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  • Hi Pete, Thanks for that info, never thought of that. Body is a 07xxx serial so i think fairly old? Either way i am pretty happy with that shutter count.
  • Hi Sage, I sure do consider myself lucky with that count! It is possible the person used LiveView or used the camera for movies as the poster below mentions, but I couldnt ask for more considering ...
  • Hi MarshallG, I did that and it counted up properly. Still not sure if there are prefix digits missing. But it does seem more and more like a correct number thank you.
  • Hi all, Just bought a used 5Dm2. I used a couple programs to check the shutter count. Each program reported the same number. 4838 clicks. What i fear is that the programs dont report 6+ digits..... ...
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    Hi Ray UK, I tested a new 7Dm2 and the shutter button did the same thing. Yeah if you full press the shutter it fires once. But if you squeeze it slow or gently, it can trigger twice. As you said. ...
  • Sounds like you are waiting for a D500 ;-) I have a few more days to make sure its the cameras fault, but I will be fighting for an exchange.
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    Hi R2 thanks but its not those.
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    Hi again Birdshooter7 Before i send for repair; Has your 7Dm2 or any other Canon camera ever fired 2 shots in One Shot/Single Shot mode? Mine randomly fires off 2 shots in that Single shot mode. St ...
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    Hi rxb dc, Yes with the Tamron. Yes I have every option in the camera set to Focus priority. Not sure why this wouldnt be extremely default anyways...... Have tried Center only, and Center+8 so ...
  • Hi Dan, Thanks for the reply, I did get serious with the static subject tests and its still all over the place. Another question; Has your 7Dm2 or any other Canon camera ever shot 2 shots in One ...
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    I bought the Tamron 100-400 at the same time as the camera so I didnt want to blame the camera or lens yet for BIF. But.. Same thing, big Heron filling 1/3 the viewfinder, nothing but blue sky and ...
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    This is exactly what I am afraid of also. Past experience the same. Just keeps coming back exactly the same over and over again. What repair did you have done if you dont mind saying?
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    Thanks again George, If it does need repair, it would be of 2 things? AF adjusted to spec or AF module swap because i got one of the wacky 7Dm2 Possibly have to do with sensor or no?
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    Hi Birdshooter7, Thank you again, I really rather would do the AFMA also. There just is no start point for it. Its not a similar miss front or rear. Live view is nailing it which means the test at ...
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    Hi R2D2, Heat waves and unsteady shooting is what I needed to take out of the equation yes. Its now after these few days of test shooting that I know its the camera. As for the firmware on the ...
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    Hi again Ray UK, I tested again today with just the normal center AF point. Same results sadly. Also tested with a 8000D Kiss and it focused normally. Camera seems to rear focus more than front but ...
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    Hi George thanks for the reply. I can see how your overlay shows that, but I focused center box and recomposed.(which is not optimal at all). I have taken better static test shots today. If your ...
  • That is weird for sure. AI Servo seems to work on practice panning through the viewfinder, but will lock on totally OOF on a large heron filling the finder in flight. Same AF issue.
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    Hi Ray UK, Thank you for the assurance, it is good to know. The samples chosen are not great, but the box static test is how you say but for the angled ruler. Live view seems to nail the focus. Thi ...
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    Hi Birdshooter7, I would try AFMA if it wasnt also front focusing as often as rear. My 70-300 was -9 on the 50D.
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