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My plan is to ever improve my trade, my hobbies, and my relationships with family, friends, and my God. My trade is teaching Math and Computers. My primary hobbies are lutherie (guitar building) and photography. My God is slow to anger and abounding in love. He will not always accuse, nor will he harbor His anger forever; He does not treat us as our sins deserve or repay us for our iniquities. For as high as the heavens are above the earth so great is His love for those who fear him. As far as the east is from the west so far has he removed our transgressions from us. If you have questions or gripes about my God, I always enjoy talking with someone who is a seeker. Rock throwers are rarely convinced of anything spiritual and I can respect their desire to believe differently than myself.


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Tester_v: If you are 60+ years old this is the way to go.... Swinging A9 with 1.4x converter and the 200-600mm for more then 2 hours is very, very hard... I'm thinking Oly makes very appealing cameras and the 300mm f4 is an excellent lens... this one seems ok too...

I've shot with Olympus and Sony, both using an FD 500mm f4.5L. Olympus IBIS and dust busting are better. Sony resolution, DR, and high ISO are better. Bodies were about the same size/weight for me. Native Olympus lenses are smaller and offer a crop multiplier that helps fill the frame. Typically Olympus is much less expensive. But I shoot Sony now because of the resolution and latitude in RAW. I've used the Sony 200-600mm and it's a really good value. What I'd like is the A7Riv with 400mm f2.8 though + 1.4x and 2x because even on FF I find the aperture of these smaller lenses really limiting.

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paulfulper: Is this sharper than Sony ff gm 100-400 ?

The Sony lens can only pair with a larger sensor with higher resolution which changes apparent sharpness, diffraction, and how we may sharpen in post. What matters if you can get sharp photos on the camera a lens matches, which in this case, you can see from the gallery. The size, weight, and excellence of Olympus IBIS may all work to achieve sharper photos for a given incidence, but with Sony you can use higher shutters speeds by pumping ISO to help keep things sharp. Nearly all modern lenses a capable of sharp pictures and minimize lens faults. Just add skill.

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sohus: The bottom-line is very simple:

Canon made a mistake. They went for the marketing headlines of "8k video" and now everybody just focuses on the overheating.

Apple would have never implemented a feature like this. Either something works reliably, or it doesn't. They should have stuck with the video modes that work well and make sure they are extremely reliable.

I can see the market for 8K but no way there is a need for that now on a primarily photo oriented camera product.

"Just because you can, doesn't mean you should".

Typical manifestation of Canon's philosophy: product features dictate the product, not the user experience (which is leading at Apple, Google or any other Silicon Valley company).

There is also a lot to be said about bananas.

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I think Olympus survived as long as they did because they dropped DSLRs and went all in with mirrorless early. In that way they saw the future. What they didn't see in the future is that no matter how many professional features they packed in, too many were just not convinced without a FF sized sensor in back of it all. Panasonic played it smarter by going all mirrorless, then going for the video market, then going FF. They had to specialize and diversify. It's yet to be seen what the new company does with Olympus. I shot with Olympus through E-1, E-3, E-M1 and enjoyed many things about the system. The dust buster and IBIS was second to none. The lenses are smaller and the total package can be made smaller and lighter for certain conditions. I now shoot a Sony A7Rii and really value the DR, resolution for cropping and sharpness, shallow DOF for portraits, but miss the ruggedness, dust buster, pleasing color, and lens affordability and size.

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ericbowles: You're missing the target market for these lenses. For the past 5 years Canon has targeted bird photographers at birding festivals. They have done very well - and Nikon and Sony are not factors in this segment. But they did not really have anything for the birder. These lenses are for birders who need a photo. It's the equivalent of a spotting scope with a better camera capability. Add the ability to zoom through the EVF, and you have something useful.

Hi ISO noise is not really an issue for this market. The alternative is a consumer zoom, or a spotting scope and an iPhone. Output will end up being smaller than normal - so the noise goes away.

Go to any birding site and look at the photos being posted. These lenses can deliver something much better, and it's a good entry into the birder market.

Yeah, you make some good points. Still, I'd rather f8 and a little larger if all else is equal.

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Gray Photography: f/11? Been shooting wildlife for years and I can't imagine I'd ever want a lens with a maximum aperture of f/11. High ISO not being an issue for this market? Wrong. It's not an issue for people who don't care about the quality of their photo perhaps. I sell a ton of bird photos and don't know that any of them are shot at f/11 or above ISO 3200.

Still scratching my head over these two lenses.

Yep. I shoot with a Canon FD 500m f4.5L on my A7Rii and rarely ever shoot above f8 or over ISO 3200. Of course, I'd rather shoot AF on an A7Riv, but... I still always want more speed. What I really covet is a 400mm f2.8 with 1.4x and 2.0x available when needed. I'd pretty much always shoot between f2.8 and f5.6. Of course that's serious dough needed, so different conversation. I suppose for the price of these it's the only FF option, so yay Canon users on a budget.

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On article DPReview TV: Tamron 20mm F2.8 review (86 comments in total)

I would really love that Sony 20mm f1.8! (or 24mm f1.4) But this one is attainable for my budget and sheds weight, size, and cost. I think that's the point.

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SirSeth: The world is ending for 3-4% of people infected. Of course people have been killing themselves with nicotine and diet for years, so.... let's go take pictures!

Good day Roland! Questionable in that it's not set in stone--yes! It's a constantly developing statistic. Most of us who study math value that journey toward certainty, but reserve absolute certainty for fields apart from stats. As a current indicator 3-4% is a reasonable range for the data we have. We definitely need more and better data!

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The world is ending for 3-4% of people infected. Of course people have been killing themselves with nicotine and diet for years, so.... let's go take pictures!

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panther fan: If you can get this level of performance at 373g with all the bells and whistles of premium lenses, like aperture ring, weather sealing, and function button, what is Nikon doing with their Z line?

This lens is smaller and cheaper: (373g, 73.5×84.7mm) vs (505g, 84.5 x 108.5 mm)
900$ vs 1049$

Can you do a side by side with the Nikon once it's released, so we can see what the extra weight, price and mount diameter gives us in performance that this lens doesn't have?

I'd say stop liking stupid "King of the Mountain" posts. Doesn't every mount need great lenses? Competition keeps price low and quality high. It doesn't matter exactly how this compares to the offerings of Nikon if one already shots with a system of their choice. $150 is nothing compared with switching systems, and those who do base their decision on a variety of reasons. Sony wide angle shooters to rejoice (and start saving up)! :) Nikon shooters, enjoy what you have because the competition is what is driving it.

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d2f: Astrophotography application?

Yes, we will see that soon. This looks to be a near perfect astro/night/landscape lens.

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Lessiter: rishi "Animal eye AF also made this shot a breeze to capture."

Hmm.. isn't that a sleeping cat? I've never heard anyone having trouble focusing on a sleeping cat. These fancy af comments are getting more and more strange.

That it can identify a sleeping cat's eye with that degree of accuracy is fantastic and adds credibility to the power of the algorithms programmed into the newest cameras. You may take it for granted, but I think it's no small feat to detect any eye, sleeping or waking, motionless or not, for a variety of creatures and in a variety of lighting conditions in a nano-second. AI is a growing field that is more than a curiosity.

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King Penguin: Superb photos from people dedicated to their art.......

All full frame cams apart from one........and nothing from a mobile phone........says it all, doesn’t it.....

Maybe it says it all, but I'll say it anyway. Cell phones don't shoot RAW, have competitive AF, DR, Resolution, or interchangeable lenses. But they are here to stay and most people don't know how to use a more elaborate camera which offers so much more.

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LuckyLuke007: 10 looks like photoshopped to me.

Do you mean drastically altered to create a fantasy? All digital images are processed by the camera or by software--this has always been true. However, RAW development is very different than massive image manipulations that alter the substance of the photo by adding/removing elements or changing proportions (like giving models a butt lift and breast enhancement). #10 is one of my favorites of the set. This image was taken with a 600mm lens which compresses the background substantially and creates a certain feel, but that doesn't mean it's been "photoshopped." It's just how different lens properties behave combined with tasteful development by the photographer. I'd be very surprised if any of these photographers don't spend time in post to achieve the artistic quality in these images. I think people need to stop being naive about what photographic art is. Personally, I do consider this art.

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Fantastic set of images. Great vision and stories.

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On article DPReview TV: Introducing new host Liam Drake! (117 comments in total)
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(unknown member): Using a child in social media is dangerous and I cannot understand why Dpreview has made this kind of mistake. Children should be kept as far as from social media as possible until they really undestand what dangers there lurk. Parents, what did You think.

jorepuusa, Your "thank you" is disingenuous. I did write about children and from the perspective of a parent (which was at your request). We do not "use" our children You bagged US citizens all together as if we are one big mass and not as individuals. I'm very aware of the dangers of the internet and how children are groomed. Parents should be especially tuned to what their children are doing online. Most of all, parents should retain close personal relationships with their children by spending time with them and fostering a culture of talking about problems, solutions, and how people should be treated. Yes, the danger is real. This video is not "the danger" and we do not "use" our children as you suggest. And on this point I will get personal; your judgment of others not "taking care of their children" to your standards is everything you complain about (silencing difference of thought, attacking) and it's prejudice.

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On article DPReview TV: Introducing new host Liam Drake! (117 comments in total)
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(unknown member): Using a child in social media is dangerous and I cannot understand why Dpreview has made this kind of mistake. Children should be kept as far as from social media as possible until they really undestand what dangers there lurk. Parents, what did You think.

The kid isn't being "used" to promote a product. It's a product designed for kids. Who is better qualified to see if the product hits the mark? What do you even mean we keep children as children? We do the same, but maybe not in the same way. Our kids have preferences, opinions, and voices that are their own--and letting them be heard isn't forcing them to be adults.

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On article DPReview TV: Introducing new host Liam Drake! (117 comments in total)
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(unknown member): Using a child in social media is dangerous and I cannot understand why Dpreview has made this kind of mistake. Children should be kept as far as from social media as possible until they really undestand what dangers there lurk. Parents, what did You think.

As a parent of an 8 and 5 year old I thought it was charming. As a technology teacher I realize the internet enables very predatory behavior and every parent should remain skeptical and informed, but living in a skeptical safe house is another thing altogether. That allows the perverts to claim the entire dang thing.

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tkbasic: The most important camera of the decade for many reasons was the E-M5.
Here are a few.
1) The first camera to legitimize Mirrorless as a professional tool.
2) The first mirrorless camera with professional build quality and weather resistance.
3) The camera that introduced 5 axis IBIS to Interchangeable lens cameras. Something that didn't exist before and now is considered a "must have" to mirrorless cameras.
4) The camera that started the "retro" design craze and the bodystyle that Sony based their future camera on.

Just look at the A7/R camera boy styles. They were NOT based on any previous Sony cameras. They were closer to the E-M5 with a FF sensor (and no 5 axis IBIS, something Sony again copied from the E-M5 with the A7ii).

I shot Olympus for 10 years (and film cameras since childhood) and used to defend 4/3rds on the forums. But there are more people slanting every argument in favor of FF. Then I tried a FF and realized they are right. ;) Just kidding. It's about priorities and Olympus checks lots of boxes--price, speed, size, dust free images, and weather sealing are a few. I think the most impactful decisions to happen to digital cameras are companies who decided to go all in on mirrorless. Olympus made the biggest commitment of the bunch because they had a Pro-DSLR system with an all Olympus full catalog of beautiful glass (Panasonic, Sony, and Fuji really didn't). I wish Olympus had embraced FF at that point as Panasonic has now because I don't think the market would be here without what Sony has done by committing to FF mirrorless technology. They, after all, make the sensors.

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It's like Cybertruck III becoming the #1 selling pickup truck in the United States in 2025 beating out the F150, Silverado, and Ram. Lots of people called it just like this when Sony bought Minolta and ditched SLT. They realized that cameras will roughly follow Moore's law if the only bottleneck was processing speed and sensor tech rather than an expensive prism and flapping mirror.

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