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LiSkynden: "support for Windows XP has been dropped" thats that for me then. Stupid Adobe, i bet there are still million people who use XP.
My wife works at school and all the school's computers have XP ... what does that tell you Adobe?

... i wonder if it still installs tho. :/

So somehow magically schools and corps will have the money to upgrade their Windows with all the required support headaches, just because VirtualaMirage says the should? Me, I'd rather they spend money on jobs and minimize further levies.

No, the smart idea is just don't upgrade lightroom....or buy it at all.

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I think the SuperAMOLED screens in the Samsung smart phones put them head and shoulders above all other smart phone manufacturers, especially for viewing pictures and reading text. If you have never seen the screens, go get a demo. You'll be amazed. I'm not so interested in the smart phone form factor, but the Galaxy 7.7 that Samsung will be releasing soon with the same SAMOLED screen is going to be REALLY interesting to photographers.

But the down side about all of these phones is people never talk about call quality anymore, which means that call quality will continue to progress in it's path to irritatingly awful. This is why I owned and rejected a high end smart "phone". I've decided that they may be smart, but they aren't a phone. For me, a tablet and a flip phone with good call quality are the best combination of technologies.

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On article Samsung and Google unveil Galaxy Nexus with Android 4.0 (132 comments in total)
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abolit: Hey, Samsung ! Don't you think it's time to stop sniffing apple's ass and come up with something new? Apple will always be ahead because it does it first and it does it right. Please stop replicating iphone. Thanks!

You do realize that a great many parts in Apple phones are made by Samsung, right?

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I consider this a relief! This deblurring technology would have been a compelling reason to upgrade to the next version of Photoshop if it was offered there! Now, the only way I'll be convinced that this technology is real is if they take a batch of my blurred images and convert them to my satisfaction.

But this fraud was great marketing. When I go out to the web and look for the "correction," to their fraudulent presentation, I get very few links. But I get raftloads of links to pages about the wonders of Adobe's new deblur technology. The Adobe marketeers work is done.

Many of Adobe's technologies are smoke and mirrors. For instance, the refine edge tool seems amazing, until you consider that every single person demonstrating it extracts their images from stark monotone background. Take a picture where you have a real reason to use the tool? Doesn't work very well. You got to be very careful with Adobe and always peek behind the curtain ;-).

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