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So much for my D800E....

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On photo Morning Calm in Phuket in the Thailand 3 of 4: nature challenge (3 comments in total)

Nice shot!

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On photo Cheow Lan Lake in the Thailand 3 of 4: nature challenge (1 comment in total)

Fantastic. Saw many scenes that had be bouncing scapes off of water but this is brilliant!

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On article Nikon D4 overview (839 comments in total)

Glad they've finally come out with something. I guess time will tell just how good it really is, and if it is worth the price. I have been waiting to pounce on a FF Nikon with 1080p* video. I wonder what else they have up their sleeve for 2012?

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Pity we all waited so long for Nikon to poop out on us. Like I want to buy a whole new system and glass. I've got everything they make worth a hoot. Why can't I expect a mirrorless system that wows me and can kick Sony's ass and work in concert with what I already own? Why do I have to even consider buying an NEX just to have a large-sensor mirrorless and to boot, have to get their crummy E-mount lenses? I WANT A MIRRORLESS NIKON THAT KICKS SOME ASS. And, for $900 or so dollars, even the soccer moms out there expect something that will rock their worlds. This won't do it. Totally bummed. Bummmmmmmed!!!

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On article Why make a small-sensor mirrorless camera? (271 comments in total)
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djsphynx: First sentence seems to be missing something... roughly what?

A mirrorless camera that can be used as "B,C or D" cameras interchangeably when video is needed, such as indy filmmaking or weddings, etc., is handy. Having to invest in multiple lens systems bites for that type of buyer (me). And adapter that really works will be great, but will footage intercut well? Now, in terms of the niche where consumers buy these smaller sensor cameras. Market perception of Nikon being what the 'pros' use can influence a consumer, like by sister-in-law, etc. Making a min-pro-quality small camera is good, but making an expensive and not-so-impressive device like these in a market flooded by the same isn't going to help Nikon's cause. I'd never buy an older small Nikon camera, and now I guess I'll stick with Sony for them in the future.

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