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Thanks for the links.
Will check them out.

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Well, I rest my case.
Pixel peepers world here isn't it?
People see people with phones every minute of every day so don't bat an eyelid.
No doubt some here think my Leica M8 is crap and old tech which is fine by me.
645 Pro is a name, for a camera app, for the iPhone.
Strewth, chill out and lose the seriously critical and very jaded outlook.
Have a nice day checking those corner frame pixels and avoiding the point completely.
Photography is FUN. (just not fun here)

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If you have a 4s buy 645 Pro and read the manual that is included in the app-
The prints i have made are STUNNING.

It's a no brainer- BUY IT. 10/10 GOLD STAR.

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Crazy how people get so critical of iphone 4s and the never ending apps that appear.
645 Pro is most definitely a hefty step forward and improves the pictures like no other iphone 4s app before it.

Don't 'dis' this app or compare it to real world camera gear (which can't play your music collection, entertain you with movies, surf the net, guide you when you are lost, MAKE Phone Calls etc), it is boosting the quality of a camera PHONE.

With care, the user can make some mighty fine images with 645 Pro, the black and white film stock settings are pretty good, the AE lock, AF lock, self timer, night mode (1 second shutter speed), histogram are all very useable.

The jpegs at max 3 bar setting are clean files and the Tiff file is again a handy file format to output from a PHONE.

I always have my iphone on me and have made images in photography prohibited areas (auction houses, police stations) which other photographers couldn't- one being a 5dmk2 user, unable to discretely shoot.

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Originality doesn't count.

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