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Wow!! This is so stupid... Imagine if the rest of the world follow....

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villagranvicent: Why am I not surprised? Classic example of Chinese "business strategy"... steal - - produce some shitty copy - make profit.

villagranvicent you got it wrong. In the seventies, before China opens up the market. The counterfeits stuffs, including fake Canon SLR, even Brake pad from a Mercedes Benz were made in "TAIWAN". Today, Real and Fake all made in CHINA, because of the lower cost. But the Real one are made by Japanese companies in CHINA. The fake one, are also made in CHINA, leading by "TAIWANESE" syndicates.

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I think it is not about Swift, it is Swift's management company. I got a feeling Swift didn't know the detail of the contract with the photographer and the management company probably clarified after the issue was brought up. This is what happened when you are surround by a bunch of gold diggers waiting to capitalized on what ever opportunities come by.

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All I need now is a roll of good 3M double sided tape, and small pcs of magnet.... And I won't be surprised the Chinese has already started production yesterday..... after they see the webpage....

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I'm surprised no mentioning of Burzynski Ballhead....It is solid like a rock...

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Looks like it is time to say good bye to Photoshop...

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I don't get it??

The one and only reason for using a Leica is because of the lens, M lens. So is there any other FF camera out there that can fit up with an M lens??

The choice will be simple, unless if Fujifilm or Sony produce a Mirrorless FF, but do take caution that Sony NEX-7 even at smaller sensors size has corner issue with wider M lens.

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