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I am a founder of International Academy of Photographic Arts that provides
online classes and live workshops in fine art photography ith an emphasis on creative approach and lateral thinking in the US, Canada, Western Europe and Russia.

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  • I know this because I know fundamental principles behind the idea of medium format. Would you like an explanation, or google will help you?

  • I never do. I teach for 15 years.
  • In terms of coverage, yes of course, this is unbelievably wide. Resolution will be insane. In terms of image aesthetics... not so much. It will look flat with no depth to the picture. If you do not...

  • fascinating... it is like buying a race car and fitting it with bicycle wheels :D
    there is a reason why medium format exists, and it is not to make it possible to use 35mm lenses on it.

  • That would be an oversimplification. Of course, there are certain common traits among Leica photographers, and it inevitably affects the results. This is not only because of their personalities, ...
  • No, just to fulfill my obligations before a high-paying client It all depends on how big of jobs one is taking that's why i hate agencies Well, i did not. I finished shooting five days earlier to ...
  • there is no "technical" explanation, as the micro-contrast is a perceptual value, rather then quantitative. you are absolutely correct: a lens with high micro-contrast is able to resolve between ...
  • Yes, lens contrast, or plasticity is the same thing as micro-contrast. Yes, post-production techniques can compensate for its absence, but read the last sentence of the article :)
  • The only thing that I did not mention in that article is an influence of an emotional connection to the camera. This is indeed a real phenomenon, but quite a few people are either in denial (the ...
  • Ulrich Rohde kindly lended me one for a few days to play with. Yes it does have the look. Too bad, I did not have M10 back then, and for M9 the widest aperture of f/5.6 was a bit too dark.
  • OK, you saved me from checking myself in :D
  • apparently, i should brush up my physics memories :D
  • I know Snell's law. Nowhere it says that the speed of light is a function of its frequency. The statement on that page is incorrect. Please show me the formula to prove it otherwise. Refraction ...
  • lol, we live in a free democratic society :) Once i had an assignment to shoot a calendar on Bahamas. Everything went wrong from the very beginning when I dropped my camera bag at the airport of ...
  • Please show me the formula of the speed of light in a media being a function of its frequency before I check myself into a mental asylum.
  • yes, that's pretty convincing
  • Yes, I agree, X-Vario has a distinct look. I just could not write about it, as I haven't used the camera, and it would not have been a first-hand experience.
  • Micro-contrast is a lens ability to differentiate between very close tonal values. You can find the explanation here, for instance:

  • No, of course "spiral behavior" and "glass as a capacitor" is a bull, just as his ideas about the speed of light. I am talking about his micro-contrast write-up.
  • it appears that Adobe quietly uses fractal algorithm they they borrowed from Genuine Fractals (now OnOne). Results are indeed impressive. You get the same by upscaling files in Lightroom while ...
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