tom! Also a welcome departure from the bland and obvious landscapes we tend to see on these readers showcases

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On article Readers' Showcase: Philip Ewing (45 comments in total)

Good stuff!

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On article Erez Marom: On the importance of naming images (109 comments in total)
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NoRules: Lee Friedlander was once asked why he always only have name of the place and date as titles. He answerd "That is the only objective aspect of my pictures". There is nothing more to say. Let the image speak for it self. When I read what he said I felt very releaved. Photography means writing with light. It's a passive (in most times) activity. We have a device that register light. Behind it we can manipulate it, and we can manipulate what's in front of it (staged photography). The only objective values are time and place. If we go beyond that we enter the realm of metaphysics and mysticism, and that is not needed. The pictures are beautiful, no need to hang a veil over them like titles that obscure and reduce them. Pure photography tells a story that do not need words. If we cross that line we end up with a mess. IMHO.

I side with NoRules here... my work tends to be entitled with a functional description of where the image was taken... but then I like to have a heavy dose of ambiguity hang over each image, so the view brings their meaning to the party.
As Earthrise says, whatever works best for the artist... but I will also mention that I *loathe* it when the title of a Street Photograph is like a crappy caption competition. Eurgh!!

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I have to say I was excited to read the headline as urbexing is something I enjoy. The decay and light in abondonments are fantastic ingredients for compelling images. These buildings should be some of the absolute best available to an urban explorer... but I'm sorry to say that these photos are just not my cup of tea.

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On article Readers' Showcase: Gene Smirnov (50 comments in total)

I like the ice lolly... My kind of shot :)

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On article Panasonic confirms Lumix G 25mm F1.7 (206 comments in total)
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Sitting Duck Photos: For stills the 50mm field of view is usually a bore fest. But this lens is more for video shooters. Eventually, Panasonic will go all in on video and make stills only available from a 4k photo mode. Meh to 50mm.

I still never get it when people say the 50mm FOV is boring. Was Bressons work boring? Is how you see the world boring? If you answer 'yes' to either of those questions then photography probably isn't for you ;-)

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On article Readers' showcase: Dan Hogman (35 comments in total)

There's a lot to like in these images, my favourites being 3 & 9 by quite a margin... well done!

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On article Readers' Showcase: Martin Kozak (77 comments in total)

Photography at its finest...

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bluevellet: Cynics would say Fuji has a strong habit of releasing buggy, unfinished cameras to then try to fix them years down the line through the line. Yes, it's better than not fixing them at all. But it just doesn't encourage you to run out and buy the latest Fuji product since it is expected to be crippled.

"The problem you have now..."

"...you clearly don't have the slightest idea."

I think it's you who has the problem boyo.

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bluevellet: Cynics would say Fuji has a strong habit of releasing buggy, unfinished cameras to then try to fix them years down the line through the line. Yes, it's better than not fixing them at all. But it just doesn't encourage you to run out and buy the latest Fuji product since it is expected to be crippled.

Any review of the XT1 would say it's not good at tracking moving subjects (not as good as PDAF on a DSLR in any case). If you think it was going to be any different, you didn't do your research well enough and/or bought the wrong camera for your requirements!
As for the buttons business... I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about as I don't own the XT1 (nor do I want to as it's not the best fit for me). I'm just loving what Fuji is doing as their glass is fantastic and (for me) their business ethos is the best amongst any of the major camera brands...
Clearly you are a Fuji cynic... thats fine, just different from my POV. :)

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