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this idea is useless, what for? password for lens? so you cant share lenses? or you want to get hold of the brand nikon, maybe afraid of some third party lens company to soon have their own brand of camera, just like nikon did.

you should add another slogan like "We make simple things - Stupidly Difficult + complicated - that's how we understand innovation"

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when i first saw this camera i knew it will not be a hit on the market,
just thinking how pentax approved the design of this camera...
and where did they get this guy? mark newson, oh architecture to camera?

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yeah nikon your too much trying hard, this product does not even give a dam compared to sony nex system, your design team su.cks and your camera looks bulky and fre-ak'n bulky old fashion, look at sony, samsung, ... the looks upgrade together with the specs, your just a good lens maker, not a good body and system maker... and that su.cks...

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On article Just Posted: Nikon D3200 preview samples gallery (499 comments in total)

hope IQ, Image Quality & Color Rendition will be better this time before we waste money in a super specs but color blind products :)

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I wanted to ask dpreview, does this new d3200 has built in focus motor?
so there wont be limitation on other nikon lenses... thanx..

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