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  • It would be interesting to evaluate why there´s so much effort needed to at least match the SPP result. Why is that? And why doesn´t RTT have a pleasant result straight out the box? As You can see ...
  • here´s another RAW for download. ...
  • Hi Iliah, here are some SD1m RAWs for download. This is the settings I used in SPP. These colors would be the reference for me, which I cannot achieve in RTT at this point.
  • And the jump from light to shadow saturation seems too steep compared to SPP. The shadows appear almost B&W. And the greencast at the borders is still present.
  • Replied in Red Channel?
    And there seems to be something going on in the red channel. At least for the SD1 Merrill
  • Hi Iliah, could You introduce sliders? I think the program is really good, the tweaking is IMHO unnecessary complicated and nerdy. But it seems fast! ATM something for the diehards and ...
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    wow Iain, the opposite is true this company is flourishing. Did you see the latest company HQ? Phantastic architecture. Did you see the interviews? On top of their game now rivaling Zeiss in both ...
  • That one really actually was from an iPhone since we had to quickly publish it and so it’s a real physical snap of a computer screen ;) The Merrill file above.
  • Foveon has a different color palette  the FP seems pretty narrow. also the texture of the red holds up all through the way to the dark, right? That would explain the reddish darks on  wheat on the ...
  • Hi Doctor Fould, as promised here is the original, converted to sRGB:
  • Hi, I have a complete  intact back panel including the LCD in my basement from an early Infrared conversion.  Shoot me a PM.  thanks
  • you are correct Sorry, that’s a screenshot from the Original which is on my other machine in my office. Will upload Monday -character stays the same however
  • Your opinion is completely irrelevant sorry. time moved on. You cannot fight it.
  • well, think of Film: in the lower depth, they had bigger grain to make up for the under exposed parts, i.e. low light a.k.a. Shadows. I’m of the firm believe this excact physical behavior exists ...
  • The 10-20mm F4-5.6 is VERY good. Also the 8-16mm
  • Great post and unboxing! Keep the images coming. mit seems the dynamic range is much better than on the SD1. The saturation you see is is IMHO implied in the „cooking“ of the raw, since less ...
  • Thank You for bringing this up! One of the best out there. He signaled the change, the strive to perfection of Sigma 2.0 under Kazuto. Nowadays the product design quality is IMHO better than what ...
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    Also agree. But IMHO another seriously underrated camera. Seems to have it´s own unique character (again). Once flash WB comes into play, this phenomenal quality comes to light. Maybe it´s ...
  • Replied in Uli Heckmann
    Agree 100%. Flash is made to bring out the best in artificial light, so by setting it You achieve a constant reference. Auto uses what the camera interpretates, which is good when You have color ...
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    Hi Scott, using almost everything that´s on the market and me personally owning the Hasselblad H6D, Canon 5Ds, EOS R5, they are all good, but all boring. Of course we need those to be able to zoom ...
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