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juntoalmar: I don't know exactly why Godox's V1 is a knock-off of Profoto (and how the later has accomplished it from being banned in Sweden), but for the price difference, I will stick to Godox.

Also, aside from the outer appearance, the main difference is the fresnel lens design, and this is where Godox outshines Profoto by far in terms of light distribution. Not sure about the current Profoto variant, but they didn't even have motor zoom for starters, while Godox has.

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PhilippeC95: This adapter is indeed a very good idea ... but this price level is just crazy (300€ in Europe with VAT). Profoto marketing department is just going nuts!

This adapter should cost quite less than 10$ to produce (with transport from Asia). So even at 50% "discount", this would be too expensive.

But the most funny thing would be that Godox copy this (once again) and sell it for 1/10 of this suggested price ;-) !

Godox delivers the light shaping that Profoto claims to deliver - but fails.
The fresnel of the Profoto is sub par, that's why.

So: No, it isn't a plain copy. It is better.

I have heard rumors that Profoto sources theirs from China as well,
for a whopping 90 dollars.

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On article Hands-on with the Canon EOS R5 (524 comments in total)
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JimP101: I cannot understand why al the negative comments about this camera and the 8k video. At the moment and for the forseeable future I have no interest in 8k - in fact I rarely use 4k. But the camera is Canon's excellent alternative to the optical 5D series of cameras. I use M43 for my video mainly and Canon for stills. But this would replace both. Will I buy it? Maybe, though we have 5d mk3 and 5ds bodies already - which are fine for stills

One could live with short runtime in 8k - if the bread and
butter format would perform good.

But Full HD only up to 60fps and no RAW - adds insult to injury.

Throw in 20 minute until self destruct, and say goodbye to this
camera for serious video work.

This is a great stills camera, hands down probably one of the best.

It is too expensive for being just a stills camera, and the real world
hard overheat limit makes it ridiculous as a video source.

Canceled my preorder. Same money buys me a Blackmagic URSA
that can do 300 fps in FULL HD and RAW in Full HD/4k.

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On article Canon EOS R5 review (2972 comments in total)

Max framerate in 1080p?

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On article Canon EOS R5: The long game ends with a big leap (682 comments in total)
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RubberDials: @Richard Butler

//There are, perhaps, parallels with the way Canon approached its switch to autofocus, back in the 1980s: seemingly content to let Minolta and Nikon own the AF market, only to leap ahead with its EOS system.//

Not sure what you're saying here, Richard - I was an adult when Minolta introduced the first body-integral AF camera and I bought one (and upgraded to a 9000 a year later).

Canon's response was the same as Nikon's. Both had competing cameras out on the market within two years, and Canon in the interim released the T80 to do what it could to deal with the disruption.

Minolta had an immense head start (they debuted their system with 12 AF lenses, including a 300/2.8) and Canon never 'leapt ahead' of Minolta technologically. If Minolta hadn't bankrupted itself fighting it's patent infringement case with Honeywell the digital era would have been very different and probably advanced much more quickly.

Yeah, I remember trying a Minolta in a shop, and it wouldn't even focus on the contrasty blue/white Minolta logo - the dang thing needed vertical lines, and the logo was made up from horizontal lines. What an embarassment for the promoter.

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On article Canon EOS R5: Go big, or go home (710 comments in total)
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ggc: I really miss to understand the point of this article at this point.

We know nothing about the sensor, and especially i fear the rolling shutter and the crop in 4k or 8k could be a big problem.

Knowing it can shoot 4k 120fps, that tells us a lot about rolling shutter.
It can be 8ms max, and the Sony A7S has 24ms.

So it is already much better than the Sony A7S, factor 3.

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On article Canon EOS R5: Go big, or go home (710 comments in total)
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The Fat Fish: But how much does it cost? If it's 5D money (£3500) then great, well done Canon you proved us all wrong. If it's £5000+, why are we even talking about it? Price matters and thy haven't told us that crucial piece of information yet.

I bet it undercuts the Sony A7RIV, where ever that will be
priced at the time Canon announces their price for the R5.

Just to make sure that beast is really dead.

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On article Canon EOS R5: Go big, or go home (710 comments in total)
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(unknown member): "Go big, or go home"?

With a headline like that, and then talking about videography? Who cares? That's a "go home" article. Now, DPR, give us the "go big" article on the R5. The one about PHOTOgraphy.

Cool, thanks.

45MP @20fps with class leading DPAF and Canon color science,
IBIS, Canon ergonomics... what else do you need?

The framework regarding stills is there to see for everyone.

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On article Canon EOS R5: Go big, or go home (710 comments in total)
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mikegt: Let's look at everything we still don't know because Canon continues to withhold this information:

1. What the resolution of the sensor is.
2. What bit rates the video will be recorded at.
3. How much rolling shutter will there be.
4. How long the camera can shoot in 8K before it shuts down to prevent overheating.
5. How much the camera will cost to buy.
6. When the camera will ship.
7. What reviewers will find when they finally get a hold of this camera.

It's also important to note that Canon has not shown anyone a working prototype of this camera. They have not shared any sample photos or videos.

Canon fans and paid posters have already proclaimed this as the new king. With exactly zero evidence to go on. How about waiting until this mythical beast actually ships and gets tested by reviewers, before boasting that it will drive Sony and the other makers out of business ?

You forgot:
Install heat pipes (1D-X MkIII).
Install peltier coolers.

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On article Canon EOS R5: Go big, or go home (710 comments in total)
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Jimmy Simpleton: Trumpeting its 8K video, without knowing the bit rate, is akin to those $99 Walmart telescopes brandishing their 600X magnifications.

DCI 8k 4:2:2 10bit C-log should be well suited for IMAX.

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On article Canon EOS R5: Go big, or go home (710 comments in total)
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SimonlofYoung: It will have dreadful rolling shutter and overheat. If you think Canon will release a more powerfulf MILC than their 16.000 dollar C500ii but for a third of the price you should stop kidding yourselves. Like immediately. If something sounds too good to be true, it's never true.

I've tested the 1dxIII and it is of course a wonderful stills camera for sports and journalism, but its rolling shutter almost makes it unusable for handheld video, in 5k and 4k. Oddly many people don't even talk about this. Imagine what it will look like in 8k.

If it does 120 fps, this tells you that rolling shutter can't be that bad at all.

Canon holds quite a number of patents regarding cooling, and they have
a heat pipe inside the 1D-X MkIII running between battery and sensor.

No Canon has had any overheating issues before, and Canon execs have
in several interviews pointed out overheating to be a big problem.
You bet they have adressed this.

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On article Canon EOS R5: Go big, or go home (710 comments in total)
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Mariano Pacifico: Canon been self-quarentine for half-a-decade from video development. Or, was sitting on their success. Now, they are catching up. Even COVID Stimulus money is not worth to cover R5 price.

Looking at what they did with the cinema EOS line,
they haven't been behind at all.

You just haven't seen them coming.

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On article Canon EOS R5: Go big, or go home (710 comments in total)
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semorg: Alternate title: Go Big, or Sony Will Dominate.

tech (camera) industry usually tries to keep their innvoation and product roadmaps a close-guarded secrete. Until it gets close to the actual launch date when they start intentionally "leaking" stuff to start building hype and anticipation.

However, with the R5 the approach has been almost the opposite. It's clear Canon realizes Sony has such a massive gain in the mirrorless market that unless Canon can stop them (assuming DSLRs will mostly vanish in 5-10 years or become a novelty like Leicas) now, the war is lost and Canon will be relegated to the second place camera position at best and their future might be in jeopardy.

So with the R5, they're putting as much upfront enticement as possible to stop the bleeding to Sony and give anyone else who's looking at jumping the fence a strong reason to pause and wait.

The best part is, Canon's hubris days seem to be over and now they have to fight hard to compete.

Large sensor and 1200 dollars back then was simply impossible.

The Ixus/Elph line was the possible thing.

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MirrorLessHater: I am very happy that Canon seems to absolutely nailing the R5, That will push Sony to stay awake ;)

Vixia/Legria, XF-Series, XA-Series, XC-Series, C100/200/300/500/700....

Canon has well over a dozen just the same.

Plus industry and security surveillance cameras, machine vision,
brodcast cameras and specialties like the ME20S-FH.

In fact the Canon line-up is a lot bigger than Sony's.

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On article Canon EOS R5: Go big, or go home (710 comments in total)
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LakeSuperior1: What would be the need for 8K? Not being facetious, I really am curious. Supposedly the human eye can't even see the difference at that level.

There's live switchers and recorders on the market that currently use a single 4k source and deliver one full frame plus 3 variable crop images.

Think of a band on stage. The camera covers the full band.
One crop frame covers the singer, another the bass player, the guitarist - and you don't want to see the drummer anyway. Those crop frames can zoom in and out, can pan inside the main frame and still deliver 1080p.

You turn a single guy with a single camera into a 4 camera TV studio.

Do a websearch for Datavideo KMU-100 4K Multicamera Processor / HD Extractor, and you will see what I mean.

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They lost me when I was out in the woods and the app suddenly asked me to create an account and sign in or else I couldn't use the app to control my camera.

Even worse, they tried to grab the right to access and analyze all photos and videos I shot. What the duck do they smoke?

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EXkurogane: My interpretation: "Our upcoming new cameras will not beat Canon but we have a very good excuse for this." 🙃

Anyway, PS5 still make them more money than cameras or their own Sony phones so it's a decision that makes sense.

The R5 won't compromise in features, and it will undercut the A7R4 in price.
So it will be under $4000, maybe even less, depends on where the Sony sits when Canon decides about the launch price.
The difference between the R5 and the 1D-X MkIII is mainly connectivity - the 1D-X MkIII has gigabit ethernet on board, while you need the WFT for the R5, which levels the price to some extent.
Ethernet will greatly help to place the R5 on the Olympics sidelines.

The R5 is a vehicle for lens sales. It can be cheap, because it will make people buy expensive lenses. I know, I'm one of them. For EF, I had no wishes left. Enter RF, and there is another 15k on my shopping list.

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EXkurogane: My interpretation: "Our upcoming new cameras will not beat Canon but we have a very good excuse for this." 🙃

Anyway, PS5 still make them more money than cameras or their own Sony phones so it's a decision that makes sense.

Canon is aiming at the R5 being 70% of all mirrorless cameras to be used during the Tokyo Olympics. They have announced the biggest ever CPS war room in history of sports events. Looks like they are very confident in what they are doing.

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On article First look at the Nikon D6 (335 comments in total)

Butt ugly.

But hey, it's a tool.

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What do you mean, "Nokishita days away from closing down"?

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