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Irakly Shanidze

Lives in United States Grosse Pointe, United States
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About me:

I am a founder of International Academy of Photographic Arts that provides
online classes and live workshops in fine art photography ith an emphasis on creative approach and lateral thinking in the US, Canada, Western Europe and Russia.

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  • I am sorry, I do not speak Georgian for more than 40 years. Cannot understand 90% of what you wrote :)

  • well, i set up the lighting in a place where something was inevitably bound to happen and waited for a few minutes :)
  • kobakokh: I would venture to guess that you never shot medium format. it is not only bulky and heavy, but also requires much higher precision when shooting, as DOF is more shallow at any focal...

  • it is always fun to watch poor people making fun of rich people for being stupid :)

  • Yake: Well, if 5D3 is superb, and "works well" is all that is important, then it is all you need. It is by no means a putdown: if you can compete on this level of quality in your market, there is...

  • They actually like it. Then they grow up and realize that pain that they like can come not only from ballet. That's why they are so popular among a certain type of individuals :)
  • Indeed... In that case, my argument turns out to be even stronger than I thought.

  • Why do you find $6600 price tag prohibitively expensive? How much is any professional body costs? Like Nikon D4, or Canon EOS1-something?... This camera is capable of delivering results just as...

  • This "naked emperor" conversation keeps perpetuating probably since the M3 came out, if not earlier. Before making statements like that, why don't you try it first to be able to substantiate your...

  • last image, the one with a rose, is epic
  • somehow, i did not pay attention to this shot when going through the images. It is actually a true candid, maybe that's why :)
  • Thank you for the correction! I did read about earlier cameras, none of them were actually successful. So, while writing, I did not even recall this fact. As to 0.73, this very well may be, as the ...
  • Replied in We are lucky
    For undisclosed reasons, the publisher objected to a Kindle version, and Amazon took it down. If you want, send me a private message, I will explain how to get PDF, or iBook
  • Replied in We are lucky
    actually, 1/50 is MUCH easier to focus than on M9. I did not have a need to use my 1.4x magnifier even once. maybe with the 90 only.
  • I know the place! Cheesecake factory in Naples! The colors are true to life, this is exactly how it looks! How big is the crop? 1,866 × 1,235 with no resizing? If I did not have this camera, i ...
  • Replied in Irakly
    I am holding one in my hands right now, and kill me if it is painted. Granted, it's a prototype, but according to Leica, it is fully identical to the production version, except "push" instead of ...
  • Replied in We are lucky
    the viewfinder is 0.72x, as opposed to 0.68 on earlier digital M cameras, but it if physically larger, so the rangefinder rectangle is also larger, hence easier focusing.
  • Do you have an ISO12500 shot from any of the cameras you mentioned to compare?  I am really curious.
  • When I started shooting for Ballet Detroit, we agreed on a certain style, hence most photos are B&W. Admittedly, the main studio presents formidable lighting challenges, when it comes to color ...
  • Replied in We are lucky
    Who said that I did not? :)
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