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On article SanDisk unveils 512GB Extreme Pro card (162 comments in total)
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Miron09: All SanDisk cards I ever used fell apart after a few months of usage. Samsung product much better. Never managed to break a Samsung card. I'd never spend so much money on such a product with such a short life span

I have 4 SD cards from Sandisk... the oldest one has around 5 years and the lock slider fell out.... inside the camera, it was jammed as the springs that lock the card in place cracked the plastic near the lock place making it unmovable.

I had to open my GH1... quite an adventure. Still the card works fine with a bit of tape on it (and since then I devised a way to remove the card case it gets stuck again.

As far as I can tell, Sandisk cards are quite durable and reliable...

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On article SanDisk unveils 512GB Extreme Pro card (162 comments in total)
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Photoman: Love that these companies still use weasel bytes. 1MB=1,000,000 bytes. Shold be 1,024,000 for 1MB.

1024 Bytes per KB ... or 2^10
1048576 Bytes per MB ... or 2^20
1073741824 Bytes per GB ... etc...

In any case, it is well accepted to use base 10 to measure the capacity of the hardrives and other persistent storage mediums (10^3, 10^6, 10^9, etc).

Volatile memories, like CPU cache, RAM, etc. are measured using base 2 steps though...

Ah well... we could be discussing Billions and Milliards as well...

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Mmarv1: a lumix fz200 with an aps-c sensor!!!!

That would mean a tank sized camera.... I would be happy with the FZ200 with SX50 HS sensor...

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Efath: What about the multi-aspect sensor of previous GHx?

The sensor itself outputs in several ratios, but does so by cropping the full image.

The previous cameras on the GH line would give some extra pixel on the sides when going from 4:3 to 3:2 and 16:9 making a 14mm lens give an horizontal FoV of a 12~13mm or so.

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mpgxsvcd: Now we are talking. Just 10 more lenses like that and you will catch up to the competition.

It's good to live in the US >.>

In my country the MSRP is 500€ for the 20mm f/1.7, forget about street price as here the lens isn't sold in any store, you have to order it directly from Panasonic. However, I got it for 315£ (around 400€) from the UK to avoid issues with customs (from US would be cheaper, but customs would make it cost around 600€ after taxes).

Thing is, 50mm f/1.8 Mark II from Canon costs 80~90€, it is a crappy lens (use one, you get what I mean, build quality is far from the best), but for the price it is really, really good.

Nikon 1 System looks good enough, but it is missing the maturity of micro four thirds or the extra quality on the NEX cameras.

This lens is more expensive mainly because it has tighter tolerances in the manufacture process, it has to resolve detail for smaller photosites. The price is right (assuming it performs well) and the lens makes a lot of sense. How much a 18.5mm f/1.8 would cost in FF? Sigma 20mm f/1.8 EX DG costs over 500€...

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Vitruvius: Do a side-by-side comparison of the new SX 160 IS and the SX 10 IS from 4 years ago. The 4 year old SX 10 has the same size sensor with less pixels but a brighter and better lens and an articulated screen. 4 years of technology advancement???

Aspherical lens are now cheaper and computer assisted designs and manufacturing allow for much better lens design ... though .... there is always a cost associated, I think everything has a price, so is up to Canon to provide a line of cameras that suits most of potential customers... these cameras are a tad too 'cheap', but they might please many folks out there... that is... assuming they perform well for what one expects from them.

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Koulang: Canon should have released the higher class super-zoom compact with RAW format, latest Digic and good ISO performance like Panasonic FZ200.

Using CHDK on SX220/230 to access RAW data shows that some extra detail can be obtained from the sensor... really... even if buried in the menus, RAW should be present in almost every camera, it is not costly to implement it in firmware, there are no real disadvantages of having RAW in a camera.

But this 2 cameras ... I feel that there is something wrong with them... looking at the release price they look like budget cameras with lots of features. I guess it all depends how they perform.

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Zebooka: Will it have stereographic projection (like Samyang 8/3.5) or standart one?

It is near-stereographic projection.

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Insener: Can someone explain how Samyang 7.5mm will work with my GH2? Do I have to switch to “Shoot with Lens Off” everytime I attach lens on? Do I get it right, that only A and M modes would work with manual lenses, so it’s full manual focus lens, not just only manual focus lens

Interesting, how is video capturing would work with it, would system adjust shutter speed?

Can someone explain how Samyang 7.5mm will work with my GH2? Do I have to switch to “Shoot with Lens Off” everytime I attach lens on?

You can leave it toggled.

Do I get it right, that only A and M modes would work with manual lenses, so it’s full manual focus lens, not just only manual focus lens.

A mode won't work as you have no way of telling the aperture to the camera. S mode should work, camera exposure meter will work fine. Only focus and aperture control must be manual

Interesting, how is video capturing would work with it, would system adjust shutter speed?

You can force the shutter speed, camera will adjust the ISO (and you can compensate with aperture), if anything camera will adjust exposure using shutter speed and ISO, only aperture is really out of the equation for the camera to work with. Remember that in video restrictions are tighter.

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On article Pentax K-01 Hands-on Preview (376 comments in total)
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sapporodan: No Sensitivity Priority mode on the dial!
Is it just me or does it seem a bit stupid to remove such a useful feature, there's plenty of space so why leave it out?

Can't one set/force the ISO to a certain value leaving all the modes to work with that set ISO? ... IDK about Pentax ISO button on the back, but my camera has a button labelled ISO (on the same spot I believe) that does that...

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On article Macro photography: Understanding magnification (126 comments in total)
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Maxim Ge: I think that the claim "Sensor size does not alter magnification" is arguable. To be more exact magnification definition itself does not quite fit the "real world".

You define maginifcation as "simply the relationship between of the size of the (in-focus) subject's projection on the imaging sensor and the subject's size in reality". I think it has to be coupled with crop factor.

Consider an example. You have a frame 24x36 and make a photo where subject size = 18mm, projected size is 36 mm, so maginification is 2:1, that's correct, but remember - we see that 18mm subject takes the entire frame.

Now we take a tiny camera with crop = 18 and make a photo where subject size = 18mm and projected size is 2 mm. Magnification = 1:9 ? But we continue to see that 18mm subject takes the entire frame.

So 2:1 and 1:9 give same result - strange, isn't it?

I think that crop factor should be added to magnification definition, in this case both considered pictures would have same magnification.

That kinda troubles me as well... usually one should talk about certain terms in 35mm film equivalent due to the lack of better standard. Even in modern days most people know what the size of a negative film frame is.

With that in mind a 35mm equivalent 1:1 macro shot would mean a 36x24mm rectangle filling the frame (aspect ratios aside - take the diagonal of the frame as a measure) no matter what the sensor size or lens focal length/focus distance, the given magnification definition given on the article is correct though.

"(...) 22mm/22mm equals a 1:1 magnification ratio." in 35mm terms terms it would be 1.64:1 magnification ratio. If you simply say 1:1 the details about subject size are lost.

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On article Nikon J1 real-world samples gallery (336 comments in total)
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Double Dust: 3200 ISO doesn't look too bad at first glance, so perhaps it's a good combination of sensor and processor...?

Just lacking manual controls and bright aperture lens to give some shall depth of field... now .... if m43 updates their sensors to something at the level of current days, after GH1 they kept recycling sensors and G3/GH2 sensors are not that good because of those 16MP, I don't see the point of acquiring this system.

Today compacts like Canon SX230 HS fill pretty much all consumer needs (and it gets more disturbing if you compare what you get from SX230 with S95).

With that said Nikon does good sensors, DR, Color and Noise might be impressive on this little cameras (but with NEX system they sure need to make the price go down).

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zamorac: Where are the PASM modes? Am I blind? Command dial has only green AUTO, movie mode, and some scene modes probably??

you are not blind ....
- Motion Snapshot (records 1 sec of slow motion video around your still photograph)
- Smart Photo selector (shoots 20 photos at 30fps, picking the best 5 of that selection)
- Still Imaging Mode (the green one - can shoot up to 10fps in full serolution with full AF, or at 30/60fps for a limited number of frames)
- Movie Mode (1080/30p, 1080/60i, 720/60p and allows hi-res still photos to be recorded during the video)

Auto-focus counts with 73-point AF system using phase detection

Engadget has a Nikon guy showing it :P

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IEBA1: I'm sorry, but whatever "compactness" they went after with such a tiny sensor is lost by having lenses 3x the size of the camera just to have any zoom.

I'm waiting for a large sensor camera with a built-in lens. Like a "compact travel zoom" with a large sensor.

Yes, I know a large sensor means the lens has to be bigger and the zoom can't be as much, but I don't need 18x in a travel zoom. What I DO want is one handed operation (including zoom) and a large sensor camera that really is compact when turned off- the lens folds into the body.

While it doesn't exactly fill your needs, Canon SX230 HS image quality looks pretty epic when you compare it with the 1/1.7" sensor powered S95.

Adding to that CHDK is now available for it :D

But yeah, long goes the time when cameras like S100 from fuji were made :[

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vFunct: Nikon just put the m4/3 camera makers out of business.

There's no reason to buy them now! They're not as good as DX and not as compact as CX!

I totally agree.... however m43 sensors are REALLY outdated, Panny and Olympus have been playing with JPEG engines and AF engines too much, leaving DR and other issue a bit unattended...

However, the latest Panasonic compact sensors could mean a bump in quality on the next generation of m43 sensors...

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