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Trenoga: One of the most helpful and useful articles on DPReview in recent times.

Sorry for that,
but I agree .....

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Djehuty: First thing I do is zero in the diopter.

1st thing I do is +3 in the diopter ....
If there is a dopter adjustment !!

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On article OM System OM-5 initial review (547 comments in total)
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Sammy1977: I'd love to know the cost delta between magnesium alloy and plastic.

Purpose built cameras today need to be much more than cameras. They need design and tactile excellence. They're a luxury purchase similar to a high-end watch. Leica figured this out. OM needs to be not just a compact great camera with amazing lenses, but also an affordable Leica.

For example:

OM = Longines
Leica = Rolex

If the Pen F had a better EVF and AF, sales should have been better. I didn't bought one after trying it.
I was waiting for the PenF II, time is gone. ;)

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Photoman: Time to replace my 24MP DSLR!!!

Dot replace compact discs with vinyls :) :) :)

Link | Posted on Oct 5, 2022 at 07:05 UTC

Some are not that ugly ;)

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brownie314: It looks like an el Camino (if anyone remembers that car...or truck....or something). How many people are out there who would buy an R5 but also is really into high quality video production? And how many photographers would be willing to live with something like the R5c in order to have also a pro video rig? I don't know. I don't see it. Maybe there are those people out there - maybe even lots of them. But I don't run in the same circles they do.

I'll buy a Camino :)

Link | Posted on Feb 17, 2022 at 16:31 UTC

COOOOOL (but still APSC ....)
if it accepts M mount :) :) :)

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nickbatz: I have a working Leica Model 3 from the 1930s and definitely understand the point to that - it's a very cool camera that takes great B&W pictures.

But it's a big PITA! Just loading film is an exercise in how to avoid tearing the curtain. I like it in spite of that - not that I've used it in a very long time.

... all of which is a preface to this question: why on earth would someone want a $9,000 rangefinder camera?

I'm asking that seriously! Is it just the vintage feel?

"But it's a big PITA! Just loading film is an exercise in how to avoid tearing the curtain. I like it in spite of that - not that I've used it in a very long time.
You hav to cut the film along before loading to protect the curtains.

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PatDurr: Does anyone know if the body is wrapped in genuine leather or if they have switched over to a PU or other synthetic leather?

Leica have vulcanite covering for decades, then leatherette not leather, except some special series, even with lezard " :) "
But you can change the covering with leather that some companies provide

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On article Nikon announces Z 400mm F2.8 TC VR S sports prime lens (453 comments in total)
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Boss of Sony: The sample shots aren’t that sharp.

I can really live with this sharpness, even with the TC on :)

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On article Hands-on with the new Leica M11 (264 comments in total)
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Apollo18: What a lovely camera. Buy one of these and shoot it for the next 10-20 years. Not as expensive in that context.

i have Leica and Sony, and have shot Olympus, Canon, Nikon before.
I never saw from any cameras so bad colours than the M8, IR filter on or no ...
the only camera I can't find/make a good profile.

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BernardoAdam: Thanks for the nice gallery shots. I downloaded some files and developed them in ARC. What I can see is, that the amount of time my computer needs to export is too long...... For me the 45MP of my Nikon are enough.
The production version you have to test in Wetzlar, Wetzlar nett vergesse....
Greetings to Canada

You saw you have 3 RAW size,
with pixels binning an more DR?

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Sutlore: If they could design Visoflex that has a thumb grip integrated would have so fabulious. I could not live with the M without a thumb grip, too slippery.

a grip on a M is anything but a M anymore

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Good marketing :)

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Michiel953: Whatever happened to the beautiful Pen-F...

Yes a pen F 2 with a good EVF and good AF would be so ... good ! :)

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I also saw this moment, just with a magnifying glass in front of a compact Canon 1 / 2/3 "17 years ago ...
not the same quality :) :) :)

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On article Should you upgrade? New Sony a7 IV vs a7 III (305 comments in total)
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ottonis: This was a really good comparison, thanks to Dpreview.
I do still have a Sony A7ii. Maybe I gonna upgrade to the A7iv when (and if) prices will fall considerably in 2-3 years.

A7III VS A7II is already night and day, and could ba a cheaper great upgrade

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Orion09: "Simply put, the Z9 offers one of the best viewfinder experiences of any camera on the market. In some ways, it's the most DSLR-like experience in the mirrorless camera universe, while also providing an experience a cut above even the likes of the Sony a1 with its nominally higher-resolution 9.44M-dot electronic finder."

Now need to see how bad Carey Rose will be crucified by the Sony fan-boys for this statement!

Why ?

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I would have crashed ten times ...

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