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Olympus SP350 (Retired)
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Sony A700 - In cupboard but wife to use!
Sony A77 - Daughter now using dad's old machine!
Sony A77ii - What a beauty!
Sigma 70-300 DG - Lost with theA100
Tamron 18-200 Di-II
Tamron 18-250 Di-II - much nicer than the 18-200!
Minolta 50 1.7 (Not that impressed)
Minolta 100-400 (damaged, and irrepairable)
Minolta 200mm F2.8G (Sold - boohoo!)
Sony 100-300G - superb!
Sony 100-400G - Even Better!
Sony 100-400G2 - Even better!
Soligor 1.4x teleconverter - not in use!
Heiwa tripod (40 years old and solid!)
Sony 18-70 kit lens (lost with A100)
Sony 100 f2.8 Macro
Tamron 200-400 f5.6 (yuk)
Minolta 35-105 f3.5-4.5 Macro (interesting!)
Sony 70-200G F2.8 (Replaced the 200 prime - and wow!)
Sony 1.4 x TC
Sony 2.0x TC
Minolta 500 F8 Reflex - A super interesting lens!
Sony 16-50mm F2.8 kit (but what a superb lens!)
Sony 16mm F2.8 Fisheye - Fun!


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This was a very useful and personal article about someone's personal impressions of the difference between mirrorless and DSLR in Canon D90 form.
Most of the drawbacks that the author experienced relate to the limitations of a traditional DSLR with movable mirror. The author should give the Sony SLT's a try - they actually resolve all the drawbacks that the author found going to a Canon D90.
I have also contemplated going to mirrorless, but have gone with the SLT's for these reasons:
AF on live video
Silent Shutter (possible with a few settings =Electronic shutter)
EVF is awesome + allows shooting where there is not enough light to see through an OVF!
Exceptionally versatile LCD screen tilt, swivel +ability to store it away from damage!
Exceptional battery life
Extremely high Mp count on the newer models
All the A mount lenses which stem back to the Minolta days...
I will be interested to see a comparison between Mirrorless and an SLT (A99ii has just been released).

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On article Cameras get 'smart' to stay competitive (58 comments in total)

OK - interesting for those with iPhones or Android phones. How about those of us with others, like Blackberry and Nokia N8's?
How do these connect to Eye-fi cards or the Toshibas?

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On article CES 2012: Lytro Photowalk (138 comments in total)

Is it possible to print out an image taken with one of these? If that is the case, then this will have plenty of adopters in the happy snap fraternity - all the images they take will then be in sharp clear focus - what a bonus!

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On article Digital lo-fi photography - Part 1 (130 comments in total)

Any of these available for Blackberry (OK - not a popular camera, but a very popular phone!) or for the Nokia N8 (best camera phone produced?)

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Many thanks for this.... It will make my holiday reading that much more interesting.....
You have some really great ideas and the book is nicely presented. A very nice product - thanks!

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On article It's all about the details (51 comments in total)

Wow! The images speak for themselves..... Very interesting.

Do you have a favourite piece of software you would recommend that does it all? I guess that would be CS5, but are there other options that are not quite so dear?

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Excellent functionality.... Could you als oprovide a search by camera manufacturer or by mount?

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