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Amateurs worry about equipment, Pros worry about money, Masters worry about light
-- Do whatever it takes to capture the moment and have a good time!

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Sigma MC-11 EF to E adapter

Lighting: 580EXII, 430EX, Vivitar 285HV, LSII, Omnibounce, CP-E3, Pocket Wizard Plus II x 3, MiniTT1, FlexTT5x2, AC3, Sekonic LS308

Image Processing: Capture One Professional, PhotoShop CS5

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Dell U3011 -- S-IPS wide gamut
Dell 3007WFP-HC -- S-IPS wide gamut

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  • I don't have a need for PhtoGuru to auto-start on my FireTV. It is used just like Netflix or Amazon Prime app and launched as needed. It is mainly used as a backup slideshow device. There may be a ...
  • No.  It would increase the value of my Canon lenses.
  • Created discussion thread The Canon Hare & Tortoises
    The hare of Canon is surely enjoying his lead and has decided to rest whenever he feels like.  When he last woke up, he created the Canon R plus a few very nice lenses and decided that IBIS was ...
  • Replied in Yes. n/t
    That is a poor excuse.  The Nikon Z line uses a shallower FFD of 16mm , vs 20mm by Canon R.  In addition Nikon Z bodies with IBIS are thinner than Canon R.
  • You do know that Nikon says IBIS is better because they can and decided to put in their Z6 & Z7 bodies. :) Canon says the lens IS is better because they can't or won't put IBIS in their first EOS R ...
  • I agree.  Today Panasonic joined the 4 way FF ML race with two IBIS equipped camera bodies, Canon will have to react again and soon.
  • Very good point.  ML revolution makes every non-ML lens an adapted one, regardless its manufacturer. Adapted lens on the ML body of the same manufacturer may have fewer issues but it is adapted ...
  • With a set of EF primes and zooms and introduction of the new EOS R mount, I am wondering if adapting EF lenses on an EOS R body would cause any loss of functionality, AF speed, AF accuracy and ...
  • That is unfortunate. One would think the new R mount provides a shorter FFD than the EF mount which would help the optical performance. After all the talk about the larger mount size advantage, ...
  • Replied in IBIS?
    Can you elaborate which two axes are "virtual", (pitch and yaw?), and provide the source where this was mentioned?  Or is it just your opinion? A typical IBIS system employed in a Sony A7 system
  • Images are pulled from shares on local computers or NAS drives.  They can also come from cloud sources.
  • Created discussion thread IBIS is like ABS
    Do you need IBIS or ABS? Well not always. But in the moment that you need it, it can be extremely useful. Anyone who has shot with IS/VR lenses can say it does help when it is needed. The same goes ...
  • I found images shown with the built-in app on my 65" 4K Sony XBR smart TV a bit over-sharpened.  The look may work well for most cell phone and P&S pics though.
  • I got a 2nd gen 4K Fire TV refurbished unit from Amazon when it was available.  With the current awkward design of FireTV, I wonder people were keeping their 2nd gen units longer. Can you ask the ...
  • for $899.  I bought my 6D refurbished a few years ago from Canon.  It came with full one year warranty.  It worked beautifully even since, good as new.
  • I guess Nikon has joined the rubbish camp of Sony etc by implementing IBIS on their brand new Z ML system for the next 100 years.  Canon is only one holding out for IBIS, probably they can't do it ...
  • I kind of already did. Sold my 5D Mark II plus the M3 and got an A7III with the MBV.  I am keeping my 6D as it is the only Canon body that can work with my Pocket Wizard ETTL radio triggers for ...
  • The new RF 35mm F1.8 STM IS lens is about the same size and weight my EF 35mm F2 USM IS.  It's a bit faster and a bit lighter but there will be no compelling reason for me to get the RF version.  ...
  • The Canon EF to EF-M adapter has never been updated since its introduction with the EOS-M some years ago. You are absolutely correct. The mirrorless lens adapters have kind of erased the brand ...
  • The Sony E mount bodies can support Canon EF mount lenses.  The Nikon Z mount bodies can support F mount lenses.  The rumored Canon R mount bodies will support EF lenses.  All can be done with ...
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